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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread First post on here in I don't know how long, but this time 5 years ago I would of never expected this moment. We always do it the hard way, that's City, but no doubt we deserve it, MCFC <3 Oh, and the irony; Still dont know how to post videos:o, if someone could do it, ta:cool:
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread Btw, do you know Manchester's red? do you live there? Hm:confused:
  3. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Got 2 teams on this years UT at the moment, had around 1.2 million before dishing it all out the on the following 2 sides: BPL ALL IF: Bench includes: IF Adam, IF Ruiz, IF Fletcher, IF Etherington & IF Vorm. A. BUNDESLIGA SILVERS: Bench is pretty regular tbh. Leonardo is class though:cool:.
  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Them teams must be a good few 100k? All form & position trained too !
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Was there a firedrill towards the end?
  6. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Why always me?
  7. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Need help:( So I bought a new TV today, its an HD one, but I have the old Arcade white xbox, but I have the av cable where its got the green and red external plug-ins on so I can tune it in HD, my TV doesnt have the external components it only has white, red and yellow. So I thought I needed an HDMI cable, but on the newer xbox's it is under the AV cable and mine doesnt have that, does anybody know how I can actually play in HD, cant be doing with 480p. Any help is appreciated
  8. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread It's not a hack, just another bug EA have, which you have to sort out yourself, pretty annoying really.
  9. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Just been told on the EA Forum to, when I can, go on the web app, create a new team, with a new formation, clear my trade pile and watchlist then hopefully I should be able to get on on the console. Again though, another EA mess up as I can't get on the web app.
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