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  1. Have you had any luck getting cheating managers removed? A league I share with friends has been ruined over the past couple of weeks with managers taking 2 clubs and stacking one of them and even offering players as bribes to other teams to stop them reporting? Really frustrating. Is there anything other than simply reporting the transfer that can be done?

  2. Hi all, looking to buy paco alcacer in my gameworld and wondering which deal I should do from my strikers,

    Walcott + 4 mill

    Bony + 7 mill

    Negredo + 6 mill

    Bacca + 6 mill

    Or not bother with alcacer at all :)

    Btw my current balance is 7 mill and I am struggling to find goals this season, hence I am eager to try someone new

  3. You're right mate, Dante -1 is definitely happening, -2 also possible since Wolfsburg missed EL. Kolod could get a +1.

    Got a club to give me 11 million for him , the question is now do I straight invest in a 90 cb rami , or do I pick up 2 88 defenders coke or kolod or Oscar de Marcos, I would be looking for a +2 off at least of of the 88s because my defence has weekend recently although Eric Bailly and joao cancelo should get nice rises for me , thanks for the reply btw

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