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  1. Re: Are you bloody kidding me???!! Yeah, I somehow didn't pick up on this before. It's pretty tough to argue that Barca's match day revenue doesn't help their finances any more than my local pub side.
  2. Re: Are you bloody kidding me???!! Agree with the OP 100%. I like the realism of the game. We start with the accurate squads, stadiums, player ratings .etc As you grow, and succeed or fail, you can change your players and develop your team. Everybody does this and therefore, although teams start as in real life, it quickly changes into an in-game reality. Why should stadiums be any different? Why should they be tied to the real-life size? If you get Leyton Orient, or Acklington Stanley or whoever to a top division, and stay there, your stadium should increase - to a sensible and sizeable a
  3. Re: Help with Neymar Deal Keep Neymar - unless you can do wonders with that 40m. I guess it depends on your setup, but in mine even if he only half reaches his potential I'll be able to sell him for 40m in the future anyway. If we reaches his potential then he'll be irreplaceable. Absolute keep for me, unless there's amazing options out there for your 40m.
  4. Re: Official Potential Thread Fair play.
  5. Re: Official Potential Thread But if this thread is just a million different discussions about potential, or players to keep, it's still the same as this section of the forum - but harder to navigate. Sorry, I just don't see the point...
  6. Re: Official Potential Thread Nothing wrong with the thread as such, but I think this is a bit broad. This whole section of the forum covers the same thing...
  7. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I think there isn't really an issue with goalkeepers. I actually have Casillas and De Gea and I'll be having to make that tricky decision myself soon enough (I'll be sticking with Casillas almost certainly). I think it's more an issue with outfield players. Outfield players cannot play league games and cup games without getting knackered. In reality, they quite often do, and therefore fewer players are needed. You essentially need two teams to play this game, but I'm now finding it very hard to keep them both 90+. If fitn
  8. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I do let all of mine have gametime, but clearly not the correct ratio as I have several unhappy on various levels. If someone has an equation for how many players you can keep happy, and how to do it, it'd be very handy!
  9. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Are you actually managing to keep 30ish+ 90+ rated players happy? Are others managing to do this? I'm really struggling to keep 24 happy. I thought my main players expect 75% and my backups expect about 60%? Maybe I've just got my numbers all wrong.
  10. Re: Stadium Upgrade ! Hi Kris, I think your expectations for the game are miles away from what the game is about. I'll try to address your points. Stadium capacities are supposed to increase for highly successful managers of teams with tiny stadia. For example, if you are competing for the Div1 title with Torquay, you'd expect the stadium to increase. To be fair, I would like stadium building looked at. I don't understand what you mean about manager names. You're not going to get live matches. The game is played by people from all over the world. You can't expect an Australian to want t
  11. Re: How is cheating rectified? Thanks Nico. I think that's probably a fair assessment. It's probably open to interpretation as to whether it's actually "cheating". I genuinely believe that it is (not just because it effects me) but I can see the other side and POV. For me, if 4/5 transfers go through within a 2 day period - relieving a club of it's highest rated players for the lowest possible deals, it's cheating and should be recognised as so. Just because the system allows you to do a few dodgy things, doesn't mean that it's acceptable (to me anyway). For example, he's got a couple of g
  12. Re: Gameworld Owners.. Makes absolutely no difference at all.
  13. Re: How is cheating rectified? Thanks Caroline - I'll just see what happens. MUTD, yeah - they're all friends, so am I (even if I'm being screwed). One is his brother, same surname, the others are his close mates. They'll have PMs and stuff proving all of that. It's a private gameworld, so I know all the folks. I kind of wanted to keep it private to help avoid cheating.
  14. Re: How is cheating rectified? Wow. That's a point of view that hadn't even occured to me (and I'm not dismissing it out of hand). I would consider it cheating. If you're deliberately giving friends, players for minimum values/stupid deals just to affect the outcome of the league, and then leave, that would count as cheating to me. All deals have been done to give two of the three title fighters some extra quality players. That is match fixing, that is cheating.
  15. Hi Guys, In a private gameworld of mine, a friend has starting cheating. With 4 games of the campaign left, he looks set to be missing out on the title to one of three others (he's 7 points behind). He's decided that he's going to quit the game (I've been verbally told this), but not before he's "had a bit of fun". He's now sold four of his clubs best players (Lahm, Ozil, Schweinsteiger and Badstuber) for minimum values of cash and naff players). He's sold them to my rivals in the hunt for the league title, and these players will be playing tonight. Presumably he's sold them to my rivals a
  16. In one of my setups, there's a manager who will only bid for someone once I've lodged a bid - literally. Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, obviously, but it is frustrating as I always end up paying over the odds. There is a player I want to buy, and we both have him shortlisted (he has virtually everyone shortlisted). I'm thinking of lodging bids for 40 odd different players simultaneously, with the same P/E player offered plus cash. If I then randomly cancel, say, a dozen of these bids leaving my transfer I want to go through the earliest that I bidded... this should work? The tran
  17. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) The counter to the argument of "but in real life Hazard would get bored not playing" is that in real life, you don't need two decent elevens. To progress in the cups and compete in the league, you need to have two sets of eleven in Soccermanager. The way the games are spaced and fitness' work, to have one set of eleven and some youngsters isn't enough. The concerns have crossed the line from a sensible addition to too tightly operated for me. They could do with relaxing the percentages a bit.
  18. Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland Very useful, thankyou!
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