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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) This is all getting a bit mental. I think concerns were a good idea, but I already felt they were slightly too heavy. This is getting really silly now. If SM want us to have squads of 30-40 players then they need to ramp up other areas of the game for interests sake. At the minute risers are definitely the most interesting aspect - but what's the point if you will have to sell those players?
  2. Re: Player Concerns - Has it been modified? +1 Fully Agree
  3. Re: Kaka? No, in a word. He might still be a good buy for you though depending on how valuable 15m is in your gameworld - and whether he'd radically improve your team?
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Yikes. It has already just stepped over the line for me - this is definitely too steep. They can't expect real-life squads until the schedule/match engine allows you to play your players twice a week...
  5. Re: stadium Agree 100%... In my main setup, Barca and Man Utd are now horrendous little clubs - both been relegated a few times. My Rangers side is the equivalent of Barca/Man Utd. 95 rated starting eleven, 692m in the bank. Surely I should be able to build upon my stadium... I appreciate Rangers' stadium is actually a decent size already - that's not why I'm arguing for the feature. I just think the the "reality" aspect of the gameworld should stop after day one - it should then develop as the clubs do.
  6. Re: Shall i give Lukaku for Lewandowski ? I think the SM forums quite often get a bit carried away... (Euro 2012 fever) Lewandowski is a cracking player - but Lukaku is a mighty talent. With Droga and Kalou gone, I can see him getting a lot more gametime next season. He JUST turned 19 and Lewandowski turns 24 in August. There's not a massive difference between them, but Lukaku for me.
  7. Re: What if Thiago Silva really go to PSG?? I don't know what a "mokery" is... There may not be many top teams in France - but the top teams in Italy are living off their history alone. I really don't see much difference between the two leagues, and that's before the addition of a "Barca" into Ligue 1.
  8. Re: What if Thiago Silva really go to PSG?? Yeah, but look at where England's national side are ranked - higher than Argentina, Italy, France....... That doesn't mean that Ligue 1 isn't now at a similar level to Serie A, which it is. I would love to see Serie A get it's glory back - but they have lost a lot of respect with all the cheating, and they don't seem to develop youth. PSG are the richest club in the world, and they'll bring Ligue 1 up with them.
  9. Re: What if Thiago Silva really go to PSG?? Lol - I actually really like the Bundesliga... It's incredibly solid, competitive and RAN PROPERLY *unlike every other major league*... The problem is, being ran properly limits the finances, which in turn limits the amount of world class players.
  10. Re: What if Thiago Silva really go to PSG?? Hmmm. I dunno. Serie A did used to be phenomenal. There was a time when it was probably the best in the world, then the Prem took over really. Now it's pretty damn close between the Prem and La Liga. I think the Prem still edges it for competitiveness - but Barca and Real are miles ahead of our big clubs now.
  11. Re: What if Thiago Silva really go to PSG?? I'd certainly agree that Italy will soon be swallowed up by France. The reason I'm a little coy on his chances of rising are because, IMO he should already be a 95. He hasn't got that rise in Italy and I don't currently see France as a step up (from SM's current view point). Agree with you though - they're not about to drop him to 92 if he moves to France, for no reason.
  12. Re: What if Thiago Silva really go to PSG?? I think you're both right (kind of)... There isn't a "cap" on leagues - but some leagues will cause players to have drops and no rise when deserved. If a player in the Portugese league started banging in 82 goals a season and didn't move, then they'd soon put the rating up above the "so called cap"... That said, if the same player was in the English league and got half the goals they'd rise quicker and higher. People can't expect players in less competitive leagues to rise as fast or as high in most instances. Back to Thiago Silva. If he excels i
  13. Re: 4-6-0 Formation Yeah, I think Scotland did actually play 4-6-0 (at times 9-1-0). Spain were actually playing 4-3-3 really, but with three midfielders at the front.
  14. Re: More Developed LOAN options. That had never occurred to me... It's not a personal gripe, the above ideas - it's simply some rules that should be put in place to make it more realistic and useful to the gamers. Your argument suggests that many features could be gotten rid of. For example, why have a transfer list feature when you can message everybody and let them know a player is available? Erm, because it's quicker, more realistic and improves the game experience... In real life, loaned players CANNOT play against their parent clubs competitively. I'm not saying that the game shoul
  15. I love this game, but there are a few things that I think need developing. Match engine, to a degree, stadium development is critical - but I really want to see loans improve. I want to be able to loan players in/out with the following options: Player CAN/CANNOT play against parent club. Player CAN/CANNOT be sent/recalled back. Player CAN/CANNOT play in cup games. The above are critical for me, but here's some fancier options that could also be added. Clubs loaning could be given the option of paying a percentage of the wages. The club sending out a player could negotiate a fee (which mi
  16. Re: stadium Disagree with the realism argument entirely. You should start any new gameworld with an accurate depiction of reality - squads, stadia .etc As you develop a club, playing games, changing personnel .etc it is no longer meant to be an accurate depiction of reality. It is your own gameworld. If Man Utd, in Gameworld X, do horrendous - then over time the club should suffer. If Leyton Orient manage to keep climbing the leagues and end up challenging for the title - why the hell should they keep the same piddly stadium, just because that's what the real life stadium is? Makes zero se
  17. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  18. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) How does one give 40 90+ players, 29 games each?
  19. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I think the understanding is that league games, cup and shield games DO count towards player concerns. The SMFA competitions (which I suppose are the equivalent of European games), that only Gold Managers can control - DON'T count towards player concerns. Neither do International matches or any friendlies. I don't know this to be fact - but it's my understanding of it.
  20. Re: Are you bloody kidding me???!! Absolutely sympathise. Just to look at it from the other end of the scale too - My Rangers team has been throughly dominant for about 5 seasons. I'd love to be able to start building a jumbo stadium for an increasing fanbase. Why not?
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