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  1. rubbafish

    Parma to return to Serie A?

    There was a really good podcast about the fall of Parma on Golazzo with James Richardson. I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Zola/Asprilla/Brolin era, even Gabrielle Pin. Would be nice to see them back in Serie A.
  2. Anyone going to Lyon for the Europa League final on Wednesday? I got lucky and scored a few tickets so going over with some mates. This was the final I wanted to pretty excited about it Anyone doing this or off to Kiev for the Champions League?
  3. As I can't do a single thing on Soccerwiki, put this up to the editors on here: Senior players Craig Alcock, Mathieu Baudry, Cedric Evina and Andy Williams have all been released at the end of their current contracts. Youngsters Reece Fielding and Tyler Walker have also been released. Liam Mandeville, Tyler Garratt and Mitchell Lund available for transfer.
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    So I just came back to the game after a long break and thought I would try and help with some edits for the team I support, Donny Rovers...so I am back to 0% despite all the changes I had approved back in the day, that's fine. But I now can't even suggest changes. Am I missing something here?
  5. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Delighted with this first season. With 2 games to go I am in the Play Off positions and can't finish bottom of the league. Much more than I expected so happy with that.
  6. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Thanks. I wrote this season off before we started and possibly next season as well depending on the board requirements. From the third on I hope to be competing with the big boys but enjoying it so far and think we are doing better than expected this season and made me some good (lucky?) signings
  7. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only And I managed to steal the win 3-2 in the bottom of the league battle. I won't lie, we were second best and lucky we only went down to 10 at the end but yet again the attacking power of Beckham, Santa Cruz and, finally, Park proved to be too much in the second half. Only a point outside the play offs but only 3 points off bottom. Is a tight league and these last half dozen games could be interesting...
  8. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only So now the basement boys go head to head with the prize possibly being a move up in to the play off slots! Should be interesting. Jef go in to the game at pretty much full strength, if not full fitness and having suprised many with being at least competitive in many of their games. A small cash windfall with one player departing and Takeuchi grabbing a goal means there could be an additional player in to strengthen the team for the end of season run in.
  9. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Rules Summary =========== 1. The Board feels that the club can take Asian football to new heights thus you can sign only 3 non Asian players this season. Signings of Beckham, Eghan & Santa Cruz are only non-asian players bought in. 2. Board feels that the club needs some big names to attract popularity thus give you to buy Kagawa and his wage won't be included in the budget however his transfer fee will be dedusted from transfer budget. Complied with. Signed accordingly. 3. Average Wage should not exceed 16,000. See below 4. You can't buy any player above 87 rating other than Kagawa unless he is over 30 year old. All 87+ signings (2 players) have been in excess of 30 years old. 5. 6 players above 30 years old. Complied with. Transfer Budget = 3M+9M+Sales Real Capital = 12 Million Sales = 2.6 Million Total Budget = 14.6 Million Budget Spent = 11.6 Million Remaining Budget = 3.0 Million Wage Budget=500k (proviso Average Wage=16,000) Actual Wage Budget: £362,385 Average wage INC Kagawa: £15,755 - Without Kagawa: £13,972
  10. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only
  11. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only
  12. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only
  13. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only OK, so to reply to those responses. It is a 20 team world league that includes Stoke City signing Eden Hazard and St Etienne buying young players to manipulate their wage bill and hope that one of these people they have bought might crack it big. These would never happen either and that is because it is a game. Everyone knows Soccer Manager has 'realism' issues so that arguement is complete nonsense. Also it seems you are saying youngsters who show talent don't get wage rises or new contracts? I would say that is VERY realistic. Look at the rush with Raheem Sterling this season when he showed form for just 10 games to desperatley increse his wages almost 10 fold! Fact: Everyone was told what their budget was up front. Fact: Everyone was told what their restrictions were You can't argue with these points. The issue is managers, yet again, going for the ultra 'I need world superstars right here, right now' rather than forward planning or factoring in anything beyond the immediate here and now. That is what the other game worlds are for (and why I avoid a great many of them). ~ José Nowinho ~ - I agree but the fault is the MANAGERS, not the game world or it's set up and I see no manager taking responsibility for their own ignorance to the rules and THAT is what frustrates me. Justin X - Indeed, cause and consequence.
  14. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only I will be honest, I am getting more and more concerned with this GW each day with all these comments. The solution is VERY simple. If you don't have the money, don't spend it! Don't assume you will sell your players, buy only after they have gone. Concerned about your wages, leave a safe margain in your allowance for if and when it happens. It seems people have signed up for this FINANACIALY ORIENTATED GAMEWORLD and are now whining because it is a genuine challenge.
  15. Re: Financial Fair Play 2- We Care About Money Only Many people were excited about the formation of the new FFP league, with each footballing continent haveing a recognised representative. Asia had one sole team to get behind, the Japanese team from Chiba, Jef United. Many questions were raised as to why they were chosen ahead of the bigger clubs, not just in the J-League but also Australia, Korea and China. Even more questions were raised when the choice of manager to lead this club in to the future was young englishman Colin Weston. Normally a man who shys from the limelight to focus on his team and their future he has final given his first press interview about his hopes for this season, the future of the team and the competition he faces, both internally and externally. "It has been an interesting start." said Weston at the training ground following the teams 1-1 away draw with Hannover. "I look forward to the challenge of making us a force in this league but it could take a few seasons yet. This is a season of building and I hope the fans will stick by us. We don't have the biggest budget in the league but we have made some fantastic signings bringing Kagawa and Schwartzer along with the glamour and profile that David Beckham can provide, playing for us as his swan song." When asked about the competition Weston did become a bit cagey. "Well, it is something that needs to be looked at. When I took over the club my budget and aims for the season were clearly specified and I have stayed within those boundaries at all times. The fellow managers who blatently break those rules should be punished and those others who have said all teams have broken the rules should take a good long look at themselves." Outspoken, competitive and ambitious this team could be one to watch, if only for the fireworks!