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  1. I've applied for Tranmere Rovers in this game world.
  2. Re: Italian Championship 1019 As expected when Wilkinson took over US Grosseto have been relegated to the bottom division. Now the aim is to rebuild the squad and Wilkinson is willing to do this in any way possible. He has already began to bring his own players in and hopes to have a settled squad for next season.
  3. Re: Italian Championship 1019 US Grosseto appoint Dylan Wilkinson as the clubs New manager. Speaking to a local newspaper Wilkinson was quoted saying "I have a great group of lads here at the club and my aim at the club is to rebuild the club for the beginning of next season. It will be hard to recover this season so my aim is to rebuild from next season onwards"
  4. Re: Italian Championship 1019 Dylan Wilkinson has been appointed new manager of US Grosseto. In a local newspaper Wilkinson has been quoted saying "I have a good group of boys involved in the squad here and my aim of the team is to rebuild for next season. I have a good shortlist of youth and I will be putting some of the squad on the transfer list for funds. Keep your eyes on the team, believe me we will be world class." The confidence of the manager seems to have won over the fans of the relegation battle team who are hoping by the end of net season to be at east back in this division.
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