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  1. Re: Official Connect Game Worlds Discussion Thread the team i've made the most progress with is my man united from e.c 28697 i won the connect lvl 10, 9, 8 titles finished as runner up in the level 7 tournament and am currently sitting in 2nd spot after 16 games in level 6 but hopefully will be able to win this one aswell as i'm only two points off top and after a tactics change i haven't lost in a good while now
  2. Re: American Soccer League(503),Match Reports,Transfer Announcements,and Banter!! a few more players are set to join dynamo shortly javi espinosa 83 branco van den boomen 76 albert rafetraniaina 75 mauro riquicho 75 lucas silva 76
  3. Re: American Soccer League(503),Match Reports,Transfer Announcements,and Banter!! now everyones moved over this is what my first XI looks like avg rat 85 avg age 27
  4. Re: American Soccer League(503),Match Reports,Transfer Announcements,and Banter!! got alot of players coming in at houston 24 to be exact pretty much a mixed bag as i was just trying to upgrade on what i curretly had without skinning myself out too much and considering my chairmans expectations was to avoid finishing bottom of the table i figured i'd be in trouble squad strength wise goalkeepers costel pantilimon 86 fullbacks ribiero dodo 85 luis ricardo 84 miroslav bogosavac 76 vyach karavarv 76 centerbacks peireira naldo 85 vladimir rykov 83 steven vitoria 83 andreas christensen 76 leander dendoncker 77 riechley bazoer 77 midfielders jonathan dos santos 86 fransico silva 86 mounir obbadi 86 judilson pele 80 jakub hromada 76 razvan popa 76 clint leemans 76 forwards diego ifran 86 martin pedro 82 **** sola 87 yelko pino 76 vittorio paragini 77 cauley woodrow 75
  5. Re: American Soccer League 503 (with prizes...) all my transfer offers have been accepted and all are uncontested apart from one which is for young fulham striker cauley woodrow, but i've got him as i bid nearly double in cash and there are no players involved in the deal. all in all made 24 bids for players because initially went out and just bid on a new 11 using my transfer budget up along the way then obviously dawned on me that i'm not too sure on the finances of this club so could land myself in a lot of trouble, so cancelled all deals re-did the first 11 using on p/e value then went and bought a whole heap of kids in to play as my b team and beyond and hopefully one or two might rise a bit in ratings to help me out if i get into financial troubles a little down the way
  6. Re: American Soccer League 503 (with prizes...) all my transfer bids have already been accepted, seems a little faster than usual but not complaining as all have come in uncontested
  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread lost on both game worlds last night, the change of tactics certainly didn't do the job
  8. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread lost in both gameworlds last night tactics certainly didn't payoff
  9. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread not the way i would of liked to of started the season
  10. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread figured i might aswell start using this thread aswell now i've made an account im currently in charge of man united in this gameworld took them over last december, when i took over they were pretty far down the table, managed to alter that slightly and now sit in 2nd place behind tottenham, have had brief spells holding the top spot but always get pulled back as spurs just don't ever seem to lose so far this season i've already won the english championship cup beating man city in the final 5-0
  11. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread finished with all transfers now and this is what my entire squad looks like goal keeper igor akinfeev 91 mike maigan 75 fullbacks yuto nagatomo 90 camilo zuniga 90 danny da costa 83 eduard sobol 82 centerbacks leandro castan 89 nico lombaerts 89 yevhen khacheridi 89 mike van der hoorn 85 steeve yago 84 pablo iniguez 82 diego llorente 82 center mids mario suarez 90 denis glushakov 89 henrik mkhitaryan 91 soua meite 83 el hadji ba 80 mario lemina 84 charis mavrias 85 forwards seb giovinco 90 burak yilmaz 90 leo baptistao 87 connor wickham 84
  12. Re: American Soccer League 503 (with prizes...) saw this thread yesterday and had a free club slot so took over houston dynamo
  13. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread well pre-season's over and the real challenge starts tomorrow night, friendly results have all gone my way so far with my team knocking in 17 goals in the four games but really doesn't count for much if the form can't be carried through into the start of the season did all my main transfers fairly fast so shouldn't have any fitness worries ahead of tomorrows fixture against norwich still got two reserve transfers to complete then my squad will pretty much be done, possibly with the odd change coming in if any major injury problems arise also tried to keep the wage bill kinda low considering the revenue i should be able to muster through ticket sales etc so all in all hopefully i should be able to stay fairly competitive and not turn into the divisions whipping boys
  14. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread cheers guys my first team
  15. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread posting to see if my accounts active ah nice didn't show up last time i posted anyway i'm the sunderland manager in this gameworld decided to make an account after speaking to a few of you through private messaging
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