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  1. This is me saying I don't think for one second Dortmund would have sold Reus to United THIS transfer window. The Januzaj loan has me thinking that may not be the case next summer. Had Reus been available (which he wasn't) then it would be crazy of United to not pursue him because he is up there with the very best. Add a Muller/Reus/Bale to that United line up and you have title challengers IMO.
  2. I feel we haven't pursued Kane because he isn't a make something from nothing player and never will be. That isn't to say he cannot go on to be a very good striker but he is, like most, reliant on his service. You can see this season what Kane is like without constant service he isn't someone who will suddenly break through and game change (again I would have still loved to have him here). Kane isn't the 2nd coming of Shearer, he's a bigger lad who is a bit more mobile than most and works hard but Shearer was a monster! He certainly won't ever be United's next Ruud van Nistelrooy who lacked everything Kane has physically but excelled at positioning and finishing with aplomb. That man could finish a sentence before it had started. Now you look at the side Martial has come from and I largely agree with your views on him having done my homework (not Youtube skill videos) however I feel I am probably more optimistic in my view of him based on the same ideas you have. He's surprisingly strong for his age and he is rapid, something our attack is screaming out for and when you look at him he certainly can finish. I do believe he has better control that many feel, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by some examples in high profile matches of him rolling the ball and shifting it forward with pace and I am very pleased having seen him work on both feet from a young age so that he can genuinely use both to a good standard. I agree Monaco haven't provided much service to him but when he has been given the ball he wants to drive forward. As a winger/forward he heads straight for goal which is why I feel he sometimes gets in the way and closes off space but that all comes down to maturity and training. The fact is his instinct is to get to goal which is something I love to see in young forwards with pace, directness. He also runs at people when he does so and instantly defenders hate that, they back off which is something they haven't been doing with Rooney who no longer does this. He isn't a playmaker and I'd agree most people feel this could be improved but he can play some nice balls. I think if LVG can get Martial to think about when to run wide, when to cut inside and train his decision making we could see him develop quite nicely quite quickly. I think his physical attributes alone combined with surprisingly good technique might surprise doubters. I certainly hope so at least. I think with LVG you have to realise just how huge a job he has on his hands. He has had to tear most of our players out and shift a Noah's ark worth of dead wood. Think about all the players sold and all those bought, we have sold pretty much every useless player we've had since Fergie and replaced them with players capable of doing something, or young enough to have time to prove themselves. I can't turn around and say I'm 100% delighted by everything LVG has done but at the same time he has made our squad younger, hungrier for success, cut our wage bill, added quality where needed and showed confidence that has taken us from 7th to 4th and I am genuinely convinced this season we will be moving to 3rd/2nd with De Gea in goal. We are not title challengers but IMO we are 1 season and 1 top player (Bale, Muller, Reus etc) away from that happening and I do believe next summer we will add the final piece of the puzzle.
  3. Why is Uniteds transfer policy a shamble? Name one player United have sold this window that was crucial to the club? We've improved RB and our biggest weakness for the past 6 years CM. The only thing we haven't completely solved is ST but there was no one to sign and RVP and Hernandez were not going to win us the PL...
  4. I am genuinely curious where you have read that hypothesis I would love to give it a read even though I think it's a load of rubbish. I think the most logical reasoning is thus: ​United sell RVP LVG gives Hernandez a chance to prove he may be good enough as back up to Rooney LVG is not convinced by Hernandez LVG wants to sell Hernandez LVG instructs Woodward to pursue a replacement Martial is seen to be a good fit with his physical attributes and age having previously been scouted United discuss Martial + Hernandez transfers United sell Hernandez United buy Martial When you actually look it makes a lot of sense to look at signing the next big thing rather than pursuing unrealistic big name players. Muller, Bale etc were never leaving this window so United have looked at the profile of the player they require (a pacey forward) and identified a 19 year old who shows promise. I'm not saying Martial is exactly who I wanted but as with all transfers I'll give the kid a chance to play before judging him. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise that United want to buy one of the better young forward talents in the world, the fee however might be.
  5. I think it's a bit of an overreaction to write off United reaching the top 4 after only a handful of matches. I am absolutely gutted to lose De Gea so late in the window and while I can accept that £29m with Navas is a very fair offer for a player in his last year I think from a purely footballing point of view he is a tremendous loss. He is undoubtedly world class possibly our only world class player with potential to grow rather than regress and it will be a huge shame to see him gone. Navas is a decent keeper but not suited to the PL IMO he is too short something that cannot be solved by hitting the gym and while he is very competent at shot stopping his box command is not up to scratch. I think the loaning of Januzaj is an absolute joke unless we bring in a winger of greater quality or are using him as a makeweight for someone like Reus (as if that will happen lol!) I feel this way because realistically he has as much chance starting games at United as he does Dortmund and I really saw this year as a potential break through year. Selling Hernandez is the right move though and if Martial is the replacement I'm happy enough because physically he fits the requirement and he's only 19 so there is room to develop. I'd be lying if I said I think he's the absolute perfect signing because he isn't, the price is high and he's not experienced but there is no world class striker available and I trust the club wouldn't shell out £36m on just potential he must have been very thoroughly scouted. However my feeling is that Martial may be used as a winger instead... I sincerely hope that we haven't concluded our transfer business in terms of incomings because we are now even shorter on attacking options there still needs to be another winger/striker arriving.
  6. Considering there aren't any world class strikers available going for a young mobile pacey striker with potential who is highly regarded by the French national side isn't a terrible idea. From what I understand Martial isn't too shabby as a winger either, we've been screaming out for a player of his mould but we all want the finished article which doesn't exist in the market. The fee doesn't bother me when clubs are throwing similar fees around bit like Shaw you're investing in a player for more than a couple of seasons. It's a gamble but I would genuinely prefer going for the exact type of player we need than buying a name like Cavani for £44m
  7. So far so good this season IMO I have been on holiday so only able to see the odd game at the local bar and see scores etc but I am quite pleased with how we are shaping up for the season. My only concern is the striker position as De Gea looks like he is staying for now and our defence looks solid with Schneiderlin protecting our back 4. It was great to see Rooney get some much needed confidence last night with his hat trick but I do worry that Hernandez is off the pace a bit... Does anyone think United will bring in another player before the window closes?
  8. Actually mate I'm on holiday... You try using the SM app with no wifi save for a few minutes here and there whilst enjoying the sun... I have no attitude over Pogba whatsoever so essentially stop lying and get your knickers out of a twist
  9. A good question is why City have to sell Kolorov for CV when he played a lot of games last season in a team that finished 2nd and Man United get relegated and only sell Tadic that to me seems very unfair... I've already lost Toure right away last season without having a choice and now even when I exceed expectations I am losing players that have been used? United need a bigger punishment IMO look at who Juve lost for example!
  10. To be fair, there has been very little of worth to discuss as a United fan until now. I don't think anyone has suggested you should be looking at targets to challenge for the title which is unrealistic but you should be aiming for top 4. The only signing who could have possibly been a United target was Clyne as United wanted a RB but at the same time I don't know any United fan disappointed with Darmian. The rest while good, Milner, Ings and Firmino aren't really players I would say United would be looking at. Unless we fancied Bogdan or Gomez We get lambasted for entertaining rumours or discussing them and get immense negativity thrown towards great signings. I think Liverpool so far have made 4 good signings with Clyne, Milner, Ings and Firmino but again I don't see any of them as better than what the rest of the top 4 can offer.
  11. Liverpool have tried to rely on fast paced football, Benteke is much more of a target man. There is no point buying a reasonably skilful and agile player if what you need is a skilful and agile player to fit how your team likes to play. Benteke is a good PL striker for any side that is willing to provide him with a certain type of service, crosses etc. Liverpool look to play on the ground something that doesn't play to Benteke's strengths. I agree though at £32.5m the fee is high for a player who hasn't set the league alight. If I am trying to craft a house out of fine wood I don't finish it off by slapping a brick up the top. But their objectives are the same, DM protect the back 4 and restart play the difference being Matic has so much attacking quality around him there is little need for him to get forward and attack so positionally he can stay exactly where he is needed defensively. Schneiderlin had more of a responsibility to not only protect from DM but also drive forward more often as Southampton do not have the luxury of leaving their attacks to the likes of Fabregas and Hazard etc. Benteke is nowhere near the level of Drogba though... so the comparison is mute. Drogba was physically imposing, quick and technically proficient. Benteke is physical and fairly quick but nowhere near the technical level of Drogba. He could suit and PL team but the PL team would have to adapt to him not the other way round. It is no surprise that Benteke picks up form when people start to play the ball into the box for him from crosses etc, I don't see Liverpool doing that.
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