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  1. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Derby County beat RCD Espanyol 2 - 0 in their Division 2 fixture.

    Chiellini had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.

    Wickham and Embolo were amongst the goalscorers.

    Embolo gets his first for the club after getting subbed on after Wickham made his mark. :D
    Derby County have now won 5 games in a row after beating RCD Espanyol setting a new club record.
    After their result against RCD Espanyol, Derby County are now unbeaten in 5 games setting a new club record for most games unbeaten in a row.
    :D And to think I had lost 3 in a row at the start of the season....

    We now sit in 3rd place after passing Swansea and Leeds(yes!). We sent Espanyol from 6th to 9th, and next game we face Harimau Mada with their new manager who sits at 7th at Pride Park. This should hopefully launch us into direct contention for automatic promotion.

    Just realized that Tottenham face Union(the leaders) next game. I'm going to hope for a Tottenham victory to have a better chance at the title. :P

  2. Re: North American League

    Bringing in 4 or more transfers in before the season starts.

    Completed Transfers

    Siebe Schrijvers AM©,F(RLC) Age:18 Rating:82 Current value: 4,270,000 Fee:3.4M(From KRC Genk)

    Accepted Bids

    Aleksandar Cavric M©,AM(RLC) Age:20 Rating:82 Fee:3,390,000(From KRC Genk)

    Frank Acheampong D,DM,M(L),AM(RL) Age:21 Rating:83 Fee:3,060,000(From RSC Anderlect)

    Rafidine Abdullah DM,M© Age:21 Rating:83 Fee:3,230,000(From FC Lorient)

    All of these purchases were supported by the sales of Laba and Morales. :D

    This season your Chairman expects you to avoid relegation.
    My chairman doesn't have much faith in me. :(
  3. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread

    Early days (about as early as days come to be honest) but a 6-0 opening day win puts us at the top of Division 4. It was also the biggest win across all the divisions. We hope to continue this bright start when we face Hartlepool United tonight although a lot of unfit players and no new signings able to go through in time means it may be tough to do so.

    I face you on the 13th. Get ready to have your dreams shattered. ;)

  4. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread

    Canceled the D(RC) and AM® deals because of how much money I make with my 21k stadium :P

    In this case, I will be strengthening my squad by playing a few games, buying a new 80+ player(I need a player who can play D® and/or and D©,AM®(Transfer in progress),AM,F(LC)). This will go on for a bit, and Portsmouth will be by far the best club in League 2 :P

  5. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Everton smashed Toulouse FC 6 - 2 in a thrilling Division 1 encounter.

    Hoffmann scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

    Babacar and Tévez were also amongst the goalscorers.

    Tevez is now on 13 goals for the season' date=' Unfortunately after a Man of the Match performance Hoffmann i out for the next 11 days which is quite the blow for our star defender, but we are 6 points clear with a great goal difference at the top of the league now at the half way point. I will be very happy if we can get another 22 points from the last 9 games[/quote']

    This streak can only last so long.... :P

    Poor Southampton..... 3 draws and no wins....because the manager hasn't done anything....

  6. Re: Official SM Fantasy Premier League 14/15

    Benched Ulloa and Morgan.

    Ulloa gets 13 points and Morgan gets 12.

    Kane and Austin both get one point due to getting yellow cards.

    Coleman gets nothing because he conceded 3 and got a yellow card.

    Mignolet gets two.

    Schmeichel, on the other hand, gets 7.

    As a result, I have 26 points with Sanchez, Ramsey, and Cazorla left to play. :mad:

  7. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread

    Bringing in 3 more players, will have one Portsmouth player left at the end. My squad is the second best in Division 2(I am somewhat scared of Carsile's 87 stiker and 84 keeper, but I should be able to beat him in the short and long run with my select youth.

    Final Squad

    First Team(Basic 4-4-2)

    Sergio Rico 82 GK

    Ashton Gotz 78 D,DM(RL)

    Alex Grimaldo 83 D,DM,M(L)

    Sandy Walsh 80 D(RC),DM©

    Edoardo Goldaniga 80 D©

    Jessy Pi 80 DM,M©

    77 AM®,F(LC)

    Levin Oztunali 82 DM,M,AM©

    Jorge Burgui 82 AM©,F(RLC)

    Anor Juanpi 78 AM,F(LC)

    Heldar Costa 80 AM(RL),F(RLC)


    Davy Roef 77 GK

    Adama Soumaoro 78 D(RLC),DM©

    Milos Degenek 77 D©

    Albert Rafetrainiaina 77 D(RL),DM©

    75 M©,AM(RLC)

    Kenneth Paal 75 AM(RLC),F(RL)

    Kevin Mendez 76 AM,F(RL)


    76 D(RC)

    Josh Passley 76 D® (loaned by Fulham, default)

    Paul McCallum 75 F© (loaned by West ham United, default)

    Rhys Marshall 70 D®

    Ben Close 70 M©

    Loaned Out

    Danny East 75 D,DM,M®(to Aldershot Town)

    Make me your loan offers to loan out players you don't need, I'll see whether I want them.

  8. Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

    So as the final whistle blows, it's time to reflect on this 3-0 loss.

    Despite me being a Derby fan, I am honestly not surprised. The faults that caused us to lose this match have been here all along. Usually it's Lee Grant messing up today, but that wasn't the problem. He was doing well.

    It's the team's discipline and lack of coordination/communication when the discipline goes away. Sure, in easy games where we aren't in pressure we can be awesome. But in these hard and/or stressful games, one little thing will hurl us to a downward trend in performance and the team goes to a very individualist mentality. And everyone knows that even if with a team that has lower quality players has good communication and coordination, they will win every time against a individualist team. But McClaren seems to be oblivious to this/can't stop it. Once a goal is scored on us, everything falls apart. We start doing long balls because we are panicking, hoping that anything works, and it isn't even the 2nd half yet. And when we do get into the attacking third, our team can't function that well because there isn't a plan in place for the attack. Sometimes it will be so bad that the guy just kicks it to miles away from the nearest player. And when the other team starts to counterattack, because of our individualist approach to attack, we aren't ready and we have few defenders on hand to help, and then the individualist mentality will take over and our defense won't be coordinated to stop the attack.

    We have good quality players. We just need to learn to work as a team and not crap our pants every time we mess up/are under pressure. And until this flaw is taken care of, I feel we won't be able to challenge for promotion.

  9. Re: English Championship 32078 Discussion Thread

    Manager Kika took over Portsmouth. He stated in a interview that he intends to restore the team back to the Premier League. :D

    Gotz and Rico are the first arrivals in a anticipated strong League 2 squad.

    Transfers In:

    Sergio Rico GK Age: 21 Rating: 82 Fee: 1.2M + Paul Jones

    Ashton Gotz D,DM(RL) Age: 21 Rating 78 Fee: Jo Devera

    Accepted Bids:

    Davy Roef GK Age: 21 Rating: 77 Fee: Micheal Poke

    Alex Grimaldo D,DM,M(L) Age: 19 Rating 83 Fee: 660k + Nicky Shorey(Probably going to get rejected because someone finished deals with Barcelona, which raised his value and Gotz decreased Shorey's value, but I have hopes)

    Sandy Walsh D(RC),DM© Age: 20 Rating: 80 Fee: 840k + Ben Chorley

    Jessy Pi DM,M© Age: 21 Rating: 80 Fee: 100k + Danny Hollands

    Levin Oztunali DM,M,AM© Age: 19 Rating: 82 Fee: 1.3M + Johannes Ertl

    Julian Green AM(RL),F(RLC) Age: 19 Rating: 80 Fee: James Dunne(Dang you Blackburn!)

    Jorge Burgui AM©,F(RLC) Age: 21 Rating: 82 Fee: 510k + Matt Tubbs(contesting with Bristol City, but I think we've got this)

    Helder Costa AM(RL),F(RLC) Age: 21 Rating: 82 Fee: 270k + Craig Westcarr

    Anor Juanpi AM,F(LC) Age: 21 Rating: 78 Fee: 200k + Jed Wallace

    Edoardo Goldaniga D© Age: 21 Rating: 80 Fee: 800k + Paul Robinson(contesting with Milton Keynes Dons, but we have 300k more value)

    Albert Rafetrananina D(RL),DM© Age: 18 Rating: 77 Fee: Adam Webster

    Milos Degenek D© Age: 21 Rating: 77 Fee: Ryan Taylor

    I'm probably going to get robbed of Green, will have to do 3 new bids max for missed bids, want to see what I can do for subs later :P

  10. Re: The Politics Thread

    It is actually known that the death penalty costs more than life imprisonment.

    Exposure when he's dead if it's by execution: High

    Exposure when he's dead if by life imprisonment: We would have already forgotten about him by then.

    The martyr thing is to aspiring jihadists in America, like his older brother. If they see that he gets the death penalty, they'll do something similar. Give him a unattractive punishment like life imprisonment. He'll have forever to contemplate what he's done.

    Plus, I already have my objections on the death penalty. There really is no reason for it.

    Not executing him shows our decency; executing him shows us as a country of bloodlust.


  11. Re: North American League

    CHAMPIONS :):D:):D

    Though I can hardly take any credit whatsoever :P

    Vancouver lose to an 89th minute goal' date=' so our 2-1 victory takes us top :)[/quote']

    Manager Kika shouted at his players in the dressing room that those he deemed to be the worst are going to lose their jobs.

  12. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen

    Yeah I preferred John Wick to The Equalizer' date=' I like both but John Wick edges. it.

    Still yet to see Furious 7 :(.

    For those that haven't - [url']http://time.com/3827697/fantastic-four-trailer-doctor-doom/[/url]

    Looks promising.


    Watched Interstellar last night, really loved it, stunningly made. Will be watching Gravity pretty soon to see what that is like - its given me the space-bug haha.

    Tonight we are watching Exodus, see what the crack is with that.

    Gravity looks subtlety and eerily terrifying when you have a big screen :P

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