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  1. Re: idea to stop cash hoarding. I don't agree with sleeps. Do whatever the hell you want within the rules. Play the game as you want to - within the rules. If the game has flaws within the rules, the rules need tweaking.
  2. Re: idea to stop cash hoarding. It's stupid as he's outlining an issue with the game - not with himself. This is part of the "SM Game Development" - it's where we discuss new features and adaptions to current ones to improve the game. I too have witnessed gameworlds in which money is now pointless. While the game is as it is, I will take advantage of risers (much as I imagine Rooney does). He's outlining a possible change for the good of the game. The willpower line is gormless too. If Lewis Hamilton doesn't agree with the use of "KERS" in F1 - it doesn't mean he doesn't use it and lose
  3. Re: idea to stop cash hoarding. What a stupid comment. He's not created a thread because he believes he's the problem. He's identified a problem and is looking for a solution. Incidentally, while the game is set up as it is - "wheeling and dealing" is a massive part of it. My Rangers side wouldn't be where it is without risers.
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Hmmm. I was never a massive fan of concerns but it's won me over a bit. I think the concept is both realistic and an added challenge. I do think that it's currently too forceful and could do with being relaxed a decent amount. I also think that it's seriously flawed if players are getting concerned for not playing while injured. That makes no sense and is not a fair aspect of the game.
  5. Re: Can Messi get to 100? The title is a title. I can understand the responses being "off" with it, but I tend to read a thread before responding, if at not the OP at the very very very least. You're obviously a hardcore member of the forum with Soccermanager, and your views are respected. They would actually be close to my views if responding to the five word title rather than the OP. It wasn't just you either, everybody seems to have bi-passed the actual OP.
  6. Re: Stadium Building I like this too. I think some of the logistics and numbers would need looking at, but in principle it would be a real improvement. I love how every setup always starts as reality and then clubs grow/fall and change organically. This would simply be another way to do this. The ability to custom increase my stadium, in my current setup, would be my single greatest soccermanager wish! Make it happen SM Fairy!
  7. Re: Can Messi get to 100? Point 1 is an excellent one. If Messi goes on to lead Argentina to a World Cup, producing stonking performances then he'll have improved. Point 2 - while I agree that playing for Barcelona helps you I don't think you could say he'd have to move. I'd like to think he stays at Barca for life. If he moves I'd have him at the Toon... Not sure Ashley would go for that though, more likely bring Xisco or Kuqi to the first team!
  8. Re: Can Messi get to 100? Sigh. Another response without actually reading the OP. Unless your argument is that Messi simply cannot possibly, conceivably improve as a player then you must agree he has potential to improve. If he has potential to improve then something, presumably, will happen in the future with regards his rating. I AM NOT SAYING THAT HE SHOULD GO TO 100 definitively, but that potentially down the line something may need to be done with the ratings.
  9. Re: Can Messi get to 100? Ahem, who's saying that he is currently perfect and currently should be 100?
  10. Re: Can Messi get to 100? I believe so. Therefore my question is - what is the future of SM ratings if Messi continues to develop? I'd imagine a rejig of ratings, but if they wanted to - they have the option of the 100. I guess another question is, is it possible for the greatest footballer of all time to be classed as 100 on Soccermanager? He could go on to be the best ever.
  11. Re: Can Messi get to 100? Last two points are both valid - but I feel they're in answer to the title rather than my OP. I'm not asking whether or not he will go to 100 per say - but what will happen in the future. If he can't get 100 but continues to improve then something will have to be done. I would imagine that the ratings would simply be rejigged. I do feel that Messi/Ronaldo deserve to be a point higher than the rest of the field as it is. Not sure I fully buy the "100 is perfection, nobody can be perfect" line. It's not terrible but nobody is saying that getting 100 on Soccermanager
  12. Re: Can Messi get to 100? "No" to the entire discussion (as in he can't improve at all) or simply "no" to the 100?
  13. Messi got to 99 today, deservedly so imo. But where does this leave Soccermanager? He's 99 rated at 23 and could potentially still improve. If he goes on to become the greatest player of all time, as many many pundits/managers and former players predict, can he make 100? For me, he can become an even better player. Whether that means other players will drop so that 99 effectively becomes higher - or a 100 is brought in (I don't think it's currently within the game). For me Messi and Ronaldo should really be another point ahead of the rest anyway, so perhaps some rejigging will go on at some
  14. Re: Stadium Building I'm quite sure this has been covered a bit, but I wanted to offer my thoughts on stadiums. I feel that we should be able to custom build, or at least request (with results) stadium building. All setups, not just custom. Don't get me wrong - you've got to be in a position to be able to earn this. For example, I'm Rangers. After 9 seasons I'm the dominant club in my division (96 rated 1st team, Messi, Ronaldo .etc - 275million in the bank). We did the quadruple two seasons ago and the double last year. We all but sell out. I'm aware that I don't have it rough compared to
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