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  1. Re: A cheat that SM dont agree i did i even explained that a team like brewick has 4000 seats and to have a team like what he has is nion impossable
  2. i have a player in 1 of my set ups managing Berwick Rangers the teams capacity is 4000 stadium yet with the leauge only been running 3 seasons has seemed to mass a team worth 150m!!!! i find it very hard to belive that a charman would give out such money which makes me belive this player has used a coder called artmoney which hacks in to the game system and gave him self all this cash i reported it to SM and was told that i have no evidence that he cheated Well if they botherd to look in to it proper they would find that he must of cheated ??? to be honest ive bought around 8 setups and if this is the way that SM treat me then i think i will just quit !!! why should i pay hard cash for a set up that i cant rid a manager that i belive has cheated!!!!
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