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  1. Re: North American League

    MATCHDAY: 4/23/15

    Final game of the season! We have a close race for the title in Division 1 with 5 teams competeing until the last day for glory(Division 2 is already decided for promotion, but if Toronto FC wins against Houston and Portland Timbers loses against San Jose, if Toronto's GD of that game plus (Portland's GD of that game * -1), we might see something!(It's probabaly not going to happen though. ;))

    Teams up for the Division 1 Title:

    Vancouver Whitecaps GD: -1 Points: 22(Current Leaders)

    Los Angeles Galaxy GD: 11 Points: 21

    New York Red Bulls GD: 4 Points: 21

    Sporting Kansas City GD: 1 Points: 21

    Seattle Sounders GD: 6 Points 20

    Teams that could get relegated:

    Orlando City SC GD: -3 Points: 17

    Chicago Fire GD: -4 Points: 14

    Columbus Crew GD: -14 Points: 12(Relegated by default)


    Columbus Crew vs.Vancouver Whitecaps

    The ultimate deciding game, if any of the other title contenders will want to get a shot at the title, they will have to hope for magic from the league trailers. Columbus has no other incentive to try other than to try to stop Vancouver from winning the title(and not being last place). Vancouver has been on stunning form, and will probably have a comfortable win, but anything can happen. If Vancouver wins, they automatically get the title, but drawing is another matter. With 3 other teams on their heels, they would have to hope for a) a draw between Sporting KC and New York Red Bulls, B) a tie or loss for Seattle Sounders, and c) a tie or loss for Los Angeles Galaxy. If they lose they will not win the title. Mings will be captaining Vancouver and all eyes will be on star strikers Tim VÄYRYNEN(5 goals, 5 assists) and Callum Wilson(4 goals, 5 assists), attacking midfielders Higuain(2 goals, 4 assists) and Morales(3 goals, 4 assists), right back Hernan Grana(2 goals, 3 assists) and forward/winger Carlos Mane(3 goals, 2 assists). Previous results: 1-1(1-3 pen)(Columbus Win[A])(Cup Round 1, March 17 2015), 5-2(Vancouver Win[H])(Division 1, March 29 2015).

    Sporting Kansas City vs.New York Red Bulls

    If Vancouver ties/loses, this is the next big game. A face off between 3rd and 4th place, this will be a game that will be hard to decide, and thus may not be decided and tied. If both tie, if Vancouver loses, New York will have to hope for a) Los Angeles Galaxy loss, and B) Seattle tie or loss. Whoever wins can also afford a Los Angeles tie. Heading Sporting KC's attack will be Graham Zusi(3 goals, 7 assists), Krisztian Nemeth(3 goals, 5 assists), and Isaac Thelin(5 goals, 2 assists), while New York will attempt to use Ricardo Kishna(3 goals, 4 assists), Bradley Wright-Phillips(3 goals, 2 assists), and Anthony Martial to their advantage. They have only one previous encounter in Division 1 on March 29 2015 that resulted in a 0-1 away win for Sporting Kansas City.

    Los Angeles Galaxy vs.Orlando City SC

    Another leader vs. loser matchup, this is the match that could determine the next favorite, New York Red Bulls' title hopes, while Orlando will be fighting to stay alive in Division 1. Los Angeles will want a win to maximize their chances to win the title, but will have to hope for a Vancouver loss. If they tie, they will also have to hope that a) Sporting KC and New York tie, and B) Seattle ties or loses. If they lose, they are out of the title race. Orlando will want at least a draw to stay in Division 1. Los Angeles star skipper Steven Gerrard(8 goals, 5 assists) will draw attention, along with Robbie Keane(3 goals, 6 assists), and Corentin Jean(5 goals, 3 assists). Orlando will try to counter with fading legend Ricardo Kaka(3 goals, 9 assists), Break Shea(6 goals, 1 assists), and Jullian Green(4 goals, 0 assists). A previous meeting resulted in a 1-5 away win for Los Angeles Galaxy.

    Seattle Sounders vs.Chicago Fire

    A subtle match which could result in a title win for Seattle and definite relegation for Chicago, this match won't be watched that closely but will have a major impact given the correct circumstances. Seattle will be looking for a win to have a slight chance at the title. They will succeed if a) Vancouver loses, B) Sporting KC and New York tie, and c) Los Angeles ties or loses. A not likely chance, Seattle is sure to give everything they have for this window of opportunity, despite how many upsets would have to happen to vindicate them. However, Chicago has just as good of a reason to try: avoiding relegation. If they win and Orlando loses, they could have a chance to avoid relegation. It is presumed that Seattle will start stars such as Marco Pappa(5 goals, 5 assists), Clint Dempsey(6 goals, 3 assists), and Obafemi Martins(3 goals, 3 assists), while Chicago will try to make the last game of the season not their last in the division by utilizing Shaun Maloney(5 goals, 3 assists), Benik Afobe(3 goals, 2 assists), and Andrija Zivkovic(2 goals, 2 assists). The last encounter between both teams resulted in a 0-2 away win for Seattle.

    All in all, a very interesting and suspenseful day is ahead of us. :D

  2. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Should of bought a LB when the GW opened instead of crying about it in here every 5 minutes' date=' bad management that is mate.[/quote']

    I was more going for a slightly higher rating LB. I didn't cry about it every 5 minutes, I was advertising that I was going to buy another left back and I wanted to make sure all interested parties who were willing to sell were informed. Now, I'm not exactly dependent on having such a player enter my squad. It was a preference, and I'm going to utilize my plan B of buying one from the farms. And I did buy left backs. It's just more the rating. I'll have the amount of left backs I want anyways....:P

  3. Re: Rate/Discuss Recent Films You HAVE Seen

    Wrong thread mate.

    The Art of The Steal

    Taken 3

    Take this Waltz

    Charlie Countryman


    The Experiment

    Last Knights



    All the film set to watch in the next few weeks' date=' anyone got other suggestions and or reviews on this list?[/color']

    I liked The Art of The Steal, good movie but not a great movie.

    Haven't done this for a while, might as well do it now.


    Coming from someone who knows science, I thought this was a really well done movie. Nolan made a great movie again, and this might be his best yet. I did feel that the last scenes were a bit overdone though. But overall, great movie. 9.7/10

    The Imitation Game

    The movie is good, but I feel that they gave too much credit to Alan Turing. And they(those 5) didn't choose what information was sent out. Historical accuracy 6/10 Overall Movie 7.7/10

    The Day of The Jackal

    A thriller that centers on the assassination attempt and the attempts to thwart it of the French President Charles De Gaulle. I liked how the plot moved and ended, with a subtle emphasis on time. 8.9/10

    More later :P

  4. Re: North American League

    Ok' date=' I tend to lose a lot so if I do end up winning I will let a vote decide those sort of things.

    But will take the best players I can haha :P

    Oh and Callum Wilson is gone :( I will be trying to buy him for sure :P

    Are there any limits on selling? Or is it just the no one over 82?[/quote']

    I'm not selling him :P

  5. Re: North American League

    I'm leading the league with negative goal difference :P

    The next game is the last game of the season, and we have a comfortable fixture with a MLS class squad. XD

    For the first time, we will be fielding a first 11 that has no players below 82 in rating due to the introduction of Manea.

    The race for the title is tight, with 5 people contending for the title. It's sure going to be one hell of a season ending with plot twists :P

    I can still win the league and have negative goal difference if I tie and LA Galaxy ties/loses, New York RB and Sporting KC ties, and Seattle Sounders ties/loses. :P

    Good luck everyone, and may the best manager win! :P

  6. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Lucky you' date=' I had to face this team called "Bye". :D[/quote']

    Me too! He's so easy to beat...I mean....your players don't even have to move a inch to get through XD.

    We face Tottenham in a friendly today. I'm assuming he requested a friendly with us because he wanted to get back on form and we've been sucking the most, but we're going to further his bad form by giving him a Unión Atlético Maracaibo scale defeat. Also, we need to get back on form as well. :P

    Lukaku is moving back to his old club for 4,489,200. Finally....time to get the left back I was targeting.

    Which leaves Kelvin....he's available for cash and/or a starting left back. Initial value is 6.0M for cash.

  7. Re: Official SM Fantasy Premier League 14/15

    You know when you had a bad Gameweek when your defense gets more points than everything else combined.....





    Subs: Mignolet(hasn't played) Clyne(0(didn't play)), Sung-yueng(2), Ings(2)






    Total points(45)

    Defenders > Goalkeeper + Midfield + Forwards

  8. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Derby Manager Kika has announced that his bid for Jordan Ibe was accepted by Everton and he will arrive at the club shortly. The bid was estimated to be 6,660,000(666....)M.

    We hijacked the deal from Kashima Antlers! His reaction was so good :D.

    2 more targets left! If Kelvin and Lukaku don't sell after being a week on the transfer list, how the hell am I going to create vacancies there?

  9. Re: ||Deal With It|| - Coming this May!

    I dont think I am reliable' date=' but I would like to join in the fun. Hopefully my chairman gives me sufficient central defenders, mids and forwards. Imagine only 2 forwards in all.[/quote']

    Oh god that would be horrifying :o You would have to play one striker formations every game :P

  10. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Derby lost 2-1 with goals that came in the last 10 minutes.


    Dominant performance to start the season with prolific finishing' date=' exquisite passing against one of the title favourites RCD Espanyol

    3-0 win for Tottenham Hotspurs.

    Goals for Miranda, Batshuayi and Thauvin, with Barkley setting up all 3.

    Quiet game for Sterling and Carrasco, but I'm happy with this start.[/quote']

    We play them next, hope we can give him a bad start :P I'm transfering players around for my subs and reserves :P

  11. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Doing some club maintenance, finishing up the transfers. I'm attempting to try to get a left back, which might be successful due to the fact that one of the clubs I am targeting has 3 84+ dedicated left backs... *cough hoarder *cough :D

    Also, I have put several players on the transfer list. I'm not going to barter much with deals on this because I just want them gone. I put P/E so I wouldn't confuse people on whether it's cash or players.(pretty much offer me anything).

    Transfer Listed Players:

    Jordon Lukaku 83 20 D,DM,M(L) Starting Price: 3.8M

    Jean Philippe Gbamin 83 19 D(RC), DM © Starting Price: 3.9M + 1 unofficial undisclosed bid

    Delgado Nono 84 22 M,AM(RC) Starting Price: 3.6M

    Youssouf Sabaly 84 22 D(RL) Starting Price: 4.7M

    Mateus Kelvin 85 21 AM,F(RLC) Starting Price: 4.8M

    Bryan Rabello 85 20 AM(RLC),F(RL) Current Highest Bid: 6.5M Sevilla(if someone bids on this with a undisclosed bid, I will put the current highest disclosed bid here + the amount of undisclosed offers)

    Ravel Morrison 85 22 M,AM© Starting Price: 5.3M

    I will make my decision within 2 days on bids.

    Making room for new stock :P

  12. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    How the hell did you got Vidal?
    Quick Rule Reminder:

    Captains (slight alteration): You may have one captain rated between 90-94 aging from 30+ and once vice captain aged 27-30 who must be rated the same or lower than your captain

    Squad Cap: 25 (some team with new managers will look like they have more player but when their teams were unmanaged FM brought in players for them so these players are void from the squad cap' date=' cannot be used in game and must be sold as soon as TB is up to external clubs)

    [b']Transfers:[/b] You can only buy players ages 21 or younger from external clubs

    Their is no cap from buying players from other managers, even their captains, you can choose to replace your captain but all captains must be declared before game 1 in season 2

    No players are to be sold for more than double CV to another manager.

    The 10 managers with awards can buy 1 32+ yo player between now and when the next awards are announced at the end of season 2.

    Hope this clears things up for everyone

    If anyone has any issues with these rules or can't see them working, please let me know

    My captain is a 94, and Vidal is 27. Because I sold enough players who lost their potential, I had enough money to complete the deal :P

  13. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc...

    Manager Kika has announced the final transfer in that Derby will do before the season starts.

    Arturo Vidal will be the new vice captain of Derby, filling the central mid role.

    The transfer is reported to be around a swap of Mandanda and 16.3 mil.

    Chiellini told me he would leave if he didn't have his old teamate with him. :P

    Also, because I can. :P

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