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  1. Re: Coutinho, Firmino or Walcott? Coutinho all the way. Has been a great part of Liverpool's season so far.
  2. Re: chiellini or boating? Marcelo and Martinez would be either side of him with Oscar just in front
  3. I currently have chiellini but I could sell and buy boating. Would it be worth it?
  4. which one will improve the soonest and has the brightest future?[/MOVE]
  5. Re: New Improvements I can't see my budget either I know it's support to be next to the team shirt but mine is just blank!
  6. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions I could sell Kalas Ale Wallace T hazard Don't really need anyone in particular just someone that will rise at the end of the season
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Not sure how it happened but at the moment I've only got 11mil but could get another 14mil from selling players if it's worth it
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions A manager just released them all before he quit his club lol
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Which should I buy - MCCARTHY, James DM,M,AM© Everton 23 89 £10.9M - - GARCÍA, Javi D,DM,M© Free Agent 27 89 £4.9M - NMF KOLAROV, Aleksandar D,DM,M(L) Free Agent 28 89 £4.7M - - JONES, Phil D(RC),DM© Free Agent 22 89 £9.2M - - SAKHO, Mamadou D(LC) Free Agent 24 90 £12.1M - - NEGREDO, Álvaro F© Free Agent 28 91 £8.6M - - JOVETIĆ, Stevan AM©,F(RLC) Free Agent 24 91 £11.5M - - NAVAS, Jesús AM,F® Free Agent 28 92 £11.4M - - - WILLIAN, Borges AM(RLC) Free Agent 25 91 £11.6M - - REKIK, Karim D(LC) Free Agen
  10. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Do you guys deacon Willian will rise?
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