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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hi and Merry Christmas!

    I need a winger for my Real Madrid team' date=' and i really want Memphis Depay. Click here to see my team, who do you think i have to offer him for Depay? I've already offered Pepe but he didn't accepted and i sold him to other team. Before i made the offer he told me that he wanted Luka Modric:eek: but i told him that this is too much for Depay. I really don't know what would be the best offer, i would think about that but it will be good also to hear your opinions;). My goal is to change Modric, Benzema and Jese for other players though Jese is good:D. Also do you think Ronaldo and some money will be a good offer for Alaba and Gotze considering my team? Thank you for the precious help friends!:P

    Modric is a crazy counter & maybe suggests no deal to be done. If he is a reliable manager who sticks around would see if he wants Lukaku or Barkley after transfer ban.

    Personally would hold onto the trio as Modric is quality, Benzema may regain 94 in a few weeks & Jese has low value at the moment.

    No idea with the Ronaldo deal as not seen him traded in any of my game worlds in ages to compare against.

    Insua or Kurzawa?

    100% Kurzawa. Imo he has the talent for the top whereas Insua just your average journeyman footballer.

  2. Re: Over 300M vanished, no help from SM

    I saw this with a Lyon team in one of my Gold worlds. They had a good squad & 50+m so was thinking of taking over.... Checked again a few days later & balance was just a couple of million with no transfer activity completed. :confused:

    Sorry no help or answer! Hope someone can as interested what happened.

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    My Cavani and Howedes for Fabregas?

    Benzema' date=' Aguero and Lukaku in my team.

    Fast, please.[/quote']

    Good deal for you. Accept.

    Gerard Pique and Gonazalo Higuain are both available' date=' but i can only get one. who should i get?? [/quote']

    Both are overrated on SM but for the reasons you mention in addition to his club & Higuains lack of desire to stay in best possible shape would go with the Spaniard.

  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Most teams in the league would have easily beaten that Arsenal team today it was so unbalanced & had zero shape in midfield. It really is incredible how both Rodgers & Wenger have neglected such important area of the team despite high spending.

    From the outside it looks like Arsenals problems are easier to solve as even an average DM & depth at CB is a huge improvement. Will be interesting what Liverpool do in January & if FSG trust Rodgers again as the team from back to front is average apart from the very impressive young attacking midfielders.

  5. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    When do you guys think Kurt Zouma will break into the Chelsea team? Read rumours that he'll join Besiktas on loan in January :o

    Would you sell him and buy Mangala or Laporte?

    Long term maybe but for me not anytime soon. Would not be surprised when Terry moves on or drops to the bench we bring Branislav inside to partner Cahill or add another experienced CB. Zouma is far too raw for Mourinho to trust at such a vital position like he did with Varane.

    I would swap him for either Mangala or Laporte. Personally would go for Mangala.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    pique or higuain

    Pique for me. Both rated higher than they deserve but Pique is at a more valuable position & much better club.

    Morata or Barkley

    Barkley has more talent & higher ceiling imo. Always confused why Juve paid so much for Morata when I watch him.

  7. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion

    Its taking me 3 screens now to get to my teams which is pretty annoying. I cant even bookmark it as the club page has the same web address as 'SoccerManager Worlds' homepage.

    Its going to be very annoying doing that each time for someone with no interest in the one player online. Being able to go direct to your clubs would be great or even a way in account setting to hide the one player as its not what I am paying for.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Is Ramsey or Hamsik or Schurrle a better buy for me?:confused:

    Ramsey for me. Higher potential & the other two have a big downside. Hamsik is on the slide & Schurrle is unlikely to ever hold down a starting spot at Chelsea.

    Should I sell Flanagan?

    Also my squad is in heaps of debt so I need to sell some players. Im heavily stocked in LB with the following players







    Declan John

    Ive also got Flanagan' date=' Montoya and Laporte who can play LB. Who should I sell?[/quote']

    Would keep Rodriguez, Bernat & Kurzawa for the left side & Laporte for CB.

    Then look to sell / trade the rest. No point keeping so many left backs if the debt results in you missing out on players.

  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    End of the day you've got to ask who thought 20 million was too much for Costa last season but thought 20 million was value for money when sanctioning the Markovic deal.

    Costa spoke about the proposed move last year. He decided to stay rather than no bid accepted. From the outside it looks like this transfer committee is just one big excuse & Rodgers must be grateful as it shifts blame. All clubs have different influences on transfer... At Liverpool the manager, head scout, finance guy & owner rep is hardly groundbreaking.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Hummels for my Courtois + Nastasic' date=' i have neuer n depth not an issue[/quote']

    Hummels. Makes sense squad-wise & if your backup keepers are anything like mine they get unhappy quick.



    Ramsey + Schmelzer?

    Quite torn on this one actually...

    Mata unless you desperately need a left back now. Dont like the risk with Schmelzer at all.

    Hi guys! Icardi or Benteke? Thanks :)

    Icardi has the greater upside for me & Benteke yet to look right post injury.

  11. Re: offer

    Check if other players in the game world have received bids. There was a bug a few months ago where no computer bids were going in but you may just be unlucky or their real life clubs do not have the funds.

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