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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone advise on what kind of rise, if any Renan Lodi will receive? and is he worth buying at the moment? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for the response to my last post, currently have hamsik have been offered vazquez. Think I'm getting a good deal as I fancy vazquez to get 92 on the summer?
  3. Hey guys who do you think would be the better striker to buy poulsen or milik? Should both rise in the summer?
  4. Hi all, any idea when we might get a review of the Swiss league?
  5. Marcos Alonso +2? Feel like Bailly should get a +2 he was playing great up to his injury even though he probably won't , surely no move on the high Chelsea players like Willian or Costa in this review?
  6. Anyone think schweinstiger is worth buying would mean selling reges Fernando or enzo Perez who he would be replacing?
  7. Hachim mastour worth keeping or cash in on his 5 mill price tag?
  8. Hi all, looking to buy paco alcacer in my gameworld and wondering which deal I should do from my strikers, Walcott + 4 mill Bony + 7 mill Negredo + 6 mill Bacca + 6 mill Or not bother with alcacer at all Btw my current balance is 7 mill and I am struggling to find goals this season, hence I am eager to try someone new
  9. Can't seem to quote that properly but you get the idea ^
  10. they just reviewed Italy so he is probably safe till at least Christmas imo
  11. I feel like rami has to get +1 most caps this season too
  12. How would ye rank the 4 of these chances of getting 90 this review if any?, Coke De Marcos Kolodziejczak Tremoulinas?
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