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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone could give any advice on any young players currently under 90 for rating who will soon rise above 90. My thoughts are Adem ljalic should rise to 90 soon Destro 90 Blind 90
  2. Hi it would be great to get some more managers in our game world there is many good teams to choose from in a very competitive game world the code to join is game world 8981.
  3. Re: Streak to the top 19:45 Arsenal-West Ham - Will both teams score? No
  4. Re: 4-3-1-2 Thank you but im testing out the 4-3-1-2 formation, I already know there is much more effective formations Im trying to make the 4-3-1-2 formation as effective as possible
  5. Re: 4-3-1-2 Lol ok this result was a disaster I got beat 1-0 against Venezuela they played 4-4-2 standard tactics possession i had 40% total shots I had 16 to their 14 total shots on target 12 to their 10 corners we had 0 to their 6 yellow cards we had 2 to their 0 red cards 0-0 my thoughts after the game Well Ive noticed 4-4-2 works pretty well against the 4-3-1-2 so far. We still had more shots and more shots on target but with nothing to show for it I think I will try not using counter attack see if that changes anything.
  6. Re: 4-3-1-2 Ok it went a little better this time I used the same settings as last game except I did not push my full backs forward. I drew 2-2 with Brazil They played the 4-2-3-1 formation with standard tactics possession i had 48% total shots I had 15 to their 13 total shots on target 6 to their 10 corners we had 3 to their 6 yellow cards we had 2 to their 1 red cards 1 (Rooney got sent off) my thoughts after the game Definitely a better result this time with Lampard and Wilshire scoring I noticed we still had exactly the same number of shots on goal as the last game but conceded alot more shots this time. I think i will keep the same tactics for next game but if things stay about the same with no real difference I might try using the direct option and see how that goes.
  7. Re: Streak to the top 7:30 Jagiellonia-Zawisza - Will Jagiellonia win? Yes 19:45 Atletico Madrid-Barcelona - Which team will advance to the Semi Finals of the Champions League? Barcelona 19:45 Bayern Munich-Man United - Will Man United score? Yes
  8. Re: Streak to the top 19:45 Dortmund-Real Madrid - Will Real Madrid win? Yes 19:45 Chelsea-PSG - Will Chelsea win? Yes 20:00 Blackpool-Derby - Will Derby win? No
  9. Re: 4-3-1-2 Well so far its not going well as I lost 3-1 Italy played 4-4-2 with standard tactics possession i had 43% total shots I had 15 to their 5 total shots on target 7 to their 3 (yes thats right they scored every shot they had on target) corners we had 4 to their 8 yellow cards we had 4 to their 2 red cards 0-0 my thoughts after the game on the plus side we had much more shots and only conceded 3 shots on target all game but unfortunately they all lead to goals. Maybe next time i wont push my full backs forward see if that makes a difference for the better.
  10. Re: Streak to the top 17:00 Galatasaray-Fenerbahce - Will Galatasaray win? Yes 19:45 Parma-Napoli - Will Napoli win? Yes
  11. Re: Giorgio Chiellini or Vincent Kompany or Dani Alves? For me id drop Kompany all 3 players are great though. For me Chiellini is probably the best center back in the world and Dani Alves is definitely one of the best attacking full backs if not the best.
  12. Hi I am about to extensively test out this formation to see if it is possible to get good results using this formation, I play as England in a custom made fifa world cup world and my first game is against Italy. My in game instructions for my first game is as follows. Tackling style- hard Mentality- attacking Passing style- short Attacking style- Mixed Tempo- fast Pressing- all over I am also using my full backs to go forward to help out my midfield. I am also using counter attack and tight marking. I will discuss how my team did tomorrow
  13. Re: Streak to the top 12:45 Man City-Southampton - How many goals will Man City score? 2 or less 15:00 Atletico Madrid-Villarreal - Will Atletico Madrid keep a clean sheet? Yes 17:30 Chelsea-Stoke - Will Chelsea win by 2 goals or more? Yes
  14. Re: Streak to the top 19:30 Hamburg-Leverkusen - Which team will score first? Hamburg 19:30 Marseille-Ajaccio - Will Marseille score in both halves? Yes 19:45 Leicester-Sheff Wed - Will both teams score? No I might be a bit late posting this
  15. Re: Streak to the top 20:05 AZ Alkmaar-Benfica - How many goals will be scored? 3 or more 20:05 Basel-Valencia - Will Valencia win? Yes 20:05 FC Porto-Sevilla - Will Jackson Martinez score in the first 60 minutes? Yes
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