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  1. yeah your right the deal is done already he is signing in July for 2 mill but there was numbers of 7 mill being thrown around online from Everton and barca to buy him off las palmas , tis the south american fresh air that makes them so good I'd say
  2. Was reading about him today supposedly Everton and Barcelona are after him, started 8 games since he came on loan in January and finished 7 of them, also las Palmas finished much higher than I taught they had in 11th (I think) so I would be hoping for a +3 to 83 , las Palmas have a pending transfer of 2 mill to sign him full time in July so it might stop him from moving to a bigger club though sadly ☺
  3. Abdennour or mangala , I have abdennour but could risk selling him and buying mangala when he comes out of his ban?
  4. Just looking off his stats surely Andre Silva will get a big rise? Also just seen he is named in the Portuguese squad for the friendlies.
  5. Thanks for the reply and what about yunus malli most caps and top scorer for Mainz is he +1?
  6. Swap my Dante for thimothée kolodziejczak in the hope that Seville win in the Europa and he gets a +2.Dante starts cb for me with Sven bender and I would be starting savic instead of him? I pressume Dante's drop is within the next 2 weeks anyways
  7. danilo Barbosa to rise? singing for Valencia for 15 mill when the window opens?
  8. Kevin trapp for sure few others could too rabiot, stambouli , Jean Kevin Augustine IMO
  9. Benjamin stambouli or santi Mina buying merely to get a rise out of them ?
  10. Is matt miazga even worth keeping will he get a rise from his mls performances ?
  11. What rise can ye see for fabinho +2 maybe?
  12. I have Gibbs and was presuming he will drop but wondering if rojo was worth it , I agree he is probably better but BTW they are both 90
  13. Tough deal, been offered aleix Vidal and 2 mill for my Walcott? Could Vidal have a chance at barca without alvez or no? Expecting Walcott to drop next review, currently playing cuadrado right back so he could replace Walcott in attack any ways
  14. Atletico win the champions league Torres goes back up to 91?
  15. If shaktar make it to the Europa final what players would ye like to see rise not the easiest club to find player stats for so I don't know?
  16. Does mertens have a future at Napoli?
  17. Good list could slam Eric Bailly and joao cancelo in as well I think ☺
  18. Hi, not having any kind of consistent scoring out of my team this season so just wondering what formation ye would use and how ye would lay it out, Gk-bravo Gk-trapp Cb- Sven bender cb- savic Cb- Dante Cb/lb- abdennour Lb- Gibbs Rb- Gonzalo Castro / cuadrado Extra defenders - cancelo , Bailly Midfielders Andre Gomez Reges fernando Enzo Perez Willian Vitolo Theo Walcott Cuadrado Forwards Bacca Negredo Bony Fekir Borja Baston Also have 12.5 mill in the bank and a few youth like mastour, odegaard, mayoral, Santos gerson etc who could be valuable in swaps , Look forward to yer opinions
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