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  1. Re: Steve Zakuani. Is he related to Gabriel Zakuani from Posh? Looks a good prospect, nice find
  2. Re: SM Fifa League (xbox360) Could I still join? What team are available? EDIT: Can I be Portsmouth please?
  3. Re: The Old Faces. Experienced Forumer Challenge. I'll be Mohun Bagan (India) please Same size stadium as Adam
  4. Re: Multiple Accounts - Cheating or Not?
  5. Re: Best Italian Striker I agree, Del Piero is a god
  6. Re: FA Cup No-one mentioned Posh vs West Brom? Drew 1-1, I think we should have won. The atmosphere in the away end of the ground was electric, can't say that for the rest of the ground tho Yet another game against West Brom on the 13th (I think), and I believe on today's performance, we could beat them. (You could class me as biased, I'm a Posh fan ) I would love to see how Tom saw the game from the other teams perspective, as I believe Posh should have won...
  7. Re: 10 Football League Youngsters To Watch In 2009 Good post Nice to see Joe Lewis getting the recognition he deserves. He does parry the ball alot tho, and doesn't parry it far away, we have conceded a few goals this season that way. But he does make some quality saves which have won us valuable points ALso, where is George Boyd on this list
  8. Re: Some players rating??? lol I can see Hamsik and Higuain both hitting 91. Both have been regulars for their teams this season. I was surprised to see Hamsik only hit 90 at the last rating changes tbh.
  9. Re: Eto'o for Zlatan? I would go for Zlatan personally. He maybe doesn't score as much as Eto'o, but I feel he will provide more goals for the rest of your team, as well as scoring for himself. Everytime I have had Zlatan, he has scored and assisted
  10. Re: Rakitic Or Witsel Out of the two, I would say Rakitic, just because personally i prefer him. However, if you got 14m, try get Valencia from Wigan? I have for a few teams and he always performs, maybe could increase soon aswell?
  11. Re: XBOX 360'S Finest! OK cheers mate I'll be getting that tomorrow then
  12. Re: XBOX 360'S Finest! I voted GoW, but it was a tough choice between that and CoD 4 Gears of War 2 is just great , i dont have it, but have played it and completed it Anyone got Fallout 3? If you do, could you tell me what it's like please? I'm thinking of getting it tomorrow, thanks
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