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  1. eeehh,.can someone tell me 1 good reason why they left Atalanta out of the reviews??????????
  2. balde should be a 70/80% rise! cos of the great run of lazio in serie A ,. oyarzabal is a 40/60 i guess ,.
  3. oyarzabal or balde i believe are good options,.2 quickest thoughts i've got now!
  4. A moment of silence then for those who had that mini heartattack that didn't see Mbappe rising
  5. how come they forget players? :s ,.anww hope they do them 2moro!
  6. they generaly harsh with the ligue,.always ,.imo its the bundesliga and premier league that SM are most generous,.
  7. i know he hasn't played all the games,.cos of his injury,.but if he was available i.e 38 games,.Favre would have picked him in 45!! only for that he deserved a +1 ,.,yees,.am talking about Bayse,. imo,.,
  8. hahah!! thought so! cos i was starting to get worried
  9. @Rahul why is the team by team reviews say date october ? :s :s
  10. MANE,LALLANA,COUTINHO,FIRMINO,. i can sign 2 of them,.! all 4 of them rise? 100% ?
  11. xabi prieto don't think will rise,.but surely stay right??
  12. guys anyone got any good GK 83-84 with possible rise shortly???
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