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  1. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread

    well, really wasn't expecting to log in and see that kinda scoreline considering the setup up liverpool use as i was more than confident of taking all three points even though they are currently top of the league as 5-3-2 usually smashes 4-2-3-1 but oh well guess it must not anymore or atleast not tonight anyways

    Stuart Pearce was unable to prevent a Sunderland defeat to Liverpool.

    Sunderland slumped to a 3 - 0 defeat against Liverpool in their Division 1 fixture.

  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Stuart Pearce steered Manchester United to victory against fierce rivals Manchester City in the Manchester Derby.

    Manchester United outclassed Manchester City and thrashed them 6 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture.

    Fàbregas scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

    özil and Reus were also amongst the goalscorers.

    good to get back to winning ways after the disappointing mid-week cup result

  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    first game in charge

    Stuart Pearce earned a draw with Norwich City against Sheffield Wednesday.

    The match ended 3 - 3 between Norwich City and Sheffield Wednesday in a thrilling Division 1 encounter.

    Cardozo scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

    Jallet was also on the scoresheet for his side.

    not a bad first game but could of been better, looking forward to the start of the new season now for sure.

    brought in quite a few youngsters to bolster my ranks before i sell alot of the "deadwood" or what i see as this, already done a few trades most important is the trade mentioned above in comes benat for valbuena, do like valbuena but his positions don't really suit the way i like to setup normally so was good to get a good replacement in aswell as a promising young rightback to add to ranks alongside sportings tomas dabo and jallet

    still looking to move around a few players if anyones interested i've got two 88ov dc's for cash as oshea's already been sold now and i've also got marin & menez on the trade table, want to bring in a dm/mc & an fc from those two and don't mind which way around it is so if interested make an offer becasue if its a fair trade i will accept and not fanny around trying to get a better deal from elsewhere

  4. Re: Underrated Defenders or Overrated Attackers

    there's also lahm, but i've gotta kinda agree i mean how does sm rate players

    is it mainly on attacking attributes only?or is it in ratings brackets, ie defenders can only reach 96, mids 97, atts 99 or is it how good that player is in his chosen positions, because surely if they use a scale approach correctly it should be chosen positions because messi's(or whoever you want to use as an example) not a 99 all over the pitch so surely he must be a 99 in regards to his position so if that is applied to the attacking element of the game why not have the same scale applied across the board so you have the best defenders in the world having the same kind of ratings instead of them dwelling in ratings much lower in comparison to there attacking counterparts even though they are of the same ability for there chosen positions

  5. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    tried to twist on my usual approach to how middlesborough line up with a tactics choice i've been using alot in the connect leagues, didn't pay off .....

    couldn't find a way past hart and got sucker punched in the 89th min by a garmash freekick, but looking at the stats the result really could of gone either way as it was pretty much even everywhere

    Stuart Pearce was unable to prevent a Manchester United defeat to Middlesbrough.

    Manchester United slumped to a 1 - 0 defeat to Middlesbrough in their English Championship Cup Round 1 fixture.

    won this last season, this time out in the first round not good

  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    have been looking at the gameworld page for this world for a few weeks now and was looking to either grab a team in this league or 7046, this morning

    saw the 100% marker missing and was expecting a div 4 team or something like that but it was actually norwich so quickly snagged them without actually looking at the players list on the righthandside but was very nicely suprised when i opened up the squad list

    quite a few quality players to work with, already listed the few i want to leave as some area's are way over stocked for my formation preferences so a few are going for low cash prices(considering how old the gameworld is) only player i'm really looking at to trade at the moment is cardoza 90ov benfica fc

    after in exchange a rightback to play as back up to jallet like mentioned on the newsfeed would prefer an under 25 player so there's a bit of a stagger in ratings decline over the years etc.

    but yeah as far as norwich go 1 game left of the current season against top of table wednesday so should be interesting but perferect timing really as the pre-season will give me the opportunity to chop & change the few areas that i feel need a little work

    any of the big name players like courtois.alba/oscar etc aren't completely off the table as far as taking offers but i'm in no need to sell so it would have to be a tempting offer to part with any of those names

  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Stuart Pearce steered Manchester United to victory against Queens Park Rangers.

    Manchester United outclassed Queens Park Rangers and beat them 3 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture.

    Agüero scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.

    özil was also on the scoresheet for his side.

    currently two points clear at the top, hopefully it'll last;)

  8. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread

    Stuart Pearce was unable to prevent a Sunderland defeat to Arsenal.

    Sunderland slumped to a 1 - 0 defeat to Arsenal in their Division 1 fixture.

    another 1-0 defeat, made even more costly is that i took two injuries from last nights game, one onyl for 11 days which is manageable but the other has put one lad out for basically the rest of the season which isn't helpful considering all three injuries now in my squad are in the same position so kinda having to hold it together with chewing gum and elbow grease, transfer bans can't drop soon enough at this point

  9. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread

    Stuart Pearce earned a draw with Manchester United against Sunderland.

    The match ended 2 - 2 between Manchester United and Sunderland in their Division 1 fixture.

    özil was on the scoresheet for his side.

    got ravaged in the first half and could of been a lot worse than just two nil, but a tactical change from sunderland at half time actually seemed to work in my favour and ozil managed to drag us back into the game with two vital second half goals

  10. Re: New Improvements

    i see a couple of things have been altered since yesterday and i hope they continue to alter them over the next few days especially as the match reports still keep on flickering in size while watching them depending on how much text is being shown

    the other only real thing i think needs looking at apart from of course the dual newsfeed thats now going on, is the top left handside of the toolbar

    theres way too much stuff shoved on top of each other

    i mean i now the club balance has now been added separately further down the bar but trying to snag just right the logo to bring up the players changes/new players screen is rather annoying and really could also do with having it either moved to the end(right) of the main bar or just even de-cluttering of that little part of the screen

    also don't really see the point in needing the managers list show up on every page when you are going through the site, that and the first place where the newsfeed was placed seem to be auto stuck on that side of screen and really could just be added behind another menu tab to make the whole thing look nicer and would make more space available to actually contain a decent length calendar instead of just the current two day one that is badly placed in the right hand corner

    but all in all not totally hating the way its going just hope more work is put into it because at the moment it kinda looks like someones just dropped aload of jigsaw pieces on a table and not actually bothered trying to put them together

  11. Re: Riferimento: Re: New Improvements

    under t-shirt of your team' date=' where is "world/european/national championship n° xxxxx"[/quote']

    thanks for that, did think it might have something to do with the globe logo but when i hovered my cursor above it and clicked nothing would happen but then just as i was moving it around, if i put it right to the far edge of my screen i noticed the surrounding green square turned black then once clicked the menu came up that i was looking for.

  12. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread

    Stuart Pearce steered Sunderland to victory against Woking.

    Sunderland outclassed Woking and beat them 3 - 1 in their English Championship Shield Round 3 fixture.

    Van Der Hoorn had an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match.

    Iñiguez, Meité and Anderson were amongst the goalscorers.

    got derby in the next round at the stadium of light.

  13. Re: New Improvements

    he explained why right in the post there' date=' try to read mate. Also there are some great updates coming, so I'll have to assume that you haven't been reading these posts.

    Personally,[b'] the interface is a bit confusing, can we no longer view another team's last fixture?[/b] this will make it more difficult to plan my tactics for certain teams. Also, some places seem to overlap in the top right corner. And some things are jumbled. I use 1024 x 800 or something like that.

    Otherwise, i'm excited for the other updates.

    on the tactics page mate where you have the three tabs on the left of the screen which say "match day squad" ingame instructions" & "match information"

    click on the "match information" tab and you'll find what i think your after

  14. Re: european championship 5335

    its open now and most of the teams are taken(17 taken), still good teams left to pick from though, the likes of the milan club's and suprisingly the likes of spurs and a few others like zenit and valencia etc

    myslef after game for some reason froze while i was waiting for it to open couldn't grab who i initially was after but still managed to pick up a good club in napoli

    if anyones else who uses the forum picked up a team feel free to use this thread for discussion/transfers/match reports/etc etc.

  15. Re: New Improvements

    also just tried doing some transfers, the transfers page as in the part that shows who you are bidding for needs looking at the info that you/they have tried to fit on the page(or the space allocated) isn't big enough and its led to a falling stairs scenario much like if i started typing like this





    looks really

    messy and

    very bad.

    only way to fix it i can see is either show less info regarding that section or find a way to obviously shift the page display around abit so it doesn't look so uncomfortable

    just decided to view a match report to see how much that had been changed/or not, firstly it opens up in a smaller window than before which is fine but doesn't have an option to enlarge it(that i could see) but the most annoying thing i found with it is it changes sizes(the actual window size) dependant on how much text is been shown on the report, so basically just tried watching one and was more distracted by the constant frame size change every few seconds more than what was actually been printed out,

    don't really know what to offer as a solution to this but i'm guessing this is a side product of trying to use this "full screen" showing approach, sure it will get ironed out but seriously its godawful trying to watch a match at the moment

  16. Re: New Improvements

    There use to be a little click box which I could use to quickly access my team sequencially ' date=' this has vanished and it now takes an additional screen load to go back to my list of clubs. Please put this back it was really good and a great feature..[/quote']

    i'm not sure but i think the thing your talking about is still there from any club page you should a "team shirt" in the top left corner badly placed above the toolbar with black circle with a v or downwards arrow inside it, click on this and it brings down the menu i think your talking about unless i'm wrong on what your refering too.

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