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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ok either way you're getting good players with the cash so do it
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In that case go for it. If you can definitely buy Mata and Ramsey with the cash i'd do it. Mata has been outstanding for Chelsea this season and Ramsey should get a +2 these changes and will most likey be 89 this season end maybe 90 (but only if Wilshere doesnt play much) You're basically doing Ramires for Parker Mata and Ramsey do it!
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... No Ramires will rise if not these changes then by the end of the season and Scott Parker though he fits in perfectly at tottenham and has been playing well wont rise. Unless you need depth and the 16 million can buy you something keep Ramires.
  4. Re: Your Predictions about my team VALDES, Victor 93 - 93 COENTRAO, Fábio 91 - 91 (92 end of season) CLICHY, Gaël 91 - 91 not gonna rise again SCHMELZER, Marcel 90 - 90 maybe 91 end of season SAGNA, Bacary 92 - 92 no rise CHIELLINI, Giorgio 94 - 93 DROP TOURE, Kolo 91 - 90 drop MARCHENA, Carlos 90 - 89 drop HERNANDEZ, Pablo 90 - 90 Louis, Nani 92 - 92 (93 end of season) SUAREZ, Luis 91 - 92 rise Samir, Nasri 93 - 93 no rise squad player at city XAVI, Hernández 97 - 97 stay still world class FABREGAS, Cesc 95 -95 wont rise higher till xavi loses 1st team place TOURE, Yayá 92 - 92 deserved 93 but wont get it SAHIN, Nuri 91 - 91 could rise not this season but next DIABY, Abou 89 - 88 drop OZIL, Mesut 94 - 94 wont get 95 if kaka keeps playing well GOTZE, Mario 89 - 90 for now but surely 93+ player soon BANEGA, Éver 90 - 90 not enough to rise yet WITSEL, Axel 89 - 89 stay CASTRO, Gonzalo 90 - 90 stay MASCHERANO, Javier 93 - 93 never getting that 94 back PEDRO, Rodríguez 93 - 93 wont get 94 HULK, Givanildo 91 - 91 rating cap and not as good as last season TORRES, Fernando 94 - 94 doesnt deserve 94 at all but dont think will drop BERBATOV, Dimitar 93 - 92 maybe less depends on Hernandez's rating FALCAO, Radamel 91 - 91 possible rise end of season DERDIYOK, Eren 89 - 89 (Don't really know him) same Lucas Rodrigues 87 - 88/89 brazil has been reviewed recently no rise yet SUNU, Gilles 80 - 85? no idea sorry COURTOIS, Thibaut 83 - 86 maybe 85 ROMEU, Oriol 84 - 84 stay VARANE, Raphaël 85 - 85 (for now) YILDIRIM, Sercan 87 - ? no idea GIBBS, Kieran 86 - 86 not taken his chance well enough RAMSEY, Aaron 86 -87/88 should be 88
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Toni has also dropped -2 each rating review since 2009 so you can guess what will happen this rating change.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ahamada has had 12 games for Toulouse and kept i think it is 6/7 clean sheets. He seems a decent enough keeper but im not a french league expert. He should justify a 4million price tag soon enough though so yeah go for it. Luca Toni will retire soon and his rating at 88 is not safe personally I wouldnt buy him unless you need players above 80 badly. He wont be around much longer so its more like 6.5M for a loan....
  7. Re: Rises on 19 players DZEKO, Edin 92 KHEDIRA, Sami 91 PASTORE, Javier 90 HERNANDEZ, Javier 90/91 GAMEIRO, Kévin 90 TAIWO, Taye 89 GOTZE, Mario 90 LUKAKU, Romelu 88 GUARIN, Freddy 88 CAHILL, Gary 88 ASTORI, Davide 88 JONES, Phil 88/89 ERIKSEN, Christian 88 SMALLING, Chris 88 LINDEGAARD, Anders 86 CASNOS, Luc 85 CONTENTO, Diego 84 ROBINSON, Jack 80 OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex 82 Thats my prediction.
  8. Re: Is Yaya Toure going to rise ? He doesnt deserve 94 neither does Busquets (but that topic has been killed to death in these forums) I almost feel like calling Busquets he who must not be named.
  9. Re: de Gea or Adler De Gea Adler will always be behind Neur in the german national team whereas De Gea is young enough to avoid Casillas' reign in goal for Spain and play internationally. Adler has also stagnated somewhat whereas De Gea is improving at United as he bulks up a bit and gets used to the physicality. I think De Gea wrongly gets a lot of stick from the press he's very young for a goalkeeper and has a very long career ahead of him in which he can easily surpass 91. By the end of this season I reckon hell be a 90. Go for De Gea.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Dont sell Sahin he's been injured but he should stay he is quality! Javi Martinez was fantastic in the u21 euros though so hes more then adequate replacement but I'd keep Sahin for now and give him a chance to make his mark at Madrid.
  11. Re: What is wrong Yeah its as I thought. Right the problem is that they are only cash offers. I know in real life these would be very good offers for players but in SM after about 2 seasons (in game) cash loses its value because all the good players have been bought by clubs that are managed and this leaves no good players to buy for cash only. What happens is managers who want to buy the good players use player exchanges to get the good players so for example you want to buy Neymar you will have to offer some good players to get him. The reason people are ignoring the bids is because they dont need the cash its worthless to them. They will only be tempted by offers that include players. Try offering players (but good ones because there is nothing worse then getting offered cash and some 33 year old 88 rated player for a 90+ player) if you want to get these high quality players. Hope this helps
  12. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Fantastic work yet again thank you!
  13. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Id agree he is safe at 91 but I also agree that he has become quite predictable and as a result he isnt performing as well as he did last season. I think the winter break will do him the world of good though but I do think he needs to mix his play up a bit because 9 times out of 10 he just goes with his right foot.
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