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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey was just wondering which of these players you would sell to raise some cash for the players at the bottom (players in bold are mine). Im thinking of selling Evra to buy Marcelo do you think this is worth doing? I personally think evra is on a bit of a downward spiral since the fiasco at the 2010 world cup with France but what do you guys think? Also is Marcelo likely to get 93 by the end of the season? Dont watch too much La Liga myself and was wondering if he was worth picking up? I also want to get Gomez but that would mean selling Pato.... Gomez could hit 94 hes on fire atm but do you think its worth selling Pato to get him? EVRA, Patrice NAGATOMO, Yuto FABIO, Da Silva RAFAEL, Da Silva VARANE, Raphaël RODWELL, Jack HERRERA, Ander CLEVERLEY, Tom PATO, Alexandre HERNANDEZ, Javier CASNOS, Luc TORRES, Érick DANILO, Luiz RB/Mid FC Porto 20 87 £7.2M ANDERSON, Luis CM Internazionale 23 90 £11.5M ERIKSEN, Christian AM/Wing Sunderland 19 87 £7.1M KAGAWA, Shinji AM/Wing Norwich City 22 88 £10.3M MUNIAIN, Iker Wing/AM West Bromwich Albion 18 88 £11.5M MARCELO, Vieira LB/LM Real Madrid 23 92 £22.4M GOMEZ, Mario CF Bayern München 26 93 £25.3M MARTÍNEZ, Javi CM Athletic Club 23 90 £15.0M Any help would be very much appreciated Thank you Ben
  2. Re: Loic Remy, Lisandro No problem.
  3. Re: Loic Remy, Lisandro If it's a back up striker then go for Remy. Due to his lower rating and being younger he's less likely to develop concerns if not played much which as a back up striker is going to happen. He also has the potential to reach Lopez's rating in the future, so as a back up go for Remy.
  4. Re: Loic Remy, Lisandro It depends on the structure of your team and how long you are going to be playing for. Lopez despite his injuries should stay at 92 for a while longer and so is a decent forward to have so short term he is a good option. Remy has the attributes to be a good striker and 6 goals in 12 is a good start for him though as long as he is in the French League he will struggle to rise in SM but if he continues this season as he has started and Marseille pick themselves up a bit he could get a 91 by the end of the season but its not going to be easy to get it. He is your long term option.
  5. Re: Loic Remy, Lisandro Remy has had a good start to the season with 6 goals in 12 games so far but I doubt he will rise anytime soon. He is a good fast and powerful player but being in the french league is a hinderance (and he has a history of just being transfered between french clubs). He wont rise but he has the potential to probably get 91 at some point absolutely max 92. Lisandro Lopez is again a good player however in the french league he will not rise. If he can get a move to EPL and score as many goals there as he does in the french league he could possibly gain a 93 though I believe he has probably peaked now and is stuck on his 92. So basically both are good enough players but they are never going to be considered 92+ players. They don't play in a good enough league. Hope that helps, Ben
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