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  1. Schneiderlin has not been great since leaving United and Davies has come off since his really hot debut. I agree with those assessments. Gylfi and Keane I would leave where they are. Gylfi has too many absent games and Keane is starting to come back to the form that had him so highly rated but I think it is a bit too early to say he is 100% back and consistent. Maybe if he is still showing these levels at the end of January, then would agree.
  2. You say 'on that scale' but can that not be changed? I don't know how many people have admin privileges but with the current backlog it probably isn't enough. I would be more than willing to step up and be accountable for changes approved and I am sure there are regular editors/contributors who would do the same.
  3. Time to try and resurrect this thread! My current listening is the new Catbear song 'Beast Of The Night'
  4. Hey guys. A bit of a random one here but thought I would see who may be up for helping. I write a free online football fanzine. I have been using some free online software but it is really restrictive. Would anyone be up for helping me make a cleaner, prettier version? I do one every 3 months or so meaning no major rush on deadlines etc. Hit me up of you would be interested in helping
  5. Seems it was suddenly fixed about a month ago. No explanation as per the norm. Now a back log of 4500 changes. No idea how many people there are with final approval but I know I made 24 edits in the last 6 weeks and they are all still pending.
  6. Is anyone starting to create their own personal challenges to make the game more entertaining? I have one going where I am trying to buy only domestic players, bring the average age down, minimal amount of foreign players (think I currently have 1 first teamer & 1 on the bench) and make an operating profit. Would love to hear what anyone else is doing to make their gaming experience better.
  7. I think there should be a rating change for George Timotheou who was transferred to Schalke back in July (transfer not updated in the DB yet though)
  8. So I used to be really active, a lot of players added and updated. I took a break of a few years, come back and the system is changed. I was on a level 1 and couldn't add/edit anything. Fair enough. Try and get the rating up, voting to try and help now I can't log in at all. Some huge gaps, no way to let anyone know (George Timotheou to Schalke I have been waiting for since July) This HAS to be changed. Do something as an upto date database is one of the few things keeping this game alive as it stands right now.
  9. There was a really good podcast about the fall of Parma on Golazzo with James Richardson. I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Zola/Asprilla/Brolin era, even Gabrielle Pin. Would be nice to see them back in Serie A.
  10. Anyone going to Lyon for the Europa League final on Wednesday? I got lucky and scored a few tickets so going over with some mates. This was the final I wanted to pretty excited about it Anyone doing this or off to Kiev for the Champions League?
  11. As I can't do a single thing on Soccerwiki, put this up to the editors on here: Senior players Craig Alcock, Mathieu Baudry, Cedric Evina and Andy Williams have all been released at the end of their current contracts. Youngsters Reece Fielding and Tyler Walker have also been released. Liam Mandeville, Tyler Garratt and Mitchell Lund available for transfer.
  12. So I just came back to the game after a long break and thought I would try and help with some edits for the team I support, Donny Rovers...so I am back to 0% despite all the changes I had approved back in the day, that's fine. But I now can't even suggest changes. Am I missing something here?
  13. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Delighted with this first season. With 2 games to go I am in the Play Off positions and can't finish bottom of the league. Much more than I expected so happy with that.
  14. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Thanks. I wrote this season off before we started and possibly next season as well depending on the board requirements. From the third on I hope to be competing with the big boys but enjoying it so far and think we are doing better than expected this season and made me some good (lucky?) signings
  15. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only And I managed to steal the win 3-2 in the bottom of the league battle. I won't lie, we were second best and lucky we only went down to 10 at the end but yet again the attacking power of Beckham, Santa Cruz and, finally, Park proved to be too much in the second half. Only a point outside the play offs but only 3 points off bottom. Is a tight league and these last half dozen games could be interesting...
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