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  1. The most important when you use 3133 is you need set "Throught Middle" for your attack
  2. You can try 4132 with Neuer Meunier - Bonucci - Rudiger - Alaba Kante Bale - Hazard - Griezmann Benzema - Pedro Set Hazard as Playmaker, None Target man. Good luck!
  3. I think because that is most balance formation and 4231B will help you control midle with higher possesion
  4. It depends on your formation and Neymar is your favorite player or not. I dont like Neymar so much so I will accept Griezmann plus cash (or another youth player) for him.
  5. Can you post your opponent statstic? And you can see his last game to know his Player Instructions
  6. Which play style did you choose? I mean playmaker, target man etc. Thanks for your helpful post.
  7. Ok. I wil try. And I will update the result (I've just started new season). Thanks for your help bro :-).
  8. I have a good team but still weaker than him. In defend, I have Ramos, Koulibaly, Varane, Carvajal, Marcelo. In midfielder, I have Pogba, Kroos, Naby Keita, Rakitic, Perisic. My attacker is Mueller, Lewandowski, Marhez, Asensio, Hazard, Douglas Costa.
  9. Hi everyone. Strongest team in my room play 4-3-3B with Kante as DM (back arrow) and David Silva (No. 7) and Eriksen (No.8 )with attack arrow. His intrucstion: Tackling Style Normal Mentality Attacking Passing Style Mixed Attacking Style Down Both Flanks Tempo Fast Pressing All Over Another, he checked all (except Offside). His attackers are Messi, Neymar, Lukaku, Mbappe etc. His team average rating is 95 and my team is 93. So which formation and intrucstion can I use? Thank for all advice.
  10. Hi bro Can you explain formation and intrucstion of your and your opponent? Thanks you.
  11. The most simply when your rating higher than opponent is use the same formation and intructions with him. And you said one team in your room was champion with 5-4-1? So i want know what's your room or which intrucstion was used by this team? I want to try this formation.
  12. Hi bro. You can try 451B (as defensive and long ball) or 4321 with counter-attack and a deep-lying playmaker. I hope this will useful for you.
  13. I have Modric, Vidal, Kroos, Verrati and Hamsik. So i set Modric and Hamsik for AMC. But i'd like to use Muller as a second strike in N.10.
  14. Thanks ADEXYNA for this heilpful post So i want to ask you, do you think 4-2-3-1B; 4-3-3A and 3-1-3-3, which formation is best (with the same rated player, 90+). And i see you play 4231 with Modric, you play him at CDM(No6;8) or AM (No10)? Thanks and good luck for you.
  15. I think you can play 433 A, with Mkhitaryan - Gundogan - Sahin at midfielder; Bruyne -Aubameyang - Reus in forward. Good luck, bro
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