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  1. I have put Jesus Navas on the transfer list and just recieved this offer: Simao + Paolo Assuncao for Navas..........Should i do this?
  2. One to keep hold of or one to sell for 30 odd million....??
  3. Re: Ok so what does Anelka really deserve?? If his rating is based on his yearly performance then he should get a rise for sure... I thought SM can change a players rating anytime they desire if that player deserves the change....?? I can't think of anyone as outstanding as Anelka in that respect. He quite simply had an awesome season last season and obviously was top scorer in the premiership. (beating the likes of Ronaldo, Rooney, Torres, Robinho and Drogba to that accolade) I say change his rating now to 94 and make up for all this time being underrated - just my opinion...
  4. Re: Ok so what does Anelka really deserve?? I think if strikers like Di Natale, Toni, Mutu, Forlan, Kanoute, Klose, Milito and Trezeguet are all 93 or above then Anelka deserves a 94. I rate Anelka above all the above strikers. (yes i know Forlan scored the most goals in Europe)
  5. I personally think Anelka should be rated at the 94 mark. Many agree and many disagree... What do you think...?
  6. I posted a topic in player help and want to add a poll to it. How do i do this?
  7. Re: A few questions on Anelka, Amuari and Kanoute. Cheers. I'll go for Kanoute then because I could be waiting a long time before Amuari rises... I still believe Anelka is on par with Forlan...yeah Forlan scored 30 odd goals in Spain but Anelka topped the charts in the toughest league defensively in the world!! If you were to ask a number of people who they would prefer to have in their team i bet Anelka would come up tops. Anelka to 94 please!!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: A few questions on Anelka, Amuari and Kanoute. People must have views on these players.....?!?!
  9. I don't understand how Anelka is still only a 92 rating?!?! Top scorer last season for Chelsea and an international for France. If strikers like Forlan get a rise for the goals he scored then Anelka should be at least equal rating. Anelka has got to be one of the most underrated players in the game. I personally think Anelka should have a rating of at least 94!! With out a doubt! Also who would you choose to have in your squad out of Kanoute and Amuari?? Obviously Kanoute is 2 ratings better but he is also older and Amuari can get better... Who would you prefer to have and what rating do you think Anelka should be??
  10. Re: Would you do this deal for Aguero???? I personally don't rate Berbatov so i'd keep Aguero...he scores alot on this game too.
  11. Re: Would you do this deal for Aguero???? The Iniesta deal is a tough one to call but depends on the strikers you have left...If you have quality replacements then go for it but obviously i rate Aguero and think he will go to a bigger club before long.
  12. Re: Would you do this deal for Aguero???? Thank you for the replies, i am the one getting Aguero not selling him, just in case it wasn't clear... I've negotiated this deal and it's been accepted - £26m and Nasri and Keane for Aguero. I think it's a good deal.
  13. Atletico have offered me Aguero for £35m plus Nasri and Robbie Keane. Would you accept??
  14. Mariga plays in midfield for Parma and has been outstanding for them this season. I heard Man Utd are after him!? Worth buying??
  15. I have Ac Milan pair Rohde FELIPE MATTIONI 20 year old rb/rm and 24 year old Thiago Silva cb for all my teams but just wondered if these Brazilians are worth keeping hold of?? (I'm considering using them in exchange deals...) Help much appreciated. Cheers.
  16. Re: 3-5-2 tactics Cheers for your reply, i tend to concede alot too but last night ALL my teams lost by 2 goals or more and that includes a fantastic Madrid team at home losing to an unmanaged Juventus 4-1!! Trouble is all my teams are based around 3 defenders so converting to 4 defenders is out of the question. What do you use for passing and attacking style??
  17. Re: 3-5-2 tactics Anyone have any views?
  18. What are the best tactics to use with the 3-5-2 formation? Also is this formation as effective anymore?
  19. I have Giovinco for most of my teams but now at 22years old and 88 rating i'm wondering if he's worth keeping hold of. What do people think??
  20. Re: Yuri ZHIRKOV Yeah good idea to wait till end of summer, see what happens as he won't lose valuation. Cheers for your help.
  21. Just wondering if Yuri ZHIRKOV is worth keeping hold of? I heard he was attracting attention from Chelsea but not sure if this will pan out... What's peoples opinions on him?? Would you keep him?? Cheers.
  22. Just wondered peoples views on how rating changes will affect these older players : Gattuso - 94 Vieira - 93 Trezeguet - 93 Di Natale - 93 Milito (Barca) - 93 Berbatov - 93 Klose - 93 I'm assuming most will go down in ratings and aren't worth buying...? PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS!! Cheers.
  23. Re: What formation for my beloved Real Madrid team? Thankyou for your responses. I didn't mention Robben but i have already got him...VDV and Alves work ok on the wings Also the formation mentioned - 3-5-2 - Is the formation i use!! haha Maybe i need a change in tactics...?
  24. Re: What formation for my beloved Real Madrid team? Anyone??????????????????????
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