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  1. Re: English Premier League ratings On the goalkeeper front, I think Almunia is a borderline 92... But Given remaining on 91? OK, Man City aren't performing great but Given has been consistently awesome for years. He's now left cursed Newcastle (my club) and is doing it for Man City (even if as a team they are underperforming). Throw into this that he's the Ireland captain... I can't remember his last bad performance. He's a 93 - but with Man City being poor at the moment I would expect a 92. 91 is a joke.
  2. Re: English Premier League ratings
  3. Re: English Premier League ratings
  4. Re: English Premier League ratings Yeah - this feels like a very unindepth (?) look at the premier league ratings by SM - especially considering how long it's taken. As well as those already mentioned - No rise for Given? No rise for Wright Phillips? No rise for Friedel? I think Anelka certainly deserved a rise, but Given - that's just ridiculous. Granted he's not playing Eurpoe currently - but he is consistently outstanding and is the captain of his country! Look at Newcastle now he's left... (granted that's not the only reason we're looking sick, but a factor). Aston Villa is particu
  5. Re: Given should be 92 at least !!! Bezron, this is an interesting point of view - but I don't think it works with Given. Yes, I agree a great goalkeeper can be a spectator and then pull of brilliance. As a Newcastle fan I can testify that he did this on countless occassions for us, as well as hundreds of games where he performed loads of saves. Without Shearer and Given we'd have probably been relegated ages ago - part of the reason why things are so grim now. Given is 92+ quality, I just hope they give it to him. If Man City do better next year I can see him climbing even higher.
  6. Re: Given should be 92 at least !!! Yeah - I think he's probably 94 standard. Should be 93 really however I can live with 92. I just hope SM raise him (91 is too low!)...
  7. Re: Has Pre-season cash injections changed? Hi Smartdoc, Thanks for the feedback. I understand the "cash injection" can be a bit flakey but I haven't received any of the normal "transfer budget" either. Day before the first match of the new season looks like this: Season Ticket Receipts £1,945,676 £1,945,676 Gate Receipts £0 £0 TV Revenue £0 £0 Sponsor £0 £0 Merchandise £0 £0 Cash Injection £0 £0 Transfer Money In £0 £0 Prize Money £0 £0 Other Income £0 £0 Total Income £1,945,676 £1,945,676 Think I'll send in a ticket. Thanks for the aid, Andy
  8. Hi guys, I'm currently in the day before the new season on my setup. I've had a couple of million come in from season ticket sales but nothing in the way of transfer money or a cash injection. On my finances page the "transfer money" and "cash injection" are still there so I can only assume it will eventually come in. I just find it strange that the money for transfers would not be made available until the season is under way (my first game is tomorrow). Anyone else experienced this or have any thoughts/info? Cheers, Andy
  9. Re: pls help me mate garay and guardado Loved the title. I thought you were trying to breed the players...
  10. Re: Gozgoz8 list for any RISERS, any POSITION, any RATING I think he's not saying that everybody is dropping - just that those leagues are generally having ratings lowered. If someone like Hoffenheim pulls off a feat like that then clearly the ratings will boost. England, Spain and Italy are clearly the strongest leagues around and for the most part the ratings will reflect this. As a league changes the ratings will reflect - Scotland has gone backwards a touch of late - just as the Russian league has improved (and ratings reflect this)...
  11. Re: Loans - Do not play against Parent Club Clause? Thanks guys Glad to know this isn't just me then. I have quite a few 88/89 rated players who aren't going to get gametime with me but will be top players in the future (Pique, Caceres, Eduardo .etc). It makes sense to loan them out - but not if other teams will play them against me... Slimey, I do see what you're saying here - however... I don't mind giving the players to another manager (after all, he'll be paying their wages) BUT when he plays me, obviously I want the advantage of his selection pool being smaller. Not to mention how
  12. Hi Guys, Not sure if this has been discussed before. I have several players that I'd like to loan out in the new season in my setup. I've just been promoted to the top league and ideally - I don't want my loanees playing against me. Can I message other players and say that they can loan my players - as long as they don't play them against me? I don't want to cheat, that's why I'm trying to find out if this is fair (as in real life) now. Obviously this isn't something I could enforce (short of recalling the player if used against me) but I think most managers would respect wishes. I imagine
  13. Re: Gozgoz8 list for any RISERS, any POSITION, any RATING
  14. Re: Gozgoz8 list for any RISERS, any POSITION, any RATING It's a tricky one. I think being captain of his country, his record and reputation in the EPL (consistently for years) and now his move to City should bump him one. If City play in Europe next year and he can continue his form I think an eventual 93 would be fair. Just hard to read how SM will play it.
  15. Re: Gozgoz8 list for any RISERS, any POSITION, any RATING Hi Guys, Does nobody think Shay Given has a good call for a 92? I know he only moved to Man City in December - but he was 93 standard at Newcastle (kept down due to our atrocious side and lack of euro football) and has been fantastic for City. Worth 93 - I feel he should get a 92 at this time, but wondering what SM might give him?
  16. Re: Wilshere still isn't on DB? Yeah, I think the limited seasons notion scared a few of us! The youth thing is interesting, it is obviously a significent cost investing in youth - but at least if you're sharp you can grab some future gems. I'm Rangers in a division 3 and don't have the cash to buy big. By grabbing youth though I have Giovinco, Jovetic, Anderson, Bale, Caceres, Pique, Fayzulin .etc all of which I expect to be highly rated in the future (90+). I have the likes of Ramsey, Camacho, Bostock, Sturridge .etc who although will cost a lot of money secures me good players/sales i
  17. Re: Wilshere still isn't on DB? Cheers SM Dev, It did seem like a myth but I think we wanted to be sure. (relief)
  18. Re: Wilshere still isn't on DB? I'm going to investigate this "maximum seasons" thing. I don't really see why there'd need to be such a thing (as long as a setup is being actively used). Surely the only potential reason would be to get people to buy new setups? There isn't anything I can see about setup length on the wiki/help, will have a forum search and if I can't see anything will contact SM. Certainly there isn't any data on the subject obviously available (as far as I can see).
  19. Re: Wilshere still isn't on DB? A touch off topic - but is this true? I'm not disputing it, but I've never heard this before. I was rather under the impression setups just ran and ran?........
  20. Re: Jonas Rasmussen Good find, I'll keep an eye out in the future!
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