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  1. It seems as the Purgatory(or whatever) gameworld idea has fallen apart' date=' so I'm back to considering suggestions. Mind that when I say "pitch me your best idea for a custom" I mean don't just say "let's do 2 divisions with rating cap and you play your way to the top and that's it", I'm looking for concepts of gameworlds that revolve around unique ideas. If I wanted a plain division 5 to 1 setup I'd join a English Championship. Too complicated. You would have to re add everyone after every season.
  2. Okay, originally I was okay with the forum change, but something that just happened today made me even more euphoric! I was attempting to post a new custom concept onto the forums, and this means I have to make a large post with lots of formatting to make it look good. Well, I ran into all sorts of wonderful problems. First, I attempted to link something into a series of words on the post. I had to keep deleting because every time I tried to type past that, it very nicely kept linking the rest of the text. It took me 15 minutes to tell the website how wonderfully the layout was flattering me,
  3. Once there was a forum, practical and easy on the eyes, Fueled by the people, and brimming with life. But no one could foresee, what the devs would later devise, As when the new layout came, it was dimming with strife. The people complained, with their efforts in vain, To attempt to have it changed back to the way it was. People left, describing it the very definition of pain, And there was those who said, "That's what SoccerManager does." Most banded together, to have their voices heard, But the message couldn't strike, with that being their luck. Even with the movement the people h
  4. Note that I am still accepting suggestions, so don't feel like I have already chosen as what I said yes to still is being debated about. I also recently had this idea to have a GW where it centers around Streak to the Top like bets but the managers choose the bets from a list that is based on the current standings of the tables, and based on the result you get a random punishment/benefit, or you could bet on someone else's game to attempt to inflict a random punishment on them, and if you fail the punishment gets inflicted on you. The amount of bets would be limited, and the list of bets would
  5. So I have over time been earning credits over the years through prize gameworlds, and just recently I have achieved 15000 credits. Now, I have no interest in Gold membership(don't need it) or club slots(I use 3/10 of my current slots) and I really don't want to waste my credits on a standard game world. Which leaves making a custom game world. Now I have always wanted to do such a thing, but I haven't had a great idea in years, so I'm in need in help. Pitch me your idea, and I will fully fund the creation of a custom with the best scheme!
  6. I have now set Will Hughes transfer status as "Available". Sorry that I forgot to when I announced that I was ready to let him leave. Make me your offers.
  7. There was once such a thing...... but it would take over 5 years to get a standard gw.
  8. PORTSMOUTH TRANSFER NEWS [TABLE=border: 1, cellpadding: 1] [TR] [TD]In[/TD] [TD]Position[/TD] [TD]From[/TD] [TD]Age[/TD] [TD]Rating[/TD] [TD]Out[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Callum Wilson[/TD] [TD] F©[/TD] [TD] Monchengladbach[/TD] [TD]23[/TD] [TD]84[/TD] [TD]100k + Heldar Costa + Ben Close[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Indy Groothuizen[/TD] [TD]GK[/TD] [TD]Wigan Athletic[/TD] [TD]19[/TD] [TD]70[/TD] [TD]12k[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Tyler Adams[/TD] [TD]D(L),DM,M(LC)[/TD] [TD]New Y
  9. It would be nice if we could revive this GW, so I'm making a list of unmanaged clubs. We are halfway through our 1st season, and it would be awesome if people could take over some clubs. A fair amount of players are still available for those who want to build their clubs. UNMANAGED CLUBS Division 1 Tottenham Hotspur Aston Villa West Bromwich Albion Sunderland Stoke City Crystal Palace Division 2 Middlesbrough Watford Bolton Wanderers Blackpool Reading Charlton Athletic Brighton and Hove Albion Cardiff City Brentford Derby County Wigan Athletic Birmingham City Divisio
  10. Great win, let's get back on track! 6 goals, 6 different goalscorers.
  11. Made 3 bids for unnamed players, hopefully strengthening my defense and creating some options in the long term. I'll have a day to make my mind up about which player I want as my final deal, and I have a lot of prospects to choose from in this field. I've decided to keep Byram and hope that in the next year he shines, which leaves Aliji to leave.
  12. It has been 2 weeks since I sold Ajeti, so my transfer ban is over. I sold him on the 12th; it's the 26th. Time to catch up.
  13. Lining up my transfers for my binge in 6 days, got some good prospects no one has taken yet included in m y targets. Got massive amounts of moolah, so if you are thinking of selling a over 27 year old player to an external, think again. I'll have you covered with considerably more cash than you would usually get.
  14. Captain and Vice Captain is going to be the same as last year with Chiellini and Vidal teaming it up. Going to go on a massive transfer binge on the 26th; I've got work to do.
  15. Been away because of a computer change, got some Not Match Fit players so I'll play my B team next game, and everyone knows how that went. Adding a player after my next home game, need a couple grand for the player I want. Still sitting comfortably in first in Division 4 with 2 successive wins.
  16. About the gk thing: I'm sorry about it, but how am I supposed to sell a gk and then get a another gk to replace them when gil is 830k and the other is 60k when I have 2 gks and 25 players? A swap is impossible(and if I could I would have just to avoid this), so how am I supposed to get rid of Gil and get the other gk? I intend to sell Gil as quickly as possible. No one replied for over a day on either the forum or the gw comments, so I kept going. If somebody had told me something contrary to what I said, I would have stopped immeadiately. but if Matt feels that I went too far, I'm fine with w
  17. Embarrased by today's loss. Good job Scottm, and may you have all the luck in the world to beat Leeds. Starting early, I declare Gil as "sold" and in my mind he is out of this club for whatever any club buys him for. I put him on a transfer list and buying a new backup gk, and because squad cap is 25 and you must have 2 gks and one cannot buy the one I want I have to do it this way.
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