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    i spend most of my time on the internet which apparently means i have no life to some people
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    in the cyber-world...no, seriously
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    reading, table tennis, SM, soccer
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    Chelsea FC!!!!
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    Lampard, Terry, Messi
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    World Cup
  1. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Jessy Matador-Allez Ola Ole i'm loving it and planning to sing and dance to this for my music performance even though i can't understand a word .anyway, how do you add youtube videos here?
  2. Re: Your First Ever SM Club. Where Are They Now?, Still Manage Them? one of my first club in SM was and still is FC Porto in World Of Champions League 5 , a custom set-up who i have had since season 5 where i led them to a 4th finish in Division 2 missing out on promotion by 9 points with Alberto Gilardino getting 15 goals whick was nearly half of thje goals Porto scored. in season 6 i finished 3 and got promotion. Season 7 was a successful one, nearly winning the Div 1 title but lost last couple of games and ended up 3rd. season 8 i finished 4th. Season 9, i got relegated. after that, i tho
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