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  1. Re: Loans Of all the points raised, I'd just like to re-emphasise the option for "cannot play against parent club". I think this is absolutely critical and I cannot see why it shouldn't be introduced?
  2. Re: Robben deal- Was i done or a good deal? Keep Gotze at all costs!!
  3. Re: Matt, James of man u What's he done since then?
  4. Re: Do Goalkeepers ever get injured??? Was this in a match? Seems a game flaw if u can't replace an injured keeper (wheter it effects the result or not).
  5. Re: International selection That's not how it works in real life though. If England had to ask permission everytime they wanted to call up a player from a top side - they'd never be given them for fear of injury and fatigue.
  6. Re: Loans need tweaking It's still awfully frustrating if I've leant out a player and they end up scoring against me and costing me points. This is exactly why it doesn't happen in real life. I think it's actually against the rules for a player to play against their parent club, in real life, to avoid dodgy own-goals and controversies .etc With regards the other point, I can see both sides of that. It is mad that players get annoyed for being loaned out - but then if they're seventh choice striker and are 90 rated, then they would expect to play for their parent club. It's a tricky one. I
  7. Hi Guys, This has been mentioned before, but I can't for the life of me find the thread I discussed it in. Loans, as they are, need tweaking. Currently you loan players out and then end up facing them. Loans should either be set so that players cannot play against their parent club as standard - or the option should be added. As it is, it just isn't realistic.
  8. Re: Scholes comes out of retirement! Anyone think this Ginger kid could be the new Scholes?
  9. Re: R.Kaka, G.Higuain and L.Messi Well, I'm no expert - but I can tell you how I play (and I get results with a very similar team). I'd play 3/5/2 - HARD - ATTACKING - DIRECT - DOWN RIGHT FLANK - FAST - OWN HALF. Counter Attack + Tight Marking + Playmaker + Target Man. Play Valdes in goal Play Pique/Puyol/Alves at the back Play Busquets at DM Play Xavi and Fabregas in the centre Play Iniesta on the right flank (playmaker) Play Pedro on the left flank Play Messi up front left (target man) Play Villa up front right I have various changes I make during the game depending on circumst
  10. Re: Player concerns Guys, you really need to check out this thread (and I mean read through, not just re-post this question as they'll rip you apart). http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=54886 This may help too, it's the main info from the "Player Concerns" help page:
  11. I've searched on the forum and can't find a thread for "Lucas Ocampos" - though that's not to say there isn't one... This kid sounds like he's going to be pretty special. Born July 11, 1994 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires. He is an Argentinian striker, playing for River Plate. In 2011, he played his first senior match for River Plate at the age of 17 years, two months and five days. He's played 3 games for River Plate, scoring 2 goals. He has played 8 games for Argentina U17 scoring 3 goals. From Wikipedia: His first team debut was on August 16th, 2011 in a match played against Chacarita Jun
  12. Re: Attendance System Flawed? Absolutely agree with the OP. I think a gameworld should start out as realistically as possible to reality - but then should feel free to deviate from it completely. If Man Utd end up in div 4 and Stevenage get to the prem then it should be reflected in stadium increases and attendances. Madness not to.
  13. Re: Stadium Improvements??? Yeah, I'm a Rangers superteam and we can't get a bigger stadium. Top team in the gameworld (96 average starting eleven), winning everything but not an extra seat to be seen. I appreciate we don't have a tiny stadium - but Barca, Man Utd .etc aren't even in the top division any more and are getting more fans through the gates.....
  14. Re: Removal of the 'New Players' page. Yeah, players are added and exist in the gameworld for 24 hours before they are added to the "new players" list. Therefore if you do constantly check a player that you're expecting to be added daily - you can get him before the list picks him up.
  15. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Loans. I'm quite sure this has been mentioned before, but in my opinion this is a must. Loaned out players should not be able to play against their parent clubs. At the very least, there should be an option to choose it.
  16. Re: Does anyone have a 1 Billion pound squad ? Sure, http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=493096&clubid=4936571&sid=7554 It's Rangers, which means I've a 50k stadium (not exactly a big money maker). It's not as competitive as a goldworld, but it's always had a lot of managers and activity within it (never under 25%). When I started, my star player was Barry Ferguson and I only had 3 players 90 or over. Last season the squad had another 250m worth of 90+ talent but I've got rid of a lot of players that were developing concerns as they weren't getting
  17. Re: Does anyone have a 1 Billion pound squad ? I did have nearly 1.4bn, but concerns meant I had to sell a lot of players. Squad is now worth 973.7m with another 159.8m out on loan. If you add that to the £343.5m that I've now got in the bank, then it's pretty close to 1.5bn. It was something I used to give some thought to but I can't now keep anyone 90+ without playing them!
  18. Re: Should I swap Hulk for Neymar? Hmmmm. I disagree. I don't think there's masses in it, but I'd go with Neymar. I think he'll be one of the best in the world by the time he's Hulks age.
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