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  1. Re: Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Jovetic or Lukaku?

    Would take a risk on Jovetic. He is unlikely to stay at City too long as a squad player so will break through or find his way to one of the big Italian sides... Totti seemed to be flirting recently. Lukaku with a 30m fee is stuck at Everton probably longterm which SM rating wise is not good.

  2. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)

    Manchester United Gold 150

    Average squad but includes Neymar & a budget of 30m+

    Dortmund Gold 151

    50 players including Gotze, Hummels, Subotic, Gundogan, Balotelli, S.Bender, L.Bender, Mkhitaryan, Kagawa, Piszcek, Schmelzer, Clichy, Handanovic, Aubameyang ect

    Manchester City Gold 260

    50m+ budget & 24 player including Yaya, Silva, Nastasic, Balotelli, Hart, Nasri, Pjanic ect

    Manchester City Gold 88

    31 players including Bale, Kroos, Alba, Sanchez, Benatia, Lamela, Martinez, Hart, Schurrle, Hernanes, Walker, Destro ect

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Sandro (Porto) or Baines???

    Easily Sandro. Baines is way over hyped due to the Moyes style suited him perfectly.... Under Martinez he looks just above average & for England a liability. Sandro has a much higher ceiling.

    Gianluigi Buffon? Should i buy him? will he keep his rating?

    I already have hugo lloris but got quite a bit of spare money lying around which i am not going spend on anyone. Buffon is available for £15 mil. Money is not at issue for me and would happily spend that on him if he keeps his rating for around 6 months . So should i do it?

    Yeah do it. He should be safe & a good upgrade rating wise.

  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Klopp would be just perfect' date=' he is familiar with the underdog setup and he is the anti-Wenger. A complete rupture with the current model. Arsene needs his retirement, Arsenal need a new fresh life[/quote']

    It does seem the perfect fit for both Arsenal & especially Klopp. Even though Rafa would be a tactical upgrade & he impressed me with Chelsea I could see him being a disaster at Arsenal as his personality is all wrong to follow Wenger. This Arsenal squad need a kick up the arse from a young & fiery manager with fresh ideas.

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Isco or Ozil?

    Ozil would probably be fighting with Muller for a starting spot. Isco would be on the bench.

    Easily Ozil. Personally just don't see Isco getting close to 94 & only four year between the players.

    Big dilemma...

    Rooney or Falcao +£7-12m

    Close but I would go with Rooney due to Falcaos knee + a degree of uncertainty club wise next season.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    should i sell oscar for 10m + 2 from lukaku' date=' el shaarawy, danilo(porto)[/quote']

    Definitely not. Seen him go for alot more recently. Dont see any of the trio breaking 91 anytime soon.

    My Per Mertesacker for Daryl Janmaat?

    Per based on talent & club.

  7. Re: My Iturbe for Nacer Chadli?

    shall i trade my juan iturbe for his nacer chadli?

    Would think long & hard before signing any Spurs player! Iturbe has more talent, is at a better club, will player for better international team & should rise in the next review. Chadli although in a good run of goals is imo a long way off 90 & before was closer to a drop.

  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Is Adebayor safe at 90 at least for the next review? when exactly will start the review...because depends the date of the review too (in december?)!

    Would expect him to hold onto 90 in the medium term. Just the minutes he is getting at Spurs would make a drop harsh especially with 91s & 90s on the Spurs bench.

  9. Re: Who asked for Single Player?

    No but it could benefit the multi-player long term if a success I guess which would be fantastic. Personally would always want a single player to have offline use & think the famous rivals app is everything I want, very polished & great value.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Nasri or Denis Suarez plus 12m?

    Quite competitive world. Money can be useful.

    Nasri for me unless 12m can get you top youths or 90+.

    New one. My Rossi or Paulinho? Rossi is a level 4 concern. Just a shame injuries are hindering his ratings :-(
    This deal is in a very competitive world. There isn't much available out there and I have 150m in the Bank so cash isn't as good an option as a p/ex. Thinking of offering my Rossi and Drmic for Schurrle. Would that be a better option?

    Unless he is playing every game to get the concern level down would do the deal. With 150m in the bank last thing you want is a transfer request.

    Much prefer the Schürrle deal if that can be done.

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Is Alberto Moreno and Toby Alderweireld too much to give away for Daniel Carvajal or should I do the deal? I've not got a great deal of options at the back so will be a blow losing 2 89's. Could perhaps replace them one elsewhere as I'm a bit heavy in midfield in comparison.

    Would defo do the deal & either sell a midfielder or get a loan in to cover the loss in defence. Carvajal has a much higher potential & it at a far more desirable club than either of the duo.

  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    So' date=' now could i would ask you which one of these players you think is most suitable for a defensive midfielder, Mateo Kovacic, Adam Maher, Geoffrey Kondogbia or Emre Can. They might not be the best choices for that position but i'll have to manage with what i have for now so please order them by suitability for DM. Thank you again and have a nice day!:rolleyes:

    EDIT: Please include Rabiot, but note that it might not be possible to buy him. :)[/quote']

    I would defo go for Kovacic first choice then Rabiot with long term in mind. After that its a big drop for me.

    Koke or Reus

    Reus imo.

  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I have an offer to sign Aguero and Neuer and i have to give Falcao+Lloris+Rodwell+B. WILLIAN+Will Keane+money

    Would Neuer rise more or i have to wait Lloris to get +1?? Only Lloris and Falcao are starting for me.

    Also there is Courtois at an unmanaged team should i try to sign him and no Neuer??

    Would defo do the deal. You get two stars upgrading the starting duo & the other players are pretty average.

    If you can raise the cash would also pick up Courtious & then flip him or Neuer after transfer ban which is bound to strengthen the squad.

  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Sorry the deal is Koke or Coutinho and Kovacic??

    Koke. On another level talent wise.

    Need to sell one of these' date=' who should it be:









    If I had to sell one would be Barkley personally.

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