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  1. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread England kick off at 4pm yes, also Croatia and Ukraine face each other later on this evening, if they draw and England don't slip up, which i doubt they will, it will be 8pts between 1st and 2nd with the Andorra game to come....
  2. Re: Sturridge Well he means Daniel Sturridge from Man. City, just he didn't title the thread very good. But, yeah of course he has to rise from 77, has played competitive first team football, albeit Vassell, etc are injured. He has scored aswell this season so should definately rise no question.
  3. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 5 Saturday 20th September 2008 Sunderland 2 - 0 Middlesbrough Bolton 1 - 1 Arsenal Derby County 0 - 3 Cardiff City Atletico Madrid 2 - 1 Recreativo de Huelva Sunday 21st September 2008 Feyenoord 1 - 1 Ajax Kilmarnock 1 - 3 Celtic Manchester City 1 - 1 Portsmouth (ESB) West Bromich Albion 1 - 2 Aston Villa
  4. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread
  5. Re: The Coca Cola Championship - Official Scores/Results thread
  6. Re: The Full List Of Players To Buy!! Well i would give all the information that you have anyway, anything and everything is always useful. People (managers) buy players for different reasons. But i like the effort and time your putting in to it.
  7. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 4 This is my first post on Predict, so if it's still ok to join: Saturday 13th September Liverpool 0 v 0 Manchester United Charlton 1 v 3 Wolverhampton Wanderers Bordeaux 1 v 0 Marseille Borussia Dortmund 0 v 3 FC Schalke 04 Sunday 14th September Juventus 2 v 1 Udinese (ESB) Villarreal 4 v 2 Deportivo La Coruna Stoke City 0 v 1 Everton Napoli 0 v 1 Fiorentina
  8. Re: The Full List Of Players To Buy!! It's just a blank player (GK), but not Emanuelson.
  9. Re: SM Club Rankings I'm not too sure if this will benefit the thread, but UEFA's Official Club Rankings, which was updated on Fri 29th Aug, ranks the teams as follows: 1 Liverpool Eng 2 Chelsea Eng 3 FC Barcelona Esp 4 AC Milan Ita 5 Sevilla Esp 6 Arsenal Eng 7 Manchester United Eng 8 Bayern M├╝nchen Ger 9 Internazionale Ita 10 Olympique Lyon Fra 11 PSV Eindhoven Ned 12 Werder Bremen Ger 13 Real Madrid Esp 14 Villarreal Esp 15 AS Roma Ita 16 AZ Alkmaar Ned 17 Benfica Por 18 Sporting CP Lisbon Por 19 Zenit St. Petersburg Rus 20 Schalke 04 Ger 21 Newcastle United Eng 22 Glasgow Rangers Sco 23 Espanyol Esp 24 FC Porto Por 25 CSKA Moscow Rus 26 Juventus Ita 27 Steaua Bucuresti Rom 28 Bayer Leverkusen Ger 29 Middlesbrough Eng 30 Valencia Esp 31 FC Basel Sui 32 Fenerbah├že Tur 33 Tottenham Hotspur Eng 34 Shakhtar Donetsk Ukr 35 Lille OSC Fra 36 Panathinaikos Gre 37 Hamburger SV Ger 38 Olympiakos Piraeus Gre 39 AC Parma Ita 40 Ajax Hol The rankings is based on UEFA team coefficients over the last 5 yrs.
  10. Re: English Premier League ratings Can't be much point in talking about rating changes this early on, players are just gathering match fitness, players like Mascherano, Jo, etc have been at the Olympics and haven't even played really. Also it does take time for players coming from foreign leagues to adapt to the EPL style of play. However, in saying that i have been impressed with Zaki (Wigan) & Guiterrez (Newcastle) as players coming from foreign leagues and playing in the Premiership.
  11. Re: Loan Rules Pretty sure in the Championship anyway you can field 5 loan players as a maximum. Think you can actually loan a lot more tho, also there are emergency loans if your squad is really hammered by injury.
  12. Re: Fernando Hails Unsung Hero It is quite amazing how the backroom staff at Liverpool have helped individual players. The staff are top-class there, Benitez has really brought in the best to help his team. Torres scoring that many goals in one season, it is very interesting to know the better defenders he has played against as they don't get as much credit as the strikers normally. Carvalho for me has been excellent anyway, the reason maybe why he doesn't is because in England he is over-shadowed by Terry ??? However, both are very good and compliment each other very well. But was nice to see who Torres finds it harder playing against, and all credit to Carvalho, would be interesting to see who Ronaldo, Adebayor, etc find it hard to play against, because defenders deserve credit aswell.
  13. Re: Giovani Dos Santos has signed for Tottenham On the flip side of that coin, would Spurs buy him if he was that bad ??? Ramos was at Sevilla remember before he joined Spurs, so he knows La Liga pretty well i would say. Dos Santos was tipped to be the next Ronaldinho, maybe the player analyzed his situation and thought maybe he would get more first team football at Spurs. Heard that Ramos is also after Capel (excellent player), so maybe the best youth from La Liga is heading top the Premiership after all.
  14. Re: Luke McCormick kills 2 children All in all this is quite obviously a very bad case. Seen the Police conference with the mother of the 2 children, she couldn't even speak, the officer had to speak for her because she was so traumitised. Which is obviously understandable. This guy's no mass murderer but it does go to show that if you have just one reckless moment, this can, unfortunately, happen. The strange thing i noticed about this whilst watching it on BBC News was that the goalkeeper actually was involved in a campaign earlier on this year to stop people from driving whilst using their mobile phone.
  15. Re: Euro 2008 . . . The luck of the draw ! Completely agree mate. The likes of Germany & Portugal can actually get away with playing pretty poorly until the semi-final stage and still winning. It's an absolutely crazy decision to allow this rule, Germany could actually field a second team out in their last game against Austria whilst the likes of Italy, France & Holland probably cannot. So the German's would probably be even fresher and probably even more favourite's now. They draw teams from a pot in the UEFA Cup and CL, so why not the EURO's ???
  16. Re: Arron RAMSAY >> Manchester United Said he has agreed to join Arsenal after meeting with Wenger, but he won't be loaned back to Cardiff for next season as part of the agreement. Just hope moving to a big club and possibly not playing as much won't hinder his progress as he seems a fine talent.
  17. Spanglish

    Hi Guys ;)

    Re: Hi Guys Welcome mate, there's a good player talent section on here for good youth prospects and big money risers. The lads are all pretty good so it should help you no end to making a fortune..
  18. Re: Euro 2008 - Who to support? Ha ha class game, makes sitting out quite interesting. Italia for me !! But their all pretty much winners.
  19. Re: Torric Jibril Yeah have heard his name being thrown around a lot recently from different sources, and Arsenal heavily linked, but still not on the DB ??? Unless he's under a different name ???
  20. I could not find this topic anywhere else, but if it has been suggested then please don't be cursing at me, i haven't been online in a long time so have missed a lot these days. Basically the theory is a players "efficiency rating" in the position you have selected for him in the match game only. For Example: Dirk Kuyt (Liverpool) rated 91. If Selected upfront: He is most efficient here in a match as he is a Striker, so would be efficient 91, ie 91 / 91 (Efficiency Rating and SM rating for the game). On The right wing: Not his preferred pos, so less rating for the game, something like 86 / 91. Goalkeeper: Probably terrible, so ie 40 / 91. These rating would be for the matchgame only. If i'm making no sense or this is just a terrible idea then i won't be offended, i'm just trying to suggest new things thats all. Spanglish.
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