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  1. In your opinion won't Bernardo Silva and Andy Robertson get a +1. I'm going to buy them before their reviews...
  2. I use an essential extension called uBlock Origin, so I can block permanently all types of ads and other website elements. UBlock Origin can detect any elements on a web page and allows you to block them permanently. After using it, next time you will visit the website everything will load perfectly except the thing that you blocked because you didn’t like it. So if you want to block the initial message in Soccer Manager, you can do it by right-clicking that element and then clicking "Block Element" and "Create"
  3. Yaya Touré, Zabaleta and Fabregas -1? Thank you in advance.
  4. Ivanovic and Zabaleta safe at 92? Thanks in advance
  5. ANDREA BARZAGLI now moved to right full-back. Barzagli is a treasure and he should be appreciated like one. He is playing unbelievably well right now. It's come to the point where if I see a player making a run on the right side of Juventus' defense I'm not even worried. Why? Because Barzagli's got it covered!
  6. Fabregas or Yayà Touré? Is their 95 safe? Thanks in advance
  7. Re: AN INTERACTIVE RISERS THREAD ~Risers rated 86 and under Fernando Fernandez, 77 -----> 82/83 Ryan Mason, 78 ----> 80/82 Nico Lopez, 83 -----> 84/85 Mauricio Tevez, 76 ----> 80 Lucas Boyé, 76 ----> 80 Manuel Pucciarelli, 82 ----> 84 Andrea Belotti, 82 -----> 84 Ahmed Benali, 75 -----> 78/80 Alberto Cerri, 76 ----> 78/80
  8. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Who should I sell? Alex Telles, 86, Galatasaray Rodrigo De Paul, 85, Valencia Ezequiel Rescaldani, 83, Malaga Matheus Bressan, 83, Gremio Jorge Benitez, 82, Olympiacos Pireo David Costas, 82, Celta Vigo Santi Mina, 82, Celta Vigo Adryan Tavares, 80, Leeds Marvin Ducksch, 80, Dortmund Thanks in advance
  9. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Is there any chance Yassine Benzia will get a rise? Should I keep him?
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Should I sell Luan Vieira and Mayke Rocha now? They have just risen. Thanks in advance
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