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  1. What about the one Pip suggested? That is unique and sounded good.

    This. Sadly it has sort of fallen though' date=' so I'm considering new ideas.

  2. Any update???

    It seems as the Purgatory(or whatever) gameworld idea has fallen apart' date=' so I'm back to considering suggestions. Mind that when I say "pitch me your best idea for a custom" I mean don't just say "let's do 2 divisions with rating cap and you play your way to the top and that's it", I'm looking for concepts of gameworlds that revolve around unique ideas. If I wanted a plain division 5 to 1 setup I'd join a English Championship.

    My idea is to have a 12 team one division setup in which every manager changes team after every season. This is to run for 12 seasons to make sure that every manager manages every team in the league.

    I was going to give points to every manager depending on where they finished in the league. You could adopt a F1 points system for the top ten teams in the league, bottom two teams receive no points. Then each season becomes a race. At the end of the 12 seasons you crown the winner who has the most points.

    Too complicated. You would have to re add everyone after every season.

  3. Okay, originally I was okay with the forum change, but something that just happened today made me even more euphoric! I was attempting to post a new custom concept onto the forums, and this means I have to make a large post with lots of formatting to make it look good. Well, I ran into all sorts of wonderful problems. First, I attempted to link something into a series of words on the post. I had to keep deleting because every time I tried to type past that, it very nicely kept linking the rest of the text. It took me 15 minutes to tell the website how wonderfully the layout was flattering me, but I didn't need it then, but it continued to be a true helper throughout the course of my wonderfully productive typing session. Moving on. I then made a title with a different font, size, and underlined it. When I attempted to make a subtitle with different styles and sizes, the text kept reverting to the title style and size as it very thoughtfully knew I wanted to do something else. When I deleted back to the title, hit return, and changed the style back, I noticed a large space in between my title and subtitle that had been very conveniently placed. 20 minutes later I had gotten rid of it after the word processor had stopped doing it for some terrible reason, but this problem also continued to flatter me during my typing session. Another very nice addition that I have been taking advantage of is the fact that I wonderfully continued to get "Invalid Server Response" messages that graciously spammed my screen throughout the course of my typing session due to the fact that the website was very thoughtfully logging me out constantly because I didn't check the beautiful "Remember Me" box when I logged in due to the fact that I am on a shared computer that I do not own, and I do not want somebody accidentally logging on as me when I'm off and adding some lovely changes to my profile. This thoughtfully continued consistently until halfway though the next part of my post it so very nicely took me back a page, and all that I had typed was wonderfully lost into the abyss because it very thoughtfully knew that I wanted everything deleted after working for over an hour. SM devs, I have been persistently enjoying all the wonderful features in this forum layout for a while, but I would appreciate it very much if you could tell the word processor and layout to very graciously stop trying to excessively flatter me. I know it eagerly wants to help graciously impede my typing, but I can do it myself. I wonderfully had to copy and paste this message to ensure I saved the whole of this message because I was very thoughtfully logged out during the course of typing this. Please SM Devs, do something, anything, but please try to add more wonderful problems to this layout. It's really causing be the most wonderful problems that one could ever have, and I'm starting to wonderfully believe that there are more wonderful impeding problems then awful benefits that horribly make my time here easier.

    My Wonderfully Gracious Gratitude, Arsenalisbest.

  4. Once there was a forum, practical and easy on the eyes,

    Fueled by the people, and brimming with life.

    But no one could foresee, what the devs would later devise,

    As when the new layout came, it was dimming with strife.

    The people complained, with their efforts in vain,

    To attempt to have it changed back to the way it was.

    People left, describing it the very definition of pain,

    And there was those who said, "That's what SoccerManager does."

    Most banded together, to have their voices heard,

    But the message couldn't strike, with that being their luck.

    Even with the movement the people had stirred,

    The masses asked themselves, "Do they really give" "Had their efforts stuck?"

  5. Note that I am still accepting suggestions, so don't feel like I have already chosen as what I said yes to still is being debated about. I also recently had this idea to have a GW where it centers around Streak to the Top like bets but the managers choose the bets from a list that is based on the current standings of the tables, and based on the result you get a random punishment/benefit, or you could bet on someone else's game to attempt to inflict a random punishment on them, and if you fail the punishment gets inflicted on you. The amount of bets would be limited, and the list of bets would be created before the gameworld, and those with winning streaks would have bonuses. Thoughts?

  6. So I have over time been earning credits over the years through prize gameworlds, and just recently I have achieved 15000 credits. Now, I have no interest in Gold membership(don't need it) or club slots(I use 3/10 of my current slots) and I really don't want to waste my credits on a standard game world. Which leaves making a custom game world. Now I have always wanted to do such a thing, but I haven't had a great idea in years, so I'm in need in help. Pitch me your idea, and I will fully fund the creation of a custom with the best scheme!


    [TABLE=border: 1, cellpadding: 1]










    [TD]Callum Wilson[/TD]

    [TD] F©[/TD]

    [TD] Monchengladbach[/TD]



    [TD]100k + Heldar Costa + Ben Close[/TD]



    [TD]Indy Groothuizen[/TD]


    [TD]Wigan Athletic[/TD]






    [TD]Tyler Adams[/TD]


    [TD]New York Red Bulls[/TD]






    [TD]Jonathan Silva[/TD]


    [TD]Sporting CP[/TD]



    [TD]500k + Alex Grimaldo[/TD]



    [TD]Tyrone Mings[/TD]


    [TD]Atletico Madrid[/TD]



    [TD]2M + Edoardo Goldaniga[/TD]



    (first time using the table, and also I only bid on the Wigan GK because Ajax had bid for him back and he would be gone anyways, (by the way they have Vidal so if you want a club I suggest you get Wigan))

    Portsmouth Manager Kika welcomed 5 new players to Fratton Park in the hope of beefing up his defense and adding some menace to his attack, with Callum Wilson, Jonathan Silva, and Tyrone Mings, as well as promising youth players Tyler Adams and Indy Groothuizen.

    Earlier in the weekend Portsmouth had a field day at Newport County, scoring a record 8 goals and only conceding one.

    Portsmouth outclassed Newport County and thrashed them 8 - 1 in their Division 4 fixture.

    Xhaka and Ié were also amongst the goalscorers.

    The Portsmouth club record for highest scoring league and awaygame has been broken. The game against Newport County finished 1 - 8.

  8. It would be nice if we could revive this GW, so I'm making a list of unmanaged clubs. We are halfway through our 1st season, and it would be awesome if people could take over some clubs. A fair amount of players are still available for those who want to build their clubs.


    Division 1

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Aston Villa

    West Bromwich Albion


    Stoke City

    Crystal Palace

    Division 2



    Bolton Wanderers



    Charlton Athletic

    Brighton and Hove Albion

    Cardiff City


    Derby County

    Wigan Athletic

    Birmingham City

    Division 3

    Milton Keynes Dons

    Oldham Athletic


    Peterborough United


    Notts County

    Colchester United

    Crewe Alexandra

    Crawley Town



    Port Vale

    Yeovil Town

    Swindon Town


    Doncaster Rovers

    Fleetwood Town

    Division 4

    Burton Albion

    Luton Town

    Northampton Town


    Shrewsbury Town

    Accrington Stanley

    Exeter City

    Southend United


    Dagenham & Redbridge

    Tranmere Rovers

    Mansfield Town

    Plymouth Argyle

    Cheltenham Town

    York City


    Hartlepool United

    Wycombe Wanderers

    Newport County

    Oxford United

    Division 5

    Welling United

    Bristol Rovers


    Forest Green Rovers

    Kiddleminster Harriers

    Lincoln City

    Chester FC

    Nuneaton Town

    Aldershot Town

    Macclesfield Town

    Dover Athletic

    Grimbsy Town

    Alfreton Town


    Eastleigh FC


    AFC Telford United



    Braintree Town

  9. Arsenalisbest' date=' sorry for ending your winning streak and knocking you down to 2nd in the league.... Heh, but in all honesty, it was a brilliant game I guess and Im just trying to keep my aim of a top 3 finish alive for promotion this season. Heh[/quote']

    No worries, haven't been on frequently enough, so I paid the price. However......


    After poor results leading to dropping easy points by dismal performances by the players , Portsmouth Manager Kika decided to attempt to fix the holes in the squad with some much needed(not really) transfers to benefit the team. Kika scoured top tier football for players that would truly make a difference in the squad, and in the past few days has created a menace that could rival a Championship squad with League Two team with 12 transfers in and 4 more to come. His target: the League Two trophy.


    IN OUT

    ................Thulani Serero DM,M,AM© 25 87 | Levin Oztunali DM,M,AM© 19 83 + 360k

    .......Taulant Xhaka (RL),DM,M© 24 85 | Jessy Pi DM,M© 21 83............................

    ...........Igor Lichnovsky D© 21 82 | Sandy Walsh D(RC),DM© 20 80

    Roberto Insigne AM©,F(RC) 21 77 | Kenneth Paal AM(RLC),F(RL) 18 75.

    ...Robert Costa D© 21 78 | Milos Defenek D© 21 75

    Kenan Karaman AM(RL),F(RLC) 21 78 | Kevin Mendez AM,F(LC) 19 76 + 60k

    ............................Luca Crecco D,DM(L),M(RL) 19 80 | Albert Rafetraniaina D(RL),DM© 18 78 + 180k

    ....Mihai Balasa D(RC),DM© 20 80 | Junior Flores M©,AM(RLC) + 1M

    .............Jannik Bandowski D,DM(L),M(RL) 21 80 | Adama Soumaoro D(RLC),DM© 23 78 + 20k

    ..........Nicolo Fazzi AM(RL),F® 20 80 | Anor Juanpi AM,F(LC) 21 78 + 440k

    ............Marko Maric GK 19 78 | David Roef GK 21 77 + 470k

    ...............Adnane Tighadouini AM,F(RL) 22 83 | Vincenzo Grifo M©,AM(RLC) 22 80 + 1.1M

    There are 4 still outgoing bids for players of considerably higher playing level than the average of these deals.

    NEW XI(so far):






    Subs: Maric, Goldaniga, Bandowski, Crecco, Fazzi, Karaman, Insigne.

    (Note: My finished XI won't look like anything like this.)

    Strongest League Two Team :P

  10. Derby County outclassed Chennaiyin FC and thrashed them 6 - 1 in their Division 2 fixture.Wickham scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.Vidal and Hughes were also amongst the goalscorers.
    Derby have recorded their biggest ever home league win by beating Chennaiyin FC 6-1.

    Great win, let's get back on track! 6 goals, 6 different goalscorers.

  11. making the bid 3 minutes after the comment.... 3 minutes isn't giving anyone enough time to give you a reply is it? if you are unsure' date=' message me direct like everyone else has. End of discussion. You need to get rid of a player and you are transfer banned from now until two week after you get your squad back down to 25 players. And i highly doubt now we are this far anyone is going to have 24 players that are TB and also someone who has 25 players they are 100% happy with[/quote']

    There is a point in what I said that could be put in many different terms and you ignored it, but if you say so......

  12. What you could have done is wait until you sold other players which you have already stated that you're looking at letting players go. All you had to do was wait until you sold other members of your squad' date=' then bring in the GK then sell your other one and still be within the cap. But instead you were impatient and bent the rules to get the deal done.

    You also signed that GK within 24 hours of posting hat message up, so you didn't really wait for anyones response as it takes more than 24 hours to buy a player[/quote']

    I'm not meaning to be rude or anything, but I know for sure that I made the bid around 3 minutes after I made the comment/forum post. Plus, hypothetical question here. What would happen if one player has 24 TB/I'm not selling this player because he's to good to sell and a gk that he doesn't want and is able to be sold, and sees a gk that he wants but can't swap with. How does he get the player? I wonder if you'll see where I am going with this.

  13. About the gk thing: I'm sorry about it, but how am I supposed to sell a gk and then get a another gk to replace them when gil is 830k and the other is 60k when I have 2 gks and 25 players? A swap is impossible(and if I could I would have just to avoid this), so how am I supposed to get rid of Gil and get the other gk? I intend to sell Gil as quickly as possible. No one replied for over a day on either the forum or the gw comments, so I kept going. If somebody had told me something contrary to what I said, I would have stopped immeadiately. but if Matt feels that I went too far, I'm fine with whatever he punishes me with.

  14. Embarrased by today's loss. Good job Scottm, and may you have all the luck in the world to beat Leeds.

    Starting early, I declare Gil as "sold" and in my mind he is out of this club for whatever any club buys him for. I put him on a transfer list and buying a new backup gk, and because squad cap is 25 and you must have 2 gks and one cannot buy the one I want I have to do it this way.

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