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  1. eeehh,.can someone tell me 1 good reason why they left Atalanta out of the reviews??????????
  2. balde should be a 70/80% rise! cos of the great run of lazio in serie A ,. oyarzabal is a 40/60 i guess ,.
  3. oyarzabal or balde i believe are good options,.2 quickest thoughts i've got now!
  4. A moment of silence then for those who had that mini heartattack that didn't see Mbappe rising
  5. how come they forget players? :s ,.anww hope they do them 2moro!
  6. they generaly harsh with the ligue,.always ,.imo its the bundesliga and premier league that SM are most generous,.
  7. i know he hasn't played all the games,.cos of his injury,.but if he was available i.e 38 games,.Favre would have picked him in 45!! only for that he deserved a +1 ,.,yees,.am talking about Bayse,. imo,.,
  8. hahah!! thought so! cos i was starting to get worried
  9. @Rahul why is the team by team reviews say date october ? :s :s
  10. MANE,LALLANA,COUTINHO,FIRMINO,. i can sign 2 of them,.! all 4 of them rise? 100% ?
  11. xabi prieto don't think will rise,.but surely stay right??
  12. guys anyone got any good GK 83-84 with possible rise shortly???
  13. so i have Asensio who is concern level 3!! and on the other hand i have Nolito,.who is 30 and might drop 90,.soo better start playing Asensio??
  14. any thoughts on iborra..nzonzi and escudero of sevilla?? escudero hasn't played that mutch in LIGA BBVA but in the CL i see he played all!! +1 maybe?
  15. and why didn't karius get a +1 ???????????????????????? got him in most of my teams coz i was 90% sure he will rise..and sold my 89 keepers which i was i expecting to drop!!! i.e R.Zieler -.-
  16. and is it me?? or the fact that his value went up 600k only is really pissing me off!!! i mean Henrichs in 2 mill 19yrs 78 ,.and elvedi 2.8 19 yrs 83
  17. on SEVILLA defenders after winning EUROPA LEAGUE : RAMI ---->STAY MARIANO---->+1 KOLODZIEJCZAK---->+1 TREMOULLINAS---->STAY what do you think lads?
  18. hmm,.okayyyy ..al get both anw to be sure ..,thanks mate!
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