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  1. Re: The Basement II Betting Corner 1/1 is called evens
  2. Re: The Basement II Betting Corner 5 coins on Villa - 1/2 5 coins on Newcastle - evens 5 coins on draw - 5/2 5 coins on Sevilla - 6/4 5 coins on fener - evens
  3. nitemarre


    Re: 35+ I like the idea of random allocation.
  4. Re: The Basement II Betting Corner 5 coins - Carlos Bacca div 3 top scorer - 6/1 5 coins - Kevin Volland div 2 top scorer - 5/1 Coins left : 90 Will there be betting on matchday fixtures???
  5. nitemarre


    Re: 35+ How do you expect us to show our activity on forums if we can't pick a team yet?
  6. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Division 1 Turn 2 Thursday 28 Aug 2014 Stadium : Villa Park kartavya patel 's Aston Villa will face PWND's Cruzeiro on their home soil. Villa will be hoping to continue their fine start to the season after beating Basel 0-2 in the opening fixture. Late arrival Simon ROLFES will also be looking forward to start his first match. Cruzerio fans will be looking for a win for their team after a 2-2 draw with Real Sociedad last week. The game will be quite balanced with both the teams quite similar in ratings and will most probably result into a draw. Betting odds : H - 1/2 A - 6/1 D - 3/1 NM's Prediction : 2:2 Star Man : Christian Benteke Thursday 28 Aug 2014 Stadium : Anoeta Galatasaray SK visit Real Sociedad in their second league fixture. Gala have won two of their last games beating both Kazan and Napoli with a 2-1 . Real are still in search of a win after drawing 2-2 with Cruzeiro and losing 1-2 to Fiorentina Managing a win against GSK will be a tough task for a little lower rated Real. Gsk's new player ROBINHO, Souza will also be instrumental in their win. Betting odds : H - 2/1 A - 2/1 D - 5/2 NM's Prediction : 0-2 Star Man : Burak YILMAZ Thursday 28 Aug 2014 Stadium : Kazan Arena Rubin Kazan host French club Lyon in their second league fixture Kazan would be looking to bounce back from the 1-2 defeat to Gala last week. Marcel SCHÄFER has been brought in to strengthen the weak spots Lyon are also without a point after losing 1-2 to Newcastle in a close match. Manager Patrik Olsson has finally signed Fabio QUAGLIARELLA after much consideration. Both the sides have almost same first xi avg ratings. Both the sides have very experienced managers and it will be a matter of what tactics they use. But lyon is expected to win this game to keep themselves in the race for the League title. Betting odds : H - 2/1 A - 6/4 D - 5/2 NM's Prediction : 0-1 Star Man : Maxime GONALONS Thursday 28 Aug 2014 Stadium: St James' Park Title favourites Newcastle host FC Basel in their Turn 2 fixture. Newcastle fans will be hoping for another win after 2-1 success against Lyon last week . Basel fans will expect a positive result after losing 0-2 to Villa in the opening fixture . Latest signing PASQUAL, Manuel will also probably make his debut under new boss. Despite five new signings Newcastle's squad is still a little stronger than Basel's. The home advantage further increase their chances to win although it might not be easy. Betting odds : H - Evens A - 5-1 D - 3/1 NM's Prediction : 3-1 Star Man : Emmanuel Adebayor
  7. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. I'm against the idea of Division 2 being the job offers next triggered. Should remain as it is.
  8. Re: Wc 40000 I see the Malaga manager has left too
  9. Re: SM Predixt Season 10 - Week 3 Saturday 30th August Aue 0-1 Dusseldorf QPR 0-2 Sunderland (FGS - Wickham ) Cordoba 1-3 Celta Vigo Espanyol 1-2 Sevilla Sunday 31st August Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool (ESB) Metz 0-2 Lyon Freiburg -2-3 Monchengladbach Sassuolo 1-1 Cagliari
  10. Re: Young Prospects discussion Pierre bourdin(77) - Played for three years for PSG 2 .Starter LB for Cercle Brugge for last 5 games playing full 450 minutes . Don't know if a talent but could make some money at the end if continues playing.
  11. nitemarre


    Re: 35+ Finally. Interested
  12. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense.
  13. Re: Players going on loan That could cause some serious problems in competetive setups. It would become really hard for people who have less time to get loans while the overly active managers would hoard all the high rated players ( which are already hard to get) on loan. So I'd say no to this idea.
  14. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense.
  15. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. good game mate
  16. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense.
  17. Re: ||The Parasite|| - Discussion Thread We beat Feyenoord 1-0. Sule with the goal. 2nd in the league now
  18. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. Lost 1-0 to exter's 80 rated players ***
  19. Re: Official Red Devils Thread I suspect someone is paying us to play badly. Players make some bad decisions but it is done by top players like mata and rvp and too often which is strange . Players are not even trying to go forward much. I'm beginning to feel EPL is becoming like WWE where everything is scripted or some aliens stole their ability .But seriously something is wrong with the players
  20. Re: Güdogan for Sterling only if long term - Sterling
  21. Re: Young Prospects discussion Elmir NABIULLIN - didn't see him play but from soccerway I can see he has started last 5 matches.19 yr old only 76 rated. might get a rise if keeps playing more. Has someone seen him play?
  22. Re: Gianluca Gaudino 4.9 mil in wc 40000
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