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  1. Palyo - Apply for Lyon which I think is still available...I don't know the guy that has Monaco, but I am no flake. I stick with GWs. Some of the folks here know me. If you are not intersted, now worries.
  2. I'm good with this. Ready to get started when you are.
  3. Stridex - This guy joined and resigned from several leagues I am in. Seems be a flake.
  4. What to do? adjustments...adjustments. Got to make this respectable.
  5. To confirm I should apply to Plymouth. Looks like I lost my partner. So whoever you add can take the other team.
  6. One suggestion is that you come up with a way to take away points from other regions that is systematic when the points don't come from head to head matches. Ex. Since there are 7 regions to take points from, perhaps you use 14 points for winning the cup 2 from each region. Or you could weight it and say zero from the finalist 1 from the semi finalists. And 3 from the 4 other regions. I'm not sure how the golden boot or player of the year points could be handled. Perhaps make it worth 7 points and deduct 1 from each of the other regions. Just some thoughts.
  7. This is intriguing. I'm in if you have room
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