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  1. I'm already doing that, but it's hard making ends meet as it is with a top class side that's started out small. And now SM are planning to up the wages for the best players – something that will effectively kill off any chance of survival – at least unless the ticket or other income receive an overhaul as well. And this thread is for discussing game development and pros and cons with certain plans. So I'll keep bleating about stadium capacities. The new wage system that have been put forward won't injure clubs like Man U or Real Madrid much, but will be a pain for smaller clubs (with smaller stadiums) trying to compete with the giants. I'm pretty sure that's not a goal the SM team is looking to achieve.
  2. What you're saying is basically "hoard players and you'll be able to stay afloat".
  3. A small detail I find extremely annoying is the automatic contract extensions that are negotiated by the board. What's the point of this exactly? This is another feature that makes it so much harder to make ends meet with a smaller club. Even if you sign a severely underrated player you're often stuck with a high wage just a season or so later, often shortly after the player is upped...
  4. There has been a lot of talk so far about who should be able to bid more for a certain player. With the current chairman valuation system, the weaker the club, the more you can pay. The upside of this system is that newly appointed managers with weak squads (but fat wallets) often are able to buy their way to a stronger squad quite quickly. The downside (obviously) is that once you get going building your dynasty (having secured some quality players) you find yourself getting beaten in most every bidding war. I think SM are on the right track when they look into scrapping the chairman valuation system. It's not realistic and you shouldn't be punished for having a strong squad (or rewarded for having a weak one). That having been said, I think it's a royally bad idea to let clubs with more cash place higher bids. I don't see any sort of upside with this system. However, if we scrap that and have a game world where the maximum bid is the same for every single manager, we will be seeing a lot of bidding wars ending in ties. I for one don't know how such a war is settled at the moment. The player choses the most prestigious club, I imagine (correct me if I'm wrong please). What could be done is to introduce a more sophisticated player AI that would factor into these very situations and at the same time counteract player hogging. If, say a virgin Real Madrid (with 13 +90 players) were to bid for a 84 rated player who really isn't anywhere close to the starting eleven or even the bench, he could be made to turn down the bid for lack of prospective playing time. Having a feature like this would obviously require careful tweaking, but I think it could be made to work in a realistic manner. Youth players might totally disregard the playing time factor but a player who's in his prime might realistically prefer a lesser club where he could expect to see regular playing time. I could see this implemented on every transfer and it might also be restricted to situations where you have multiple bids accepted for a certain player. Thoughts?
  5. I'd like to share a few spontaneous thoughts, based on an example with one of my own teams... I have over a couple of seasons brought a Grimsby town side up to the premiership, seriously contending for the league title. I've got players like Suarez, Bale, Muller and a few others that are costing me quite a lot in wages (I'm loosing a lot playing at home, and even more playing away). My only real source of income (since my stadium is pathetic) is selling players. However, since I've got all those big names, it really doesn't matter that I buy a talented 82 rated player who then gets upped to 86-87. I will still be selling him at a loss, since he's valued in relation to Gareth Bale. With the new valuations, I will at least be getting more money for my players when I sell them to AI teams. But with the new wages in place, that will probably not matter, since it will break the back of my finances once and for all. - Scrap the increased wages. (Why not focus on increased concerns for lack of playing time when it comes to controlling player hogging?) - Keep the new value system. It's simply more realistic. (A team like Barcelona wouldn't sell Suarez cheaper than another team just because they've got Messi in the squad as well.) And it can actually help smaller clubs you just need to buy players long term, before they get upped, and sell them once they do to make a profit. - Stadiums play too big a factor when it comes to finances. There should be a way to expand your stadium, or at least a ticket price slider that will result in more income if you have a smaller stadium but are producing strong results that make your fans prepared to pay more for a ticket. - Increase side income as a product of winning titles / finishing at the top of the league. Income like sponsor deals, tv money and merchandising would realistically be a bigger factor! When it comes to minor tweaks, it think keeper injuries should be introduced in the name of realism (as for now, you don't need a back up keeper). Also, I think it would be realistic if injuries were reset (or at least decreased by a good number of weeks) in between seasons, since irl quite some time passes in between seasons. Furthermore, please give us the opportunity to set our own squad numbers - just because we can... And oh... I'm not sure it's a good idea to value forwards higher than more defensive players, although that's often the case irl when it comes to the very top players. It's hard finding good defensive players as it is (it probably has to do with the fact that attacking players are easier to spot and therefore get upped more readily). If they were to - relatively speaking - become less valuable, I think there would be an even tighter market for good defenders, making it almost impossible signing a top class one. (Look around and see how many defenders you find that are rated at +92 and compare it to attacking players.)
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