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  1. I'm already doing that, but it's hard making ends meet as it is with a top class side that's started out small. And now SM are planning to up the wages for the best players – something that will effectively kill off any chance of survival – at least unless the ticket or other income receive an overhaul as well. And this thread is for discussing game development and pros and cons with certain plans. So I'll keep bleating about stadium capacities. The new wage system that have been put forward won't injure clubs like Man U or Real Madrid much, but will be a pain for smaller clubs (with smaller
  2. What you're saying is basically "hoard players and you'll be able to stay afloat".
  3. A small detail I find extremely annoying is the automatic contract extensions that are negotiated by the board. What's the point of this exactly? This is another feature that makes it so much harder to make ends meet with a smaller club. Even if you sign a severely underrated player you're often stuck with a high wage just a season or so later, often shortly after the player is upped...
  4. There has been a lot of talk so far about who should be able to bid more for a certain player. With the current chairman valuation system, the weaker the club, the more you can pay. The upside of this system is that newly appointed managers with weak squads (but fat wallets) often are able to buy their way to a stronger squad quite quickly. The downside (obviously) is that once you get going building your dynasty (having secured some quality players) you find yourself getting beaten in most every bidding war. I think SM are on the right track when they look into scrapping the chairman valuati
  5. I'd like to share a few spontaneous thoughts, based on an example with one of my own teams... I have over a couple of seasons brought a Grimsby town side up to the premiership, seriously contending for the league title. I've got players like Suarez, Bale, Muller and a few others that are costing me quite a lot in wages (I'm loosing a lot playing at home, and even more playing away). My only real source of income (since my stadium is pathetic) is selling players. However, since I've got all those big names, it really doesn't matter that I buy a talented 82 rated player who then gets upped to 8
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