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  1. I should have joined the group earlier, would have been leading with a good margin. OH well, I can make up the gap pretty easily at this rate
  2. I had to come back here purely because of how amazing this is. I'm glad that it was Leicester who won it, because I couldn't stand Spurs winning the league. But in general, practically everyone is happy they won (unless you're a Spurs fan). They really are, "the people's champions".
  3. One more thing, people don't want to waste money/time on something that is volatile.
  4. One that is probably too late to do, but just maybe will work: How about listening to your user base on what they want, and setting realistic goals that could be achieved? I've been gone for a while, I've terminated my account with 15k SM credits in it a long time ago, and was just checking here for nostalgia, hoping that some things could be fixed, but everything I've seen today has no nostalgia of the past. All it has is protest that you, the devs, have failed to solve, and some cases, stirred it up even more. How about being honest, instead of going in the opposite direction? How about actually solving the problems that matter, and will ultimately save your user base? How about actually thinking first before you impact the game irrevocably? Maybe, just maybe, you'll actually solve your problems? I know I'm going to get warned or something, but I don't care. This is the truth. So maybe, this time, let's look at how people feel.
  5. I am sorry to say that I will be leaving SM, and for good this time. Soccer Manager has just been dying ever since, and it no longer feels fun anymore. Have a good one everyone. (666 posts, what a number to end on!)
  6. If they can get the features of the interface working, I'm perfectly fine with the dark interface. Fun fact: if you go to the shortlist tab you can see that the value of the players is way higher than it should be. For example, Emre Can, who is worth 9,960,000, reads 9960.0M in the shortlist tab.
  7. I've been on Pavillion Test World 2 for over a week now, and I've only been able to complete out transfers. When I got Porto, there was 5 center backs in all, with some being 82 or below.(A unmanaged club shouldn't let this happen). I attempting a couple of offers, all being turned down even when offered max price. The thing is, there is always a amount that a club will accept for all but players like Messi and Ronaldo, but the min/max bid limits don't allow clubs to reach it. I would be perfectly willing to spend 8M+ on a 86 CB in order to fill the gaps in my squad, but that is higher than the 5M max bid. Finally, I haven't really been active on that world, yet I get major win after major win.
  8. So I had to type this up....again,..because the crap forum system decided it wanted to perform a Big Brother in silencing what I wanted to say (I'm kidding) by relogging me, Everyone who plays the SM Worlds part of the game knows that ads are displayed on the game screen. People who have played for not even a long time have seen the, "Date Arab Women", or "Filipino Singles," or whatever it is and have put up with it for a while. But today, a ad that was displayed showed a little more than just your regular ad of these kinds (you know what I mean) (I didn't screenshot and post here it for obvious reasons). As SM has described in their brand new trailer for SM 2016, people play SM in a variety of settings, including work. It is definitely not cool when one of those ads come up in such a setting. So I am asking SM to please tone down the content of the ads that are displayed on the game portion of the web. Now, I know that this has been presented before, and all sorts of points were made against such a proposal. I have sufficient rebuttals for all of the major ones. Why don't you just download AdBlock? SM should cater to the average person, not just people that it tells to get AdBlock. Also, some people don't like/can't download and get such things to work. Also, if a admin told a person to install it, they are being a idiot because for every user that installs AdBlock, SM gets less money. We can't tone down the content displayed in the ads. I call a great disgusting growth of rot on this. Let me explain why. There was a now-completely shutdown for financial reasons music service called plug.dj. They did not want to have ads on the site, and in the final days of the service, they had to. One person asked the people who ran the service why weren't the ads producing enough revenue for them. The reasons were: a) 75% of the users used AdBlock or some other adblocking service (oh, the irony!) and They did not want to have the really odd "dating" ads plastered across users' screens, so they didn't get as much money from the ads as they would if they had allowed it. The cinch? They had a similar or the same exact ad service as SM does now (and even if I'm wrong, it shows there is a ad service that does do such a thing). If SM doesn't want to do it, it's because they want to make money (which in all reality, is hypocritical if they say to download AdBlock) or something else, but not that they can't do it. Your search history determines the ads that are displayed. Oh, really? I didn't know that having a public computer that wipes its cookies and history every time someone else logs in brings up those dating ads. I also didn't know that if you search for anything but "arab women" and "dating", you get those dating ads. So please consider what I have said, as I do not want to play a game where such inappropiate ads are plastered across my page. If you want me to show the example of a admin telling someone to install AdBlock I found while searching for topics like this, I'll be obliged to provide the proof. I don't mean this with hard feelings, its just that SM has not been doing a good job with customer relations in general recently.
  9. We are Division 4 Champions! 2 more divisions to go! Hopefully I will be handsomely rewarded to finish my squad
  10. He could easily rise, and he could easily not. Defenders' rating cap is lower than other positions, and making him a 93 would make him one of the best left backs in the game. Personally, I say no. But the progress bar to 93 is |========= |90% for me, so someone who feels differently could make him a 93.
  11. Streak To The Top - A gameworld based on a forum game Welcome to my first concept, and probably the only one that I'll fund if I have enough interest. I have been trying to get this posted for a while, so if you are seeing this, thank goodness! This gameworld revolves around concepts from a now sadly defunct forum game similarly named: Streak to the top. For those of you who don't know what it is, I have provided a link. Basically one person would post 3 games that would occur that day with a outcome to bet on (i.e: whether player B would score, whether a team would win by a certain margin, etc.). If you won your bets, you would get as many points added to your tally as bets you won. If you lost a bet, your points would reset to 0. You could always abstain, but someone could always get ahead of you by doing so. The goal was to have the most points(aka. the longest running streak). For this gameworld, I have modified it for a more suitable concept. Instead of having someone post the bets every gameday(too biased), there will be a list of possible bets that a player can choose from, so long as they meet the current conditions of said bets. This list will be agreed upon by the players before the start of the season. The rules for bets will be: 1. No betting on your own game(biased) 2. All bets must be posted before the start of the game that is chosen to bet on by a player. 3. If the bet post is edited after the game has run, the person's monthly count will default to 0. 4. The players with the most points in each division at the end of a month will win a prize player of a certain caliber. 5. The players with the most points at the end of a season will get a increase in budget and/or can buy some players 1 rating over the current rating cap. 6. More than 1 player can have the same bet on the same game. If you feel that there should be a rule that is not here, post. I will consider your suggestion. The game rules for this setup will be: Buying from unmanaged - OFF Squad cap - still not agreed upon Economy - still not agreed upon The rating cap will increase by 1 every season. The rating cap has not been defined yet(up for debate). Each team will start with empty squads and must have a stadium capacity of 40k or less(still up for debate). The number of teams have not been defined, however, there is a pretty good chance that there will be 2 divisions. Managers Interested: 1. Me This concept is still in it's planning stages, so I am open to suggestions. In fact, I would love it if people presented as many suggestions as they'd like to. I will only be accepting loyal managers, as finding new ones can really be a pain. Please leave your interest if you would like to be in this gameworld.
  12. I've been having problems with the word processor/ not having enough time, but I'm still trying to get this up on the forum. Hopefully something will be up by the end of the weekend.
  13. When I try to look the gameworlds up, it gives me a No Game World Found error. I would love to help test the new features and bug hunt.
  14. Derby County Player Valuations [TABLE=align: center, border: 1, cellpadding: 1, width: 500] [TR] [TD]Player[/TD] [TD]Position[/TD] [TD]Age[/TD] [TD]Rating[/TD] [TD]Valuation[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Arturo Vidal[/TD] [TD]DM,M,AM©[/TD] [TD]28[/TD] [TD]94[/TD] [TD]I'd sell him to a external first.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Chiellini[/TD] [TD]D(LC)[/TD] [TD]31[/TD] [TD]94[/TD] [TD]^[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Milik[/TD] [TD]F©[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]87[/TD] [TD]Max bid + 1 cent[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Juanmi[/TD] [TD]AM©,F(RLC)[/TD] [TD]22[/TD] [TD]87[/TD] [TD]15M bid in players > cash[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Rafinha[/TD] [TD]M©,AM(RLC)[/TD] [TD]22[/TD] [TD]87[/TD] [TD]18M bid in players > cash[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Sergio Rico[/TD] [TD]GK[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]86[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Jordan Ibe[/TD] [TD]AM,F(RL)[/TD] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]85[/TD] [TD]^[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Will Hughes[/TD] [TD]M©,AM(RLC)[/TD] [TD]20[/TD] [TD]85[/TD] [TD]10M in players > cash[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Nabiullin[/TD] [TD]D,DM,M(L)[/TD] [TD]20[/TD] [TD]85[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Gonzalez[/TD] [TD]AM,F(RLC)[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]86[/TD] [TD]10M in players > cash[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Wickham[/TD] [TD]AM(RL),F(RLC)[/TD] [TD]22[/TD] [TD]86[/TD] [TD]13M in players > cash[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Kohr[/TD] [TD]DM,M©[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]85[/TD] [TD]11M in players > cash[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Lemina[/TD] [TD]D®,DM,M©[/TD] [TD]22[/TD] [TD]85[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Omeruo[/TD] [TD]D(RC)[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]84[/TD] [TD]Replacement[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Embolo[/TD] [TD]AM(RL),F(RLC)[/TD] [TD]18[/TD] [TD]83[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Rodriguez[/TD] [TD]M©,AM(RLC)[/TD] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]83[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Oztunali[/TD] [TD]DM,M,AM©[/TD] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]83[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Hoedt[/TD] [TD]D©[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]83[/TD] [TD]6M[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Diks[/TD] [TD]D,DM®[/TD] [TD]18[/TD] [TD]82[/TD] [TD]N/A[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Castagne[/TD] [TD]D(RC),DM©[/TD] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]82[/TD] [TD]N/A ATM / 5.5M[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Acheampong[/TD] [TD]D,DM,M(L),AM(RL)[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]83[/TD] [TD]7M[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Gerhardt[/TD] [TD]DM©,M(LC)[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]83[/TD] [TD]5.5M[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Byram[/TD] [TD]D,DM,®[/TD] [TD]21[/TD] [TD]82[/TD] [TD]Max bid[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Marin[/TD] [TD]D,DM,M(L)[/TD] [TD]18[/TD] [TD]80[/TD] [TD]PM me[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Groothuizen[/TD] [TD]GK[/TD] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]70[/TD] [TD]A gk somewhere else[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  15. Personally, when people bid on my 10ks min bid, I'm insulted because anyone who has been playing the game for a while know that a)10k players only have a potential to rise in value, if they drop in rating they stay 10k, so no point in selling Externals will offer more than min bid every single time, so if I was really wanting to sell for low, I would transfer list c) if I'm keeping a 10k and he isn't transfer banned, it means I have something in mind for him, which means that if you are bidding on him because you want him for the reason I have him, do not think I am stupid enough to give you my 10k for face value, and d) the sum of these means that the guy thinks I'm stupid. So I use the "I am insulted" option.
  16. PORTSMOUTH TRANSFER NEWS The Portsmouth manager has brought in another star signing with Swiss international Admir Mehmedi joining Portsmouth from Leverkusen for 1.3M + Piort Zielinski(who will not be missed after the incident last week(Yes, that incident...)). In addition, Portsmouth hold first place after a 2-1 win against Accrington Stanley in which Portsmouth reserve starlet Adams scored the first goal of his Portsmouth career with Crecco netting the other one.
  17. I will be posting my concept sometime this weekend if the forum doesn't attempt to log me off every single time I try.
  18. Derby barely scrape through to the playoffs with a Swansea and Espanyol loss. Vidal comes back from a suspension, and it is rumored that Derby will be making some minor moves in the upcoming days leading up to the Kashima Antlers. Recently their scouts have been out and about looking for new talent. Derby Manager announced after the game that over half the squad could go for the right offer.
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