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  1. Re: RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva Rafael Da Silva is definetly one for the future, obviously. He is a great example of a modern day full back, attacking and bags of stamina, he's class with lots lots more to come, looking forward to the future! and if his brothers the same, what a threat down the wings!!
  2. Re: Lampard is awful! you know what m8, i actually agree with you, lampard is awful, overweight, overrated and should have moved to inter. Jermaine jenas is class and underrated, love it, too much, hahaha.
  3. Gamj91

    Man Utd

    Re: Man Utd yeah your not wrong tbf, alot of talk was made that he would be just as good as ronaldo, but being realistic it was never going to happen, i think 1 more year and see what he can do at his best, if not, bye bye.
  4. we all know man utd are a great footballing side. but watching the game against villa today and i couldnt help but notice alot of fairly silly decisions being made by the staff at united. For a long time now players such as john o'shea and park ji sung have been a part of this united team, when its queit clear they are simply not good enough! we may have won trophys here there and everywhere but i can assure you its not down to them. Today, both players started against villa, right back and right wing respectivly, why? when on the bench are rafael, anderson and nani, 3 much stronger players in all aspects of the game. Yes, anderson and nani played midweek for brazil and portugal, but that isnt an excuse not to play them, they are being paid huge amounts of money to be a part of that squad, so why play weaker players in their place's? the whole man utd side would have worked much better today if, giggs was replaced with anderson, park with nani and o'shea with rafael. And then when everything wasnt going too well, the subs that were made were ridiculous, tevez off for nani, when park is running around doing absolutely nothing. Then ronaldo off for anderson??, he may have been slightly injured, but a half fit ronaldo is better than a fully fit giggs, despite all the wonderful things he has done for the club, simple as. I do hope that they see sense soon and rid of players that are not good enough and start playing young hungry players that money was spent on and that are coming up through the ranks such as welbeck and rafael who was signed at 16 yrs old. Im not bothered what you may say to this, i just had to express what i felt.
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