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  1. Re: Adam Lallana and Jay Rodríguez Both deserve a +1 at least. Looks like Lallana is as good as sold so wouldn't surprise me if he got himself a +2 by the start of next season. Southampton fans will be sad to see him go, along with Luke Shaw and possibly Jay Rod after being linked with Spurs.
  2. Re: Pjanic vs Fellani ? Go for Pjanic, Fellaini is crap.
  3. Re: Should I keep Phil jones I would sell Jones, he's not good enough. Man Utd need an overhaul in defence and I wouldn't be surprised if he got replaced, with those other defenders you most certainly don't need Jones. Shaw will rise that's almost certain, I just hope he stays at Southampton.
  4. Re: Expers opinion needed; Mkhitaryan = 12 M + Ricardo Rodruigez No Sokratis is not as good as the those two but is still good enough to keep whilst the likes of Marquinhos and Ginter improve on SM.
  5. Re: Busquets or fabregas Definitely Busquets
  6. Re: Will Martin Škrtel get his 91 back? I think so, he's been playing very well and especially if Liverpool win the title this season.
  7. Re: William Carvahlo? He's only likely to rise with a move to a big club, if the rumours of an agreed move to Man Utd are true then I'd expect a +1/2 if he gets the game time and performs well. At the moment they are just rumours.
  8. Re: Vidal+De Gea = Goetze Keep Gotze.
  9. Re: When will James Rodruigez rise to 91? Very good player and deserves a rise to 91, playing in France doesn't always help with ratings though. I have him in my team, doesn't do great on SM, hopefully a ratings change will make him better and at the level he should be. There will probably be a review at the end of the season and another after the World Cup.
  10. Re: luis suarez for Ibrahimovic I've taken it and run like the wind. Cheers guys
  11. I've been offered luis Suarez plus £20million for my Ibrahimovic Should I take it?
  12. Re: J. Boateng or Badstuber Keep Boateng, sell injured Badstuber
  13. Re: Seamus Coleman To be fair Everton are playing well and if Baines is 91 then Coleman can easily get there. I'm sure Coleman wouldn't flop at Man U he's definitely better than Jones and Rafael.
  14. Re: Seamus Coleman WOW!! That much.....might have to buy him asap. A move to Man U has been on the cards for a short while.
  15. Is he worth buying and can he get to 91 or more?
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