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  1. No i meant like in future,does he need to transfer to some better club to get to 94?
  2. Hey, So this is how my team looks now ... Standard Liege Buffon Azp-T.Silva-Godin-Alba Verrati Koke-Kroos-Hazard Benzema-Suarez Reserve team Donnaruma Bellerin-Mustafi-Toby Al-Moreno Can Coman-Rakitic-Coutinho Totti-Inaki I ve got about 20 mils and i ve TRL Oliver Torres and Kovacic. I ve got also Zivkovic and Chrivela on a loan.Anyway,should i replace some players of my reserve team? (Totti must stay because he is a legend and well he always scores/Assists for me xd). This is the list of free players -David Silva -Rooney -Gotze -Bernat -Varane -Marquinhos -Anderson Felipe -Morata -Laporte -Gaya -Bernardo Silva So anyway should i cash in to get a proven player like Silva or Gotze OR should i invest more in my reserve team and sell some players? Give me your honest advice
  3. No chance for Verrati to get a +1 at PSG ?
  4. Rakitic possible +1 or stay at 93 for some time?
  5. Yo, Title says it all ... I m more in favour of Lovren since he started playing well under Klopp and i beilive he can reach 91 one day. THoughts?
  6. Yo, Kasper Sc 87-89 maybe? Huth 87-89? Morgan 85-87? Wasilevski 85-86? Dany Simpson to 87? Fuchs deserved a +1? Drinkwater to 88? King to 87? Schlup to 87? Mahrez cant go to 91? Vardy same? Uloa to 87? Gray to 85/86?
  7. Koman to 89? Robben to survive or to drop to 95?
  8. Buffon to stay? Donnaruma to 86/87? Kishna to Rise? Kondogbia,Icardi and Salah stay?
  9. Godin and Koke,Savic to rise if they win CL ? Opinions? Also,Inaki to 88 maybe? Suarez to 97 ? Mustafi and Abdenour stay?
  10. Yo,what about these predictions? Azp stay at 92? K.Stewart 75-80(or even more?) Kompany stay at 93? Toby to go to 91? Moreno to 90? Brad Smith 76-80? Can and Bellerin to 89? Hazard to stay at 95?(hopefully lol ?) Chrivela 75-77/78? Zouma stay at 88? Clyne to 91? Firmino to 91? Coutinho to 92? Also,Kenedy to 82/83?
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