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  1. Re: North American League I've got my best squad up for this
  2. Re: North American League MATCHDAY: 4/23/15 Final game of the season! We have a close race for the title in Division 1 with 5 teams competeing until the last day for glory(Division 2 is already decided for promotion, but if Toronto FC wins against Houston and Portland Timbers loses against San Jose, if Toronto's GD of that game plus (Portland's GD of that game * -1), we might see something!(It's probabaly not going to happen though. ) Teams up for the Division 1 Title: Vancouver Whitecaps GD: -1 Points: 22(Current Leaders) Los Angeles Galaxy GD: 11 Points: 21 New York Red Bulls GD:
  3. Re: North American League 30 sounds about right, if there is a cap.
  4. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... I'm going to buy a left back off the farm externals to develop if no one gives me a offer for their left back by 11:00 UTC tomorrow(10:00 GT). Note that any offer would be met with generous amounts of cash.
  5. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Attempting to get Hannah to part with one of her LBs....not going easy seriously stop hogging all the left backs......other people want them and you're not going to really use them...
  6. Re: Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs) Discovered this unnoticed gem hiding in the drawer nTFnIKDNvss LCFcIVVOEek tJd7vupVJT8 1WR5GQNDQYY I would put one of the songs, but you could say that it's football related.
  7. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen I liked The Art of The Steal, good movie but not a great movie. Haven't done this for a while, might as well do it now. Interstellar Coming from someone who knows science, I thought this was a really well done movie. Nolan made a great movie again, and this might be his best yet. I did feel that the last scenes were a bit overdone though. But overall, great movie. 9.7/10 The Imitation Game The movie is good, but I feel that they gave too much credit to Alan Turing. And they(those 5) didn't choose what information was sent out. Historical accu
  8. Re: North American League I'm leading the league with negative goal difference The next game is the last game of the season, and we have a comfortable fixture with a MLS class squad. XD For the first time, we will be fielding a first 11 that has no players below 82 in rating due to the introduction of Manea. The race for the title is tight, with 5 people contending for the title. It's sure going to be one hell of a season ending with plot twists I can still win the league and have negative goal difference if I tie and LA Galaxy ties/loses, New York RB and Sporting KC ties, and Seattle S
  9. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Who is willing to sell a left back to me? I can provide good compensation.
  10. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Derby finally has gotten rid of Kelvin. Finally. South China AA wanted him and so I sold him I'd like to buy a left back now.
  11. Re: Official SM Fantasy Premier League 14/15 You know when you had a bad Gameweek when your defense gets more points than everything else combined..... Adrian(2) Bertrand(6).....Terry(8).....Fonte(7).....Coleman(2) Hazard(6)(VC).....Sanchez(3).....Cazorla(3).....Downing(4)© Austin(2).....Kane(2) Subs: Mignolet(hasn't played) Clyne(0(didn't play)), Sung-yueng(2), Ings(2) Goalkeeper(2) Defenders(23) Midfield(16) Forwards(4) Subs(4) Total points(45) Defenders > Goalkeeper + Midfield + Forwards
  12. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... If lukaku doesn't get sold in 4 days, I will release him if I can. Damn manager overvaluing my players..making me release players because they are overvalued.
  13. Re: Right now I'm listening to... (no explicit or football themed songs) Two new and very differently themed songs released by twenty one pilots: First one is considerably darker. HDI9inno86U nky4me4NP70
  14. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Derby Manager Kika has announced that his bid for Jordan Ibe was accepted by Everton and he will arrive at the club shortly. The bid was estimated to be 6,660,000(666....)M. We hijacked the deal from Kashima Antlers! His reaction was so good . 2 more targets left! If Kelvin and Lukaku don't sell after being a week on the transfer list, how the hell am I going to create vacancies there?
  15. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... I'm in desperate need of a left back, as acheampong(who really is a wingback/winger) and Chiellini are my only left backs. Hit me up if you pity me and will sell me a left back. stop hogging all the left backs Leeds...
  16. Re: ||Deal With It|| - Coming this May!
  17. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Derby lost 2-1 with goals that came in the last 10 minutes. Ughh...
  18. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Doing some club maintenance, finishing up the transfers. I'm attempting to try to get a left back, which might be successful due to the fact that one of the clubs I am targeting has 3 84+ dedicated left backs... *cough hoarder *cough Also, I have put several players on the transfer list. I'm not going to barter much with deals on this because I just want them gone. I put P/E so I wouldn't confuse people on whether it's cash or players.(pretty much offer me anything). Transfer Listed Players: Jordon Lukaku 83 20 D,DM,M(L) Starting Price: 3
  19. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Captain: Chiellini Vice Captain: Vidal I'm working on building up my defense. Make a deal with me and this is how it would work: My good player for your good defender My defender that the defender is replacing for your player that my good player is replacing. I'm trying to tie up a deal elsewhere.
  20. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... My captain is a 94, and Vidal is 27. Because I sold enough players who lost their potential, I had enough money to complete the deal
  21. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Manager Kika has announced the final transfer in that Derby will do before the season starts. Arturo Vidal will be the new vice captain of Derby, filling the central mid role. The transfer is reported to be around a swap of Mandanda and 16.3 mil. Chiellini told me he would leave if he didn't have his old teamate with him. Also, because I can.
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