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  1. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread There is a reason that this has happened. People rushed in because it was new and hyped up. After a while it has grown old and uninteresting to some. What needs to happen is a new forum English Championship GW to be organized, but we need to have people be more active from the start, as a drop in activity for a couple of players has a domino effect shown in this example of a GW. And we need to find ways of keeping it attractive. Just my two cents.
  2. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Here's my expression of interest. Please PM me if I can join and if this GW comes back. But above all, take your time. A rushed structure is a crudely built and fragile building.
  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Happy to see my Basel boys take a 3 point advantage over Liverpool and increase the GD to 0! We are going to qualify!
  4. Re: Profound and Touching Quotes Thread "The key to being successful is that there is no universal key for success. While others can aid you in the quest, you have to find it yourself."
  5. Re: Top 5 favourite Bands? Take off Imagine Dragons and replace it with Arcade Fire. Their music on "her" was great and I'm still digging their songs like The Suburbs.
  6. Re: Top 5 favourite Bands? 1. twenty one pilots 2. The Fray 3. Imagine Dragons 4. MS MR 5. Idk. It's a tie from here on out for others. I'll go for Frightened Rabbit.
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Forget the red card Basel, and get that goal to get ahead of Liverpool! GO BASEL!! (this is all I had time for)
  8. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen My top 2(I'll add to this list tomorrow as I am out of time) films: 1. Dr.Strangelove(or How I Came to Love the Atomic Bomb). Best picture by far that I have seen. Peter Sellers plays 3 different roles in this great comedy. 2. Memento. Rather than going for the usual order of plot like 1->2->3->4, it's shot backwards. Not that it's always on rewind, it's just that the scenes are arranged thus so. This should be apparent in the first scene, when the character is flipping a photo to develop. Instead, it's undeveloping. Great movie by Chris
  9. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen Over the weekend I watched Dead Poet's Society. It's a great movie involving Robin Williams. The plot consists of a schoolteacher who takes a different and more divergent teaching style to poetry at a prestigious prep school. In his class is a group of students who ask him about the Dead Poet's Society, which is under his name in the alumni. I can't remember the rest, but carpe diem, which Robin Williams teaches to the students, becomes a present theme for the students, involving love and an incident that I won't spoil. Great movie!
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) uE7zaDyBRvQ The Shins - A Comet Appears
  11. Re: ** New GW challenge - WITH PRIZES! ** So do I have to apply or will I be offered a club?
  12. Re: Personality Test ENFJ Extravert(78%) iNtuitive(50%) Feeling(12%) Judging(33%) You have strong preference of Extraversion over Introversion (78%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%) You have slight preference of Feeling over Thinking (12%) You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%) That's bull. I prefer sensing over intuition and thinking over feeling. Anyways, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, John Paul II, Cicero, Pericles, Joe Biden, Tony Blair(oh god why), Daniel Goleman,Yasser Arafat(Chairman of the PLO), Joseph Goebbels(Minister
  13. Re: ** New GW challenge - WITH PRIZES! ** Accepted! I look forward to playing again!
  14. Re: ** New GW challenge - WITH PRIZES! ** Of course I'll stay! I'll send you a request. Edit: Can't find you. Add me: arsenalisbest is my username.
  15. Re: ||In Vetulum|| - Starting from where it ended Jot me down, I'm interested.
  16. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game] Oh look who it is, the little wannabe Frozy, Who decided to get a tad too nosy. Last time I heard Basel whooped yo a**es, And your team: the joke of the masses. Leicester is the most recent of all, 5-3 that's a big a** fall. My level is higher than space, All you are is a big disgrace. For instance look at your verse, From anyone's view it couldn't be worse My girl's right here, is that Ben C? Yes it is, at your knees I see. I'm running out of time, I'm going to sleep, For once stop playing Ben C so cheap. You don't live in the sky, you live down low
  17. Re: The Rap Thread. [Game] I look on this thread and there's a red devil He has some verse but he's not on my level His name's Ben and if he knows what's best He'll go away and cry about his losing fest
  18. Re: ** New GW challenge - WITH PRIZES! ** I'm interested. I haven't played in a GW since May....
  19. Re: ||--Size Matters--|| I pity your gameworld. Here's my penny of interest.
  20. Re: Top 6 Foreign Films Run Lola Run You know, that alternate scenario movie that revolves around a girl running to try to find enough money to pay this guy...
  21. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I'm still unhappy that Wenger did not get Fabregas when he had the the chance. If he had, we wouldn't be in this Mikel Arteta mess... Now look what he's doing for Chelsea... as holding midfielder.
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