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  1. Re: If you were me I have a choice between Ramos or Alaba, who is a better option overall?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Money is tight, but I think I know the answer. Daniele DE ROSSI plus 20,000,000 (Me) = Sergio RAMOS Unsure on Ramos form.
  3. Re: 30-40 millions for youngsters With all the talk of possible youth team competitions being introduced I thought this would have kicked off a bit more. My dream squad 21 and under; --------- COURTOIS --------- RODRÍGUEZ - NASTASIĆ - MARQUINHOS - SHAW DRAXLER - ISCO - POGBA - COUTINHO ------ LUKAKU - BERARDI ------ It would be cool if one of the more knowledgeable members did something like a 85/88 rated under 21 team with future stars. Better value within said ratings.
  4. Re: Loans selling directly Great Idea. I do believe the club that has loaned the player should take some priority tho. Perhaps when we Loan list we also set a Buy-out clause. No clause, no option to buy type thing. Master editor :cool:
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    Re: Rap Music Some more School Boy Q rc-Vqcud32I
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    Re: Rap Music Big fan of any SchoolboyQ / Kendrick
  7. Re: English Championship 1 I can't help but feel SM has hurt it's competitive experience substantially by releasing Game Worlds at the rate in which it does. I understand not every manager is willing to put in time with say, a third division team in order to manage one of the big four at a latter time, but its better than owning a good club in a setup with 3 other humans. If SM limited there release of Game Worlds we would all have a more active gaming experience. We wouldn't need to line up for competitive championship.
  8. After a few years away from SM I thought my first post should be a selfish one I'm amazed at how far this site has come within the past half decade. For better or worse it has me hooked all over again. Anyways team is as follows, I'm quite happy with it but if any of the more experienced members have any suggestions what-so-ever i'm all ears. & those that are on Loan Your time and opinion is greatly appreciated
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