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  1. Re: Hilarious new free comedy film Cheers. Yeah, I've directed for Nike, ASDA, Orange, Mitre, Princes Trust, BBC .etc .etc but this is my first feature. We're releasing it free on the interwebs in the hope of building a mini cult following.
  2. Hi Guys, Long time Soccermanager player here (and filmmaker). My new film is released, FREE, online on 22nd April. I wanted to share the trailer with you all. It's a mockumentary, comedy. Any thoughts are gratefully appreciated - I hope you all fancy watching it in April. KH3-xe2j9X4
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Do you know what? I give in. I quit. I run a small film company, we're about to launch a feature and this game has now become unmanageable for me. Trying to contend with these concerns and watching my team slowly die isn't fun. I've been playing this game since Feb 12th 2008, 609 games - 1613pts. I've loved building a great squad and dominating my gameworld. Lots of trophies and success. I've had issues with various elements of the game, most critically the match system and stadium building. The ratings system and the building of a squad got me past this. I have 129 days of Gold membership left, I'm not threatening to not renew - I'm fully quitting right now. Thanks for the memories SM, and I do hope the game eventually becomes workable again for those who stick with it.
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Which squads use just 17/18 players through a season despite all competitions and injuries? SM requires you to have essentially 2 teams to be able to play league and cup. We're now being told that one of these teams will need to be made up of low rated kids, no matter how much success our club has had, money we have or decent players we have. A "Lukaku" or "Ballotelli" would be content with playing a third of league games and 100% of European and domestic cup games in real life (they'd be lucky to get that). In game they will demand to leave. This is rubbish.
  5. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) This works to a point. Man City are trying to offload Adebayor, they aren't trying to sell Tevez - I'm not sure who the other ".etc" are. Mancini is frustrated at losing out to Hazard, he also wants RVP and another CB. This isn't inkeeping with the game. Chelsea didn't play Lukaku last year hardly and he's on loan this year - I can't do that to my Lukaku without him getting concerns and leaving. I get your point, but I think the concerns have crossed over a line and have ended up at a point where they do not work, no longer represent real life or help make the game fun.
  6. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Machine, you make some interesting points and seem pretty pro the new concerns levels/issues. It's a different pov from most of us so it is interesting to read. How do you counter the fact that if you start the game with a Man City (for example), not only will concerns prevent you from improving your squad, you won't even be able to hold on to what you have? The fact that the game doesn't even allow you to hold onto a squad as it is in real life is the perfect demonstration that the concerns are wrong. The fact that you need to be able to rotate more in-game due to match fitness makes this all the more daft.
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Agreed. It's completely and totally bonkers. Most premier league squads are this size anyway without having hordes of players demanding to leave. In real life young players would be more than happy to play every cup game and a portion of league games. My 89/90 rated youngsters are revolting because of this, and they're essentially playing for a Barca type squad. I appreciate 89/90 rated players may not seem like reserves - but these guys ARE getting game time (obviously not enough, 25%-30% league and all cup) in a squad where their seniors are 95-99 rated. A few pages ago I explained that part of the reason we're all using Neymar/Gotze/Alba as reserves/future prospects is because of the limitations of the rating system and fitness. If these players were actually rated as they compare to senior players now they'd be 94,92,93 .etc Now, I happen to like the rating system - but if you're going to ask why Eto'o gets a game ahead of Neymar, it's because of trying to succeed despite the limitations of the game. In real life you'd ditch Eto'o for Neymar in a heartbeat, and you'd win trophies accordingly. In-game, it'll take you years (real time) to see the benefit. Fitness mean that I can't play league and cup with the same team - so who am I supposed to field in the B-games? How far will this go? 75 rated kids? My setup has gone from having some "hording" (but a necessity due to how the rating system works and match fitness) to loads being concerned in most clubs, even those with the minimum number of players. It's going to just be constant switching of clubs, which may be entertaining/amusing, but it's utterly ridiculous. If it does eventually get to a point where everybody has an excellent first team because of this, we may then end up in a position where titles are won/lost solely on the random lottery of the match engine. Yippee.
  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Another wave of concerns today. Really gutted with how this game has shaped out.
  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) But this all goes back to my post a couple of pages back. It's hard to compare these examples from real-life to in-game as the logistics are so different. To copy and paste:-
  10. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
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