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  1. Re: Ibrahimovic I doubt anyone would do that deal but always worth a punt. More realistically I had the same problem. I managed to get a straight swap for Aguero before his move to City *I was sure he would move and was sure he would do well* so maybe try for Aguero or someone like Mario Gomez who is going to be getting a +1 and will be a 94! Realistically you wont get any better then a 94 player like Aguero or Gomez
  2. Re: My team rating changes LOPEZ, Diego Gk 30 91/90 SZCZESNY, Wojciech Gk 21 87-89 COENTRAO, Fábio LB/LM 23 91 pos change RB/LM JENKINSON, Carl RB/CB 19 77-80 MEXES, Philippe CB 29 92/91 VELOSO, Miguel DM/LB 25 90/89 RAMIRES, Santos CM/RM 24 91/92 ADAM, Charlie CM/LM 25 88/89 BARKLEY, Ross CM 17 75-80 FRIMPONG, Emmanuel CM/DM 19 75-80 DAMIAO, Leandro CF 22 87 (already had a rating change) VELLIOS, Apostolos CF 19 77/79 Hope that helps (you have a lot of players so didnt do them all)
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lamela is good but he's only played 3 games so far for Roma he has one goal and one assist in those games which is pretty good but personally I prefer rodriguez so yeah id swap him.
  4. Re: Brand new Manchester City team!
  5. Re: Is Yaya Toure going to rise ? I dont think he will rise to 93 this next change but I do think he deserves it. SM can be quite stingy with raising players to above 92 especially if they are a bit older like Toure. If he continues to score goals from midfield he might get a rise at the end of the season but in the current changes I dont think he will. He is also surrounded by players who make him look average e.g. David Silva *who gave Toure the space for his first goal the other night* , Aguero, Kompany etc. Still if he's available to buy in a gameworld hes worth picking up.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hummels he's younger plays for a better national team and IMO slightly better potential. Though I do think Kompany will get 93 this season and Hummels 92 this season.
  7. Re: Sell who? Sagna or Maicon? Maicon will drop next reviews but Sagna wont rise. Ramos will stay 94 for a long time so he will be your first choice. I'd cash in on Maicon while you have the chance or use him in a P/E to get another good younger player.
  8. Re: Juilen Draxler The guy asked for opinions on whether or not he is a wonderkid so I gave mine. I understand that it's very difficult to judge players and I'm glad you brought up Pedro cos I bought him when he was in the low 70's cos I thought he had something about him and voila 93 player. This has happened for me with players like Busquets, Ozil, and Muller. Im not saying my prediction for Draxler is fact because you never know but Im taking an educated guess. Draxler is someone who has talent but IMO not enough to really make him stick out in the future as a world class player. But again this is all just opinion. It may be silly to predict the career of an 18 year old in your opinion but the guy had asked people to do so and offer their opinions as to what career he may have. If he does become above 92 then I'll eat humble pie. Though I must say I don't really see the point in you having a go at me for giving the guy an opinion and trying to be helpful. If you disagreed with my opinion and thought he might have a higher potential or maybe lower then at least your giving some advice instead of slating an individual who is trying to help. Basically I agree its a kind of "mission impossible" to predict but thats what was asked for a prediction as to how well he will do and thats what I gave so I dont see the problem.
  9. Re: Juilen Draxler I put IMO thats what the guy asked for opinions. I apologise if me trying to help someone on a forum with my opinion has offended you and will gladly repent for my sins. All I'm saying is look at players like Gotze for example same league same age yet look at his impact. He will have a much better future then Draxler. Who yes is a good player but he doesnt have that little spark about him that others do. Hence why IMO he will peak at around 91.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Well played sir! Well played
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks appreciate the opinion
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Other strikers are Rooney, Hernandez, Damiao, Welbeck (loaned out), Luc Casnos and Erick Torres. It's a first season English Championship and Pato's TB has just been lifted and Gomez is still at Bayern.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... While im here should I sell my Pato so I can buy Mario Gomez? Pato has been bit injury plagued IRL whereas Gomez had been on fire and I'm tempted but wanted to know what you guys thought?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I agree entirely. If you're going to improve your attack significantly by getting Aguero in the deal and you need the depth that Vidal offers you then do it but personally Id try and push for Aguero and someone a bit better for Xavi who is a one of a kind player and wont lose his 97 for another season or 2 and even then he is still a world class CM.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... If Aguero continues to play like he is for Man City then he could get a 95 by the end of the season. Vidal is a good back up player to have as he can cover many posistions but I dont think he will get a 92 anytime soon. What is your midfield and attack like? Ben
  16. Re: shall i sell pato for.... What is your starting 11 like? Would Sakho and Eriksen be subs?
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