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  1. I'm looking to sign some youth talent: should I sign Bernardo Silva or Josè Gaya?

    Also' date=' should I sell Lewandowski to buy Hazard? [/quote']

    This is squad dependent, but on individual merit.

    Both great talents however I'd opt for Gaya.

    Hazard over Lewandowski, personally.

  2. Head says Bernat as he is in the better team and better national team' date=' but personally I like the Swiss.

    Tough but I'll try:

    Sterling - hyped, be it overrated or not

    Depay - if he proves his worth in Prem then he tops it

    Calhanoglu - inferior national team, compared to the other 2, lets him down[/quote']

    Legend footie,

    Liked assuming its rep.

  3. Re: Connect Game Worlds

    Connect Game Worlds are created by Gold Managers. The creator can decide on either a league or cup format and also the rules for this Game World.

    Think of it as a temporary custom game world' date=' however the teams are already established in there own respective setup(s).

    If a group of friends wanted to put there best teams against one another, this would be the way to do it. Ultimately for bragging rights.

    Each Connect Game World is it's own Game World that lasts for the duration of either the league or cup. Due to this, the actions within a Connect Game World won't affect any other Game World that you participate in.
  4. Re: Terrible market bug

    This may be one of the few times where lodging a ticket directly may bring a resolution quicker than Forum replies. PM me should you not know how to.

    At least then they can look at your Game World and said transfer specifically.

  5. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    I have the chance to sign Cristian Manea.

    I know he'll join the abyss of the Chelsea youth system, but that's as far as my knowledge extends.

    Is he worth picking up? In the market for a young and promising Right Back to accompany Bellerin. Ta.

  6. Re: Ronaldo for 75 million + Oscar

    No' date=' the gameworld owner has put concerns off. Same as SMFA control is also off.[/quote']

    Happy days, with Ronaldo looking likely to rise I would find it difficult to let him go. With so many midfielders all vying for simular positions I'd look to offload one of them if funds are a priority, dont envy the decision you have to make there tho.

  7. Re: Ronaldo for 75 million + Oscar

    Agree with Newman.

    There are only two players in this game above 98 and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Talented, young midfielders are in abundance.

    The money would have to be pretty valuable, in a setup that doesn't look all to competitive.

    Aren't you starting down the barrel of a few Concerns? Specifically Courtois.

  8. Re: Run of unusual match results

    I too have experienced what you've you've explained in similar circumstance. I used 352 religiously which lead to a title followed by an unsuccessful season finishing mid-table, to teams with average ratings notably lower than mine.

    I'll refrain from ranting.

    But not until I changed tactics did I get back to my winning ways. I'm of firm belief that all this game takes to win is a formation that "gels" (for lack of a better word) with your particular team for that season, possibly two, and very little to do with much else. A new match engine has been in development for the past half decade so it should be completed come the apocalypse.

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