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  1. Re: Lower League Cups - GC's What i want to do is introduce cups that will give the lower league teams a chance to compete for more than just their divisions. This wouldn't involve getting rid of the already in place cups and shields, but just adding, as you said, cups for the 'small' teams to give them more to play for.
  2. Re: Lower League Cups - GC's Well this idea doesn't have to be just for GC's. What do you mean you can't change GC's? I meant that there should be cups for the top teams and the lower teams; as you said a cup for the top 2 divisions, a cup for the next 2 etc. would be good
  3. I am relatively new to the forum and i wanted to discuss the idea of Lower League cups and whether they are a good idea and whether they are feasible in the long seasons that teams face in the Gold setups. This is probably an idea that has been suggested before, but i recently submitted a ticket to SM suggesting that they could maybe introduce cups for the lower leagues (i.e. the leagues below the Prem). This would be something like the FA Trophy and the Football League cup where certain divisions are involved and the Prem teams aren't. I believe this would be a good addition to the SM game
  4. Re: The template for the perfect team? My team would have to be: Goal keeper = Definitely Spain (Reina and Casillas) Left Back = German (just because of Lahm) Centre back = Spain Centre back = Italy Right back = Brazilian (Dani Alves and Maicon... what a choice !) Right wing = Portuguese Centre midfield = Spain Centre Midfield = Spain Left Wing = Portuguese AM/supporting striker = English (Gerrard) Striker = Spain 4-4-2 (supporting striker) thats my team
  5. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) what teams are still free?!
  6. Re: The Restrictor Challenge (TRC!) hey could i join and have Benfica?
  7. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! A few weeks ago i took over Northampton town in GC 41. I am currently sitting merrily at the top of the league (2 points ahead of Stockport County). My current form in the league is 8 wins, 2 draws and a loss In the cup i was unfortunate to lose 3-1 on penalties away to Birmingham (after a 0-0 draw) I have also taken over Wycombe Wanderers in GC 46 and they are currently 4th after experiencing 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses
  8. Re: SM Match Engine lol point taken However, i pointed out that i never find myself below a position of 8th despite the number of matches that seem to go against me despite the fact that all the statistics indicate that i should have won. I took offence because you believe that only the terrible managers complain. So obviously you are trying to say that the only people who complain are those that can never win, which i think is both an over simplification and an over generalisation of the SM community. I don't blame all my losses on SM, becase frankly sometimes the opposite manager does
  9. Re: SM Match Engine I have had so many dodgy results on SM i have now started to just accept that its not really ever going to change until the implementation of the new match engine. Also, with the whole thing that the best managers have a knack of eventually getting to somewhere near the top of the table... that doesn't work if people, like me, get so many dodgy results that it is hard to fuel a title challenge when you are being constantly undermined by the SM match engine. Here is an example: Udinese (me) versus Lazio (GC 28) Possession 47% 53% Shots On Goal 16 11 Shots On Target
  10. Re: Gold Championship 51 Match Report Thread HEY ! Marseille manager here Recently i have taken over ta Marseille and made some BIG buys Transfers in Ramires (Cruzeiro) - 7.3 milion and Ziani Afellay (PSV) - 10 million and Ben Arfa Mandzukic (Dinamo Zagreb) - 9.9 million and Samassa, Cesar A bid for Breno has been accepted (6 million and Bonnart) Put in a bid for Ashley Young that includes Cana and i am currently negotiating with Catania for the sale of Cana if the Young deal is not possible
  11. Re: Defoe and Crouch: Top Partnership? That strike partnership will be AWESOME !! Can't wait to watch them play together. But what about Torres and Keane? van Persie and Adebayor?
  12. Re: Scolari wants the Quadrupple! Scolari is a crazy man !! I don't think Chelsea will win any trophies this year as Scolari has been out of club football for 7 years or so. Also, those clubs were in leagues that, i would say and i could be wrong, are less competitive than the likes of the Premiership. Also, his style of play is an attacking one, which is good for Abramovic, but bad for the team as it has already been built to have a defensive 1-0 approach to games. I reckon this will completely clash and result in inconsistency on the pitch. I hope he manages to clamp down an attacking f
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