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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Throw in a few hail Mary's and they might get 1 back?
  2. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I hope the bold isn't true because this is the biggest middle finger to Liverpool fans I could think of. Genuinely now, no jokes, I am actually really sad to see this happen to Liverpool. Today IMO marks the end of an era, Gerrard leaving and IMO the death of Liverpool as a top 4 contender. I don't think we'll be seeing much of them in future challenges and not having Sterling in the XI that is losing 5-0 at half time kind of just re-enforces the idea that Sterling is moving for success not money, though I think he's been a little sod about it. Honestly I can't even joke about this to you guys, this must hurt a lot... and for Gerrard... well this must just be the worst possible end to his brilliant career at the club. The only way they can salvage this is to somehow come back and draw or win...
  4. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Well it depends... If 2 D1 clubs bid then yes, but if a D2 club bids then they could sell to them however I would find that very hard to justify...
  5. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place either way someone will be dissappointed so I'm just sticking with the original plan, but so as not to disadvantage Bayern they will be able to offer £47.5m like everyone else. So to be clear... Every club must offer £47.5m for Di Maria to be in with a chance of securing him. Once all the bids are in we will then see who wins.
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Don't laugh, genuinely this is horrible for football Liverpool is such a proud club despite my inherent dislike of it even I'm finding it hard to watch. I'm genuinely worried Gerrard might top himself at seeing this happen in his last game... absolute horror show! By my god Arsenal! You look scary as ....
  7. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I was laughing up till 4-0 then realising what I was seeing, Liverpool FC RIP... Have you seen the Arsenal game! They looks scary with Walcott upfront absolutely tearing West Brom apart!
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Surely the PL has to review this game for match fixing? Liverpool are throwing this game to avoid Europa League surely?
  9. Re: Official Manchester United Thread You would have said the same thing about De Gea when he first arrived to the PL, it's a stunning save and he deserves credit for it!
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread That Valdes save though... Honestly that was stunning, De Gea-esque...
  11. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread I will change your fee to £47.5m so that you are on equal footing and Madrid won't be tempted to accept a higher offer from a lower Division club which is the situation where I would initially have accepted him moving to Division 2. But Jared you have had a massive advantage of not having to pay any of the transfer fee for Di Maria because while you could have spent the £45m last season on someone else you didn't want to and would not have access to that cash this season meaning you'd be forced into selling a big player like a Muller etc to fund the deal... You have got an advantage over every other club who has had to sell players to fund a move for Di Maria and they might miss out.
  12. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread So while you're all here just a reminder. Kevin Strootman comes off his TB tomorrow, he is the last remaining release fee player for £18m which is annoyingly low considering the fees other players have gone for... So if you want him then first club in for him tomorrow gets the 26 year old 91 CM/DM. In more important news though.... Ivan Buigues is heading to Manchester United for a whopping £8,000!!!! The 18 year old, Spanish, 70 rated, GK and free agent is on his way in a sensational swoop from Manchester United! When asked about the financial implications of the deal playing a factor... When asked about the future of Pepe Reina. Must be a co-incidence.
  13. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread That would be a shame' date=' it's the owners fault there in this mess... would much rather they stay in the league. I have to agree with this. If you are willing to take the risk of selling or missing out on targets for Di Maria then you are fully aware of the risk and consequences. The only fair way to deal Di Maria is how it has been done before. Three options First bid in accepted Moving to bigger club (D1) Moving to smaller club (D2) Though to be honest Angel Di Maria should not end up in Division 2... he is a 94 rated player and won't want to drop back down a Division... The safest thing to do if you are worried is to take advantage of the other players on offer, that's what the non risk takers are doing...
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Agreed.
  15. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread CALM DOWN He's upset' date=' understandably so just needs to direct it my way It's my fault Noisy, I didn't find out enough about the situation to make an informed decision, Keith will accept your £30m offer as he initially intended to do so, I told him to accept Barcelona thinking they had offered before you had agreed a deal. Well you have and you haven't really' date=' I'd happily raise your offer to £47.5 like the rest of the GW, but you already have that money available for free...? Touche It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things
  16. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread AHHH SO MUCH TO RESPOND TOO!!! CALM DOWN! I replied... He didn't say that he'd agree with you via PM that it would be enough, if he's done that and you've bid then he should honour it, again it's my fault for not finding out exactly what happened but yes JUVENTUS get him for £30m. Noisy I wasn't aware of that PM' date=' had I been then you'd have got him. I am trying to help!!! All so hectic! Isco goes to Juve for £30m
  17. Re: "Daniel Levy's Worst Nightmare" But then that takes away from the competition and makes the market harder for everyone, a narrow talent pool + lots of money = inflation of prices
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