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  1. Re: Managers who ignore Transfer Bids

    No. It isn't that simple.

    a) find a way to punish ignorant managers who don't respond immediately to transfer bids.

    B) remove the "unavailable" status to prevent ignorant managers from affecting the freedom of the market. Managers should be allowed to bid for anyone.

    Not all managers are in the game to transfer all the time... Maybe they prefer keeping original squads' date=' their favorite players & waiting for players to develop. Punishing them is just a strange idea.

    Removing '[b']Unavailable - Contact the manager if you wish to negotiate a deal.[/b]' would just result in alot more bids ignored.

    If anything I would prefer another option added ' Unavailable - Don't even bother contacting the manager' to stop annoying pms all the time for a player you have no intention to sell.

    I only have a few clubs so not an issue but anyone over 5 or 6 its perfectly understandable no to respond to bids sometimes.

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I just received an offer to swap Mario Balotelli and El Shaarway for Rodriguez Pedro. I have Pedro. Son and Benetke are my strikers and Koke' date=' Muniain, Firmino, Tello, Sterling and Henderson are my midfielders. I thinking about asking for Balotelli and Zouma instead since my defenders are Ginter, Javi Garcia and Glen Johnson. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.[/quote']

    I would accept the deal offered personally or maybe try swapping Tello for Zouma in a linked deal if they are open.

    I would think so' date=' as good as Calhanoglu proved himself to be, I think Durm could be the future for club and country, which as a defender shows more promise.[/quote']

    Thanks! Done the deal.

  3. Re: transfer ban lengths

    It seems to be only players at unmanaged clubs that are not at their club in real life that skip the ban in my GWs.

    Personally not against it as puts more importance on cash which is good. Probably a bug though.

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    1. Want to sell Miranda trying approach Koscielny for exchange and Arsenal manager offer me Mertesacker for my Miranda instead of the french. is worthing to accept it ? (i have Alderweireld - Garay - Miranda- Badstuber - Khacheridi - fernandez M. as starters in my defence)

    2. Glen Johnson for my Turan ?

    [thinking this since Dl's with high rating are rare' date= and i have back up for Turan (Draxler - Vela- Gaitan -Dzagoev - Ribeiro) - my current DL are Badstuber (want move him as CB) and Castan (will join soon in the new transfer window) also have a bid on Blind / Erkin Caner / Digne as well for the forthcoming transfer window)]

    Thoughts ?? Turan will got 92 or not ?

    1. Miranda & Mertesacker are pretty even all things considered just pick your personal favourite or maybe keep Miranda incase of Barce move? :confused:

    2. Would keep Turan as Johnson has been bad for over a year now & has to be a position Rodgers with 80m will upgrade. Turan could very easily reach 92.

  5. Re: Respuesta: Who to swap Xavi for?

    I have the same problem' date=' I have had a look on the market and these are the results:














    Which is the best option?[/quote']

    Rakitic by a mile for me.

    If you cant get him would try Pjanic or take a little gamble on Herrera.

  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Many would love to have him for his talent' date=' but he does represent Liverpool and he has disgraced his club, country and himself. It's too many times.

    As an Arsenal fan, look at that Henry handball for France and how everyone jumped on Arsenal... it was only once and nothing like Suarez's. He can use this to force a transfer if he isn't domestically banned. I think LFC won't stand by him this time.[/quote']

    Henry left a couple of years before that incident didnt he how did it affect Arsenal?

    I cant see Liverpool selling Suarez. They bought him after a similar incident & they rewarded him with a pay rises after racism incident + again after biting another player!

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