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  1. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread
  2. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread You know what I mean though, out of all the teams you wouldn't exactly feel the loss of Di Maria with Rodriguez (who could rise after being in La Liga XI) and Coutinho (A big money signing). For everyone else Di Maria would be a key player I mean come on you do have Messi give us a chance!
  3. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Exactly he'll be rotated... at the other clubs he'd be a guaranteed starter week in week out I think my analysis is fair for all the clubs and this is me being objective and serious now. Bayern offer D1, rotation, and potentially titles. PSG offer first team football and D1 but might go down. Athletic Club offer first team football and D1 but are only just promoted. United offer D1, first team football and potentially titles
  4. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread
  5. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread OH DEAR-MARIA Financial Fair Play: Transfer News Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our special coverage of the Angel Di Maria transfer saga that pits friend against foe in a transfer war that promises to cause upsets, arguments and maybe even debauchery! Today we look at the contenders for the talented Argentine's signature and assess just how likely is it that he will end up at any of these prestigious clubs and whether or not he would fit into their set up... Bayern Munich We start with Division 1 Champions Bayern Munich who narrowly missed out on Angel Di Maria last season after Real Madrid *naughty naughty* got their accountants to fiddle the books to afford him. Unfortunately for them they were caught in the act and FFP's Board have enforced his sale for a reduced fee. Being the champions, and currently leading the league by 1 point, puts them in an attractive position for most players however with the squad brimming with already very talented players many fans and pundits across the world question whether or not it makes any sense for Bayern to add yet ANOTHER midfielder/winger into the mix. With Fabregas, Busquets, Reus, Muller, Gotze, Rodriguez all in the initial squad for the season and having recently signed Henderson, Coutinho, Rode, Depay and Messi who all can operate in similar positions to Di Maria one wonders how much of a difference he could make to their squad and whether or not they need new addition to an already packed midfield selection. Suspicions have been raised further that Bayern Munich are already preparing for life without Di Maria having brought Coutinho in from Manchester United for a massive £39m despite the Manchester club only paying £22m for the Brazilian. A known Liverpool fan, could Kopstar be put off by Di Maria's United heritage? Verdict Di Maria would undoubtably do well at Bayern Munich, IF he were to get game time, however one can't help but feel that the Bavarian club are so well stocked in his position that it wouldn't make sense for him to join for first team football. Bayern will likely feel hard done by if they miss out but perhaps the recent additions of Lionel Messi and Coutinho might just soften the blow. It might be surprising to see Di Maria choose to compete with so many players over another attractive Division 1 offer. If he does move though surely Bayern would look to offload one of their big star midfielders to make room, reports suggest Mario Gotze could be that man. Paris Saint Germain Money bags PSG are well known for their lucrative spending yet unusually this Season have hit the headlines for their sales having already let star midfielders Yaya Toure and Koke leave to Barcelona and Arsenal for £53m each. Despite this PSG have made moves in the market to replace their midfielders, Blaise Matuidi joined from Arsenal for £33m and will no doubt fill the hole left by Koke and only this morning has a bid for want-away Kevin Strootman been accepted from Manchester Untied who could comfort their ill equipped midfield with Toure's departure. However, while they provide some relief for fans, it would be naive to think either of these players are seen as the real remedy. With a big transfer budget and some room for wages, the symptoms are clear and that means only one thing. Diagnosis; PSG are interested in Di Maria. Now given that they have recently lost Toure an Ivorian sized hole needs filling, the power and skill of Toure is hard to find with Paul Pogba arguably being the closest thing around, so going for the whippet that is Di Maria seems incredibly unconventional. Despite this a transfer to PSG would make sense for both club and player in many ways. Di Maria will not want to drop down into Division 2 and PSG have had 3 seasons in the top flight now and Di Maria will want a starting role, which PSG can offer to him. However with PSG positioned in the bottom 2 of the league Di Maria must strongly consider how secure their place is in the Division with the early signs not looking too promising. Could their poor start prove costly? Verdict PSG can offer Di Maria a staring role in their squad and Division 1 football... for now. With the club looking likely to be involved at the wrong end of the table this season, he might think twice about how that staring role might not shine so brightly in the near future. Athletic Club The smallest of all clubs involved in the hunt for Di Maria, Athletic Club face a monumental task to bring such a talented midfielder to the club. Their Division 2 title winning campaign has been supplemented by a bright start to their Division 1 season with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, historically being the form of mid table survivors. With their promotion Athletic Club has found Division 1 to be a very attractive prospect for players, particularly Spanish ones, who are thought to be lining up to join the club. Santi Cazorla and Iker Casillas have been heavily linked to the club after the signing of Gabi and of course the presence of Alonso with the transfer listing of Valdes. The manager Raahizar even confirmed these links if a bid for Di Maria fails which will no doubt have put the clubs who own Cazorla and Casillas on high alert and could see other clubs look to sneak in and pip them to their back ups. The interest from the manager is very much public knowledge and having not bothered to pursue other attractive targets like Isco, Digne and Lacazette it is clear the club are set on Di Maria. Many fans have questioned why more achievable targets like Isco and Lacazette were not pursued and captured first, knowing that they would provide some youth and quality in key areas. With the club being new to the Division however only time will tell if their insistence will pay off. Verdict Di Maria will probably see Bayern Munich and PSG are more attractive destinations with both clubs having a history in the top Division however stranger things have happened. In many ways missing out on Di Maria could be a huge blessing for Athletic Club who could then secure Cazorla and a better GK in Casillas with change left over to pursue more top players. For a club just entering the Division it is perhaps best for them to add 2 quality additions over one. Manchester United Manchester United are the surprise package in the saga having recently sold Coutinho for £39m to Bayern Munich and Kevin Strootman to Paris Saint Germain for £18m the club has got both transfer and wage budget space to seriously contend for his signature. Di Maria left the club in Season 1 for a monumental £65m offer which manager Ben C very reluctantly accepted with his admiration for the player being very well known. His public display of sadness upon Di Maria's sale will no doubt have made a lasting impression on the player who knows at United he'll be loved. Manchester United already has many world class players at the club, like Bayern Munich, with Robben, Ribery, Ibrahimovic, Rooney, Silva, De Rossi, Hummels, Mascherano, De Gea, Carrick and Pepe but unlike Bayern they are not overstocked in the midfield area with players like Di Maria. The prospect of playing with such quality, and not simply observing it from the side lines, could potentially appeal to Di Maria who is keen on a first team role being assured. With no Strootman or Coutinho at the club, like PSG, United have a very obvious vacancy in midfield that the left footed Di Maria would fit into perfectly. It is well known Di Maria wants Division 1 first team football and it would appear Manchester United could offer them both, like PSG however this combined with their 2nd place league position, having just beaten Bayern Munich 2-0, shows that the club are definitely heading in the right direction and may be a more attractive prospect for the Argentine than the French an German sides. Verdict Manchester United appears to have the right combination of league position, quality players, starting role, Division 1 football and money to attract Di Maria with many in world football believing it to be the ideal destination for Angel. With Bayern Munich clogged with talent, PSG precariously balanced in the league and Athletic Club only recently promoted could we see a surprise move to the English club once more? Only time will tell...
  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Yeah he played him upfront... Honestly you can't blame Louis for Falcao, it's obvious he's not good enough after his injury and a year or so in the French league. I've seen Falcao play, tracked his movement, watched how he works etc and he just isn't the Falcao of A.Madrid anymore. His movement tends to be putting himself between the ball and a defender, he works pretty hard but at the wrong times and he doesn't curve his runs like a top striker anymore. The best news of the window so far is him leaving the club, it was a risk that didn't pay off and I can't see any PL club giving him a chance because he's shown them so little to offer.
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread Surely next season Palace will be looking at the Champions League places with Bolasie and Zaha you've got enough on the wings to beat anyone in the league plus a world class manager in Alan Pardew' date=' he is the king!!! A few good signings and you'll knock United or Arsenal out of the top 4 IMO. SOOOO MUCH SARCASM
  8. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Kevin Strootman Release Fee £18m In other news in case you missed it Coutinho is leaving United for £39m to Bayern Munich!
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I reckon we'll finish 4th again next season, Chelsea, City and Arsenal are ahead of us by far IMO. Unless we recruit incredibly well.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not even close... If wishes were fishes, Ronaldo Bale and United win GGMU TAKE DE GEA WITH YOU!! dkagsfkahown United rulez ahsdkhah LVG JEENUIS!^^&
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Yep' date=' I fully believe that players will be put off moving to Liverpool by your performances this season. That's your problem right there, no player should have that attitude especially in Gerrard's last game. I never said it would be I said it could be a factor. And you too little, you think performances where you concede 5 goals in the first half just happen? That's the first time it's happened to Liverpool... that isn't a good way to end a season. The fact is you don't have a set of names, none of you have a set of players that you could seriously suggest as possible targets of top 4 quality and this is the problem, none of you want to admit it but you haven't got the next Luis Suarez lined up, at best it looks like James Milner who is good enough for a top 4 side but won't do a Luis and drag you up to 2nd. Any target that could improve you enough will likely go to City, Arsenal, Chelsea or United who are well ahead of you in the pecking order and have either more money, better players or a more marketable location on offer as well as Champions League football. Could be, but there isn't is there, I wouldn't want any transfer window success to be reliant on miracles.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Even so with guidance surely it should be better? I think he might be gone given his comment about leaving. Oh sorry, I forgot how easy it was to do that bold bit, excuse me I have a Liverpool shirt to buy You're acting like Liverpool will just pluck a saviour out of thin air, so go ahead and tell me who this next gem is that will save you? If I said United just need to sign one world class player to succeed you'd laugh in my face... and rightly so. You also haven't ever bounced back, you had one good season then you went back to where you've been in previous years, around 6th or 7th. If your transfer policy is unearth a world class player most season's then I worry for you I really do besides you don't have Suarez anymore so you don't have the player that gave you 2nd. You've gone back to square one. You're not looking at what other clubs will also do in those 3 years, Chelsea are going nowhere, Arsenal look very good for next season and City will always be spending to improve along with United. If all the other clubs stood still this summer and Liverpool bought in 3 very good players then they'd have a chance IMO and I wouldn't be saying what I have about their top 4 chances but this won't happen and IMO the gap is going to get bigger. Look at their transfer history at your club and tell me with a straight face you expect the club to make a worldie type signing that will save you this summer. Ings, Berahino, Bolasie, Milner these are the players realistically you'll get, they'll improve you but not enough to be ahead of the others IMO. Of course transfers can work out, but most don't genuinely I'd like to know who you think Liverpool could sign this summer that will improve them and potentially turn out like Coutinho or Sturridge.
  13. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If that's true then completely disgraceful. No one deserves that, he should definitely go.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Gets better the more you see it, venomous!
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Because you know, as hard as it is to admit, that I am right. I'll give you the briefest version I can so you understand my points. Manchester United This Season = Injuries + New manager + Big Money = Top 4 Liverpool This Season = Less Injuries + Same Manager + Less Money = 6th I feel sympathetic (genuine) Liverpool Next Season = New Manager? + Less Money + Injuries? = Not Top 4 Manchester United Next Season = Same Manager + More Money + Injuries? = Top 4 Finally Liverpool + 2/3 new players + Reality = Not Top 4 (unless you can suggest otherwise)
  16. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Well I did say 10th to 4th... Anyway do you not agree with me though that Everton have no chance of top 4 or do you agree that they should be aiming for Champions League football? My argument still stands that Everton will not be thinking about top 4 next season Europa league though is something they could look at.
  17. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Touche, forgot about 04/05 but surely you'll agree there's no chance of it happening again.
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